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February 03, 2023

Now that the holidays have finally come and gone, you can relax and breathe, right? Not quite, lovers and lusters! Valentine's Day is sneaking up, and it's time to take advantage of all the fantastic sex toys found at our adult stores. Keep us in mind when shopping for a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine's Day this year. We have several recommendations to make this Valentine's Day one for the books!

This is our 2023 Valentine's Day gift guide for her. That means we're getting down to the brass tacks of our hottest items. You can also check out our other companion guides, including one for gifts for him and, soon, one for gifts for couples!

How to buy a gift for a wife or girlfriend for Valentine's Day

The most crucial part of buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine's Day is to keep her pleasure in mind.

Pleasure is multifaceted and unique to each person.

Some women feel just as sexy in their pyjamas as in lavish lingerie, and we fully support that!

Other women want to be wined and dined and feel sexy inside and out.

Which would your partner prefer?

Think about who she is. Think about what she has in her closet. And, of course, what she deserves to have on her bedside table. 

A little forethought and planning go a long way here!

Buying the perfect sexy Valentine's gift for her 2023

We made a list of our favourite sexy items for Valentine's Day 2023. And we fully believe every woman deserves to have these chosen gifts.

This is a time to spoil her and celebrate your most intimate life. Heat things up this Valentine's Day by showing her how important her pleasure is to you.

Valentine's Day gift idea for her #1: Sexy lingerie

This is a gift for both of you! When a woman gets to slip on something a little naughty for a night in or an evening out, she can fully embody her sexuality.

Wearing a dirty little something while you're out for dinner is the perfect way to spice things up. I can stretch foreplay out all day long. 

For us, Valentine's Day makes us think of the colour red. This is why this gorgeous set by Lingadore is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your wife or girlfriend!

It's vital to get the entire set. Therefore, we picked this budget-friendly three-piece set so she can feel expensive without breaking the bank.

Check out the Lingadore sexy red wire bra

Lingadore sexy red briefs

And Thigh high stockings

With all three pieces, she can sneak these under almost any outfit while you're out on the town! 

These make an enchanting and unforgettable combo that will pair perfectly with that red wine you just picked up. 

Valentine's Day gift idea for her  #2: Vibrating panties

Buy the Moxie by We-Vibe

Now that your wife or girlfriend looks the part of the sexy Valentine of your dreams, it's time to set the stage. Do so by playing a sexual game while you're out and about. 

We hope you've heard of vibrating panties, but We-vibe has taken the concept to a new level.

Enter the Moxie by We-Vibe. This is a discreet vibrator specifically designed to be worn in panties. It features a small magnet to hold the vibrator in place while you walk, dance, and dine. That way the vibrations are always right there. 

You can enjoy your Valentine's Day date together while holding the compatible remote or using the app. You'll have complete control over her pleasure all evening long. 

If your sex life needs a little spice, this is the sex toy you've been looking for!

Valentine's Day gift idea for her  #3: Just for her - the sucking vibrator

Buy the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Vibration

If you haven't heard about the sucking vibrator, your wife or girlfriend likely has.

Sucking vibrators are designed by pleasure engineers to replicate the feelings of oral sex on another level.

These clit suckers are best used during solo masturbation or while being watched during solo play. They feature a little nipple-shaped tip that holds firmly around the clitoris providing indirect stimulation.

When paired with a clitoral stimulant, she's in for an unforgettable experience!

Our favourite sucking vibrator is, without a doubt, the Satisfyer  Pro 2+ vibration. Just check out some reviews online. They're sure to give you both a serious fit of the giggles. But not a word is a lie. These powerful sucking vibrators will provide her with a unique orgasmic experience. It can also help her learn how to squirt if she hasn't before! 

Valentine's Day gift idea for her #4: The pussy pump

Buy the Pumped Rose Gold Pussy Pump 

Yes, it may sound a little unorthodox. But pussy pumps can be an excellent tool for women who take a long time to get aroused.

Whether that's because of medications, menopause, or something else, some women need a little help getting aroused enough to enjoy penetrative sex. That's why Pumped designed the tasteful and gorgeous pussy pump in rose gold. 

Attach it to her well-manicured genitals and slowly use the pump to encourage blood flow to the vagina. Doing this slowly and patiently can help heighten arousal, increase swelling, and enhance her overall sexual experience!

Valentine's Day gift idea for her #5: Clitoral stimulants

Buy the Jo Maximum Strength Clitoral Arousal Gel

Buy the Jo Strawberry Flavoured Clitoral Stimulant gel

Sometimes, sexual pleasure and arousal can be elusive. Other times, they can't come quickly enough for women!

That's why Jo has created an unforgettable line of clitoral stimulants. They're specially designed to heighten female clitoral pleasure.

One or two drops of the Maximum Strength clitoral arousal gel paired with a clit sucking vibrator will send her to the moon in minutes! Or, if you want to compliment your oral sex skills, try one of the flavoured clitoral stimulants like their strawberry flavour.

While these female sexual enhancers are great for any age, they're ideal for women going through menopause. These help speed up the clitoral erection process and make sex far more pleasurable!

Whatever you get her will be perfect, so don't worry too much! We think a combination of some sexy lingerie and a sex toy or two would make the ideal Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Day at Funtasia

We've got more Valentine's Day gift guides leading up to this year's sexiest Day! So don't worry. We'll have a gift guide for him and for couples coming soon.

If you need help finding the right sex toy or size lingerie for your partner, come into one of our three locations! One of our fabulous Sexpert staff will be happy to help you meet all of your sexy Valentine's Day gift needs.


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!


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