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January 27, 2023

Do you enjoy playing with yourself, Sir, but is it somewhat starting to be boring and repetitive? We are here for you! There is always something new or innovative on the market that may spark your attention (and your cock’s!). But let’s start with what you have on hand first:

  • If you have been going through porn websites at the moment, you might have noticed the increased use of electric toothbrushes on clitorises. But what about your shaft, your glands, and your balls? And make sure to try on your frenulum as well, it will be an experience not to forget.


Now let’s move to solo sessions requiring a bit of shopping first:

  • If you like wanking, like any healthy person, have you tried a small butt plugin your anus while playing with yourself? You might as well enjoy multiple orgasms! Or simply rub the entrance of your backdoor with a finger. Or you may as well prefer stroking your knuckles against your perineum, giving some loving to your prostate without penetration. All depends on how at ease you are with your body.
  • Urethral sounds. Made of silicone or metal, they are inserted in through the eye of your dick. Yes, look it up, it is safe if done carefully. It will be a new angle to titillate your prostate from. And it is the closest thing to feel what it feels to be fucked in the pussy.
  • Have you given a penis pumpa go? Try pumping your penis with water then! It is the next level to making your shaft longer and your erections harder. The sensation is unique and very effective.
  • And vibrators aren’t only for ladies! Experience the tremors of a wand all over your intimate parts, from your lips to your nipples, to your rosebud!
  • Have you heard of male chastitydevices? Yes, they are what you imagine. You put your John in a cage (made of plastic or metal most of the time) so that it can’t fully extend. Why do so, do you wonder? It is a sweet pain that can keep you on edge for hours. And to spice things up, you can always wear it in public. No one else but you will know…
  • Last, and not the least, have you tried playing dress-ups? Your vibe could be wearing leather, lingerie, or a latex hood while you masturbate in your bedroom. Sometimes something simple as a cock ring will enhance your experience tremendously.


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