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November 02, 2020

Woman have equal or more sexual desire to men

Society's attitude to women's sexual desire is slowly shifting. New research shows women have equal sexual desire to men, and are now exploring openly what gives them pleasure, and making confident choices to get their needs met.

This is particularly true of women born from the 1990s on, but is seeping through to all generations, particularly through magazines like Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Woman’s Day. Far more open, useful and much-needed information, which isn't porn, is available now on sites such as AskMen or MeansHealth and Woman Health website.

Just look at Funtasia's Adult Shop sales, we sold more sex toys to females then male. This number shows that your female partner wants sex and enjoy sex as much as the male partner.

The idea that men think of sex every seven minutes while women think of it on Sundays is clearly a myth: women are getting out there and owning their sexual power.

A few of our readers found that their sexual relationships with their spouses had waned over the duration of their marriage. A research on sexual desire and satisfaction, found in a systematic review that there is a circular motion to sexual desire: the more sexual desire you have, the more you want sex; the better the sex life, the more you desire sex.

The hurdle in relationships is to keep the sexual desire alive. Addressing the importance of your own identity in remaining attractive to one another makes a big difference. As does non-sexual touch: we are more likely to get 'hot' if there is the warmth of frequent hugs and kisses daily.

Why Woman turns to sex toy

Many couples forget about each other sexual desire needs especially the female’s desire as the relationship matures. Many females do not talk about it with their male partner for many reasons. They tend to visit an adult toys store and buy a vibrator or a dildo and use that for self-pleasure to satisfy the missing sexual desire in their life.

The most popular product that female buy as a sex toy for self-pleasure is the Pillow Talk G Spot Vibrator. It’s a beautiful pink vibrator with a bend toward the end with a large tip that will sit nicely in the g spot. It’s a very elegant pink silicone wrapped on the handle is a real Swarovski crystal for those who like a more luxury look and feel.

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Another product of choice for many women who needs a good orgasm is the realistic dildo or dong. Many women missed the feel and touch of a real penis. A realistic dildo or dong is exactly what you expected to be.

Wrapped in soft silicone with dual layer skin so the foreskin can move during penetration yet the internal has a hard shaft for it feels like a rock-hard erection. This TrueFeel realistic dildo from Adam&Eve has a 11.5 inch length and 2.1 inch girth is the best seller online right now.

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Why couples need sex toys

For short term it would fix the problem but as a long-term solution you need to get your partner to enjoy the pleasure together. It is recommended that couples who are experience intimate problems purchase couples sex toys.

There are many couples sex toys on the market right now but brands like We Vibe and LELO have dominate the market with their couple’s sex toy range.

When it comes to looking for couple’s sex toy you need to look at the practicability of it and the price. Many couples sex toys its hard to use and too many wires, sometimes it takes too long to setup.

The We vibe womanizer tease and please set and the Couples Strapless Strap on kit is the current best seller online. But we do notice a huge increase in couples purchase bondage product as such the Ouch Beginner’s Bondage Kit

These couples sex toy kit has everything that a couple needs to spice up their sex life. There is something for him to enjoy as it also includes some products for her to enjoy.

How to improve sexual in a relationship

It is logical that jumping into a passionate embrace from a cold disconnection is a much higher leap. If you merge into 'one' it may be that you no longer really see the other. As we all know, the dance between safety and belonging, desire and mystery, keeps the erotic flame alive in the relationship.

What is indisputable in all aspects of relationships is that the sooner the difficulty, whatever it is, is faced and resolved accommodated the more the relationship will thrive.

Difficulties become entrenched and hard to unravel if left to fester over a long period. It is recommended 'relationship maintenance' to couples who are married or cohabiting in a committed relationship.

Once they have made the commitment to be long-term partners and look at the issues, they already have difficulty with; we touch on their own history and look at their strengths as a couple. It gives them the opportunity to deal with conflict early, to reaffirm what works, and look at the consequences of changes brought by having children, moving to a new house or jobs.

There is a huge increase in swingers and wife swap clubs in Australia in the past few year. Mostly professional middle age couples who are looking to improve their sex life. Many participants rehash that when seeing their partner being love and touch by someone else it reminds them of how beautiful their partner is and how special they are.

Remember that couples play together stay together.

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