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January 25, 2023

Something y’all NEED to know….


Hey Funtasia Fam, readers, first timers, long time watchers hey y’all!!

This is your official WELCOME to any and all our stores!! There is someone different in each store but there is something we all have, acceptance and encouragement of your happiness. Don’t we all know how happy you can be with a little or a lot of sexual pleasure!!! Now if you don’t you absolutely need to visit your closest store so we can help you out ….

Its come (not in the fun way) to our attention of late that we are still experience same about embracing our sexual desire….this DOES NOT fly in our stores!!! If you are of age and consenting, we got Chu. We absolutely love whatever brings you joy!!! Not only that but if we can help you find that joy then we are happy too!! – selfless I know.

So here’s the thing we don’t have a sneaky back door, why because we are proud of what we sell and the joy it brings, however we understand you might not be there yet so feel free to give us a call if you’d prefer a quiet shop we can advise you if anyone else is in store and we can be discrete. Of course you could shop online at our great products from our beautiful Edge of Beyond lingerieto our fun gamesare all available for delivery. However if you could come instore feel how a product feels in your hands have a chat with one of our team, we would love nothing more then to help you find the right fit for you!! We might even show you fun things like the satisfyerelastic joy that bends to your will or the vive climax button on any of their products.

Ultimately our goal is simple…. HAPPINESS, whether that be helping you find your first or fourth toy or hundredth product we are here, judgement free and acceptance full. So why are you still reading this let us find your awaking today!!!


Love Your Funtasia Fam

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