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September 10, 2020

What is a douche and douching?

We have many customer come into store or write us email asking many question about douche.

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You don't know everything sex until you know about douche. It is very popular in America and Europe  but in Australia its still quite new. 

A douche is simply a way of irrigating the vagina or the anal.

In various countries, especially the US, women and men irrigate their vaginas and anal for all kinds of reasons. Some do so as a part of their personal hygiene routine; others to cure female genital infections; and yet others because it is sexually arousing.

Check the video below for information in what is douche, douching and anal douche

This means that some douches are medicated and others are simply plain fluids. They are available over the counter in many pharmacies. 

Douche meaning

The principle of a douche is simple. Fluid flows via a well-lubricated rubber nozzle into the vagina from a sealed plastic bag positioned no more than three feet higher than the vagina.

What is douching

Douching for woman

The woman can lie on her back with her legs apart; on her side with her legs drawn up; or kneel or stand in the bath. If there’s any pain it’s vital to stop irrigating at once.

Be sure to keep the nozzle low down in the vagina so that fluid isn’t driven through the cervix into the womb. Ideally the bag containing the fluid should be warmed by immersion in hot water until it reaches body heat.

The fluid can also be used cold but it is better not introduced at a temperature higher than body heat. 

Best products for woman vagina douche

1. Fetish Fantasy Curvy Douche kit

image of fetish douche cleaner kit

2. Enema Syringe for Vagina Douche

photo of a uni sex douche clean kit syringe style

Douching for men

For men its more easier to douche, just go into the shower and you can use a bulb style douche kit or a shower mount. Always make sure you use a premium silicone for comfort.

Bend over in a squat position and slowly insert the anal douche head into your rectum. Slowly release pressured water into your rectum and release.

Repeat the steps  until the water is clear and looks clean.


While some women enjoy the sexual arousal that a douche produces, it’s important not to indulge too frequently as it can wash out the normal, protective bacteria that keep the vagina healthy. Too frequent use can lead to thrush.

 If you are in any doubt, talk to your pharmacist or surgical . appliance shop about what is suitable and safe.

Anal Douche

Anal douche was started out by gay guys but in recent times its becoming very popular with straight mens and womans who like anal sex and anal play. Its a personal hygiene prior to anal sex.

If you like anal sex you must use a anal douche to clean our your anus before and after sex. when you anus is clean you feel more confident for both you and your partner during anal play.

There are many types of anal douche products on the market. They have different size nozzle to fit your rectum, normally it would come in small, medium and large. 

There are portable kits and there are professional kits which you can attached it to your shower or water mains.

What is anal douching

Anal douching is similar to vagina douching.  You can purchase anal douche kit at adult sex stores or local chemist.

Anal douche kit comes with a nozzle and a bulb pump on one end where you can fill it up with water. Bend over in the shower and insert the nozzle into your anus and slowly squirt the water up your rectum. 

Once your rectum is filled, remove the nozzle and slowly release the water back out. Repeat the process until the water looks clear and clean.

Sex Toy and Douche

Is Douche a Sex toy?

Douche is more of a medical product similar to cock ring, penis pump, and kegel balls. 

Since its a product you used before and after sex its becoming a sex toy product. Some men and women claim that they can get an orgasm during anal and vaginal douche.  

Douchekit normally can be purchase from adult toys store and online adult retailer like Funtasia Adult shop. 

If you need help with purchasing douche kit, click herefor a full guide on how to purchase.

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