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September 01, 2020

The best Male Masturbation sex toy 

During this COVID-19 epidemic lock down we see a huge demand for sex toys especially male masturbation products like masturbator pocket pussy or full size male sex toy ass and vagina replica.

With restrictions meeting potential partners many have turn to solo sex just to achieve daily requirements of climax orgasm.

The sale of male masturbatorshave increase by 300%. At Funtasia the Adult Shop online and and instore we have sold over 2000 units since February this year.

Handheld male masturbator or pocket pussy comes in all shapes and size. There are several brands on the market, but some do stand out from others.

Popular male masturbators pocket pussy brands

Listed below is some of the most popular brands available here at Funtasia Adult shop online or instore. Check our locationshere.

What is a male masturbator or pocket pussy?

Everyone know that self-pleasure for a male requires the action of stroke your penis up and down using your hand until you climax and ejaculate.

A male masturbator or pocket pussy or a technical term is a Artificial Vagina was one of the first male adult sex toy available on the market. It was invented just after the vibrator back in the early 1900s, this was a taboo against the Christian church.

The picture you can see here is an example of a male masturbator cup and a pocket pussy

lelo f1 male maturbation cup               photo of crazy bull male mastubator pocket pussy

    Check out the link below for the history of male masturbator and pocket pussy.

    History of masturbation and masturbators

    How mastubator are made

    Male mastubator pocket pussy first developed from materials like soft rubber, latex, soft pvc mix but in recent years manufacturers have used high quality medical grade silicone.

    The use of silicone in male masturbator and other sex toy have change the way we see and feel. As technology improves so has sex toys, today you can get a masturbator pocket pussy, a cup masturbator, life like ass and pussy or one of the real size replica mould of the whole ass and pussy. It looks real and feels just like the real thing.

    Check out some on the ass and pussy masturbator here

    Each of the popular brand have their own special twist and design to make them different and entice to their target audience.

    What isMasturbation?

    Masturbation is a self-sexual act of satisfaction through using your hands or a device like a fake vagina or a pocket pussy.

    Using a hand or a pocket pussy to stroke your penis until you ejaculate

    Benefits of masturbation and masturbators

    There are many benefits to masturbate using a masturbator or just using your hands. The most common form of benefit is relieving stress, every knows that a build of of sexual feeling can lead to stress and anxiety.

    Here are some other benefits from masturbation:

    1. Build you penis size and length

    Just like any muscles in your body, if you exercise any part of your muscle in your body it will get harder and bigger.

    1. Help of premature ejaculation

    Many men report that the more they masturbate it help them to last longer in bed. This is true because when you masturbate especially when using a pocket pussy or a fake vagina, they can double their time in sex after a few months of using the masturbator.

    If you need help with premature ejaculation, click herefor some of our herbal tablets that can help

    Fleshlighthave a stamina training unit just for this purpose.

    1. Make you happier

    Men that ejaculate more are happier than those who ejaculate less frequent

    1. Build up immune system

    Orgasm increase the level of body immune system as it releases chemical in your brain called dopamine.

    This is the same chemical that a drug user experience when they take drugs and it gives your body intense pleasure.

    Click here if you want to know more about masturbations

    How to masturbate?

    The most common way to masturbate that most men know is using their hands o stroke their penis until ejaculation.

    There are other ways you can masturbate using male sex toys like artificial vagina, pocket pussy, stoker, automatic blow job machine and the release VR wears with strokers.

    Always user a good lubricant especially a warming lubricant to warm up the pocket pussy or masturbator before penetration.

    What is the difference from Male masturbation toys and female masturbator toys?

    Male masturbator usually a replica of a vagina or ass with the internal walls or vagina hole with special texture to give the penis a more intense feel during penetration.  

    A picture of a male masturbation sex toy

    image of a male masturbator pocket pussy

    Female masturbator is a vibrator. Dildo or dong. Mostly replica of the shape of a penis and can have a vibrating module inside the product to give a more intense orgasm.

    A picture of a female masturbation product sex toys

    image of a realistic flesh colour fake penis dildo with moving foreskin

    How to use male masturbator for solo male masturbation

    The best way to use the male masturbator is to prep the fake vagina first. Place a small amount of warming lubricant on the vagina lip and use your finger to push in inside the vagina and rub it all around the pocket pussy walls to make sure its well lubricated.

    How to prepare the pocket pussy masturbator

    If you want a more wet and slipper vagina masturbator then add more lubricant. For silicone pocket pussy never use silicone lubricant because it will damage the product, as silicone lubricant will burn silicone product and harder to clean.

    Once the pocket pussy is well prep you can start to penetrate using your penis. It should just feel just like the real vagina as the warming lubricant used during prep should warm up the internal walls of the vagina to your body temperature.

    If the pocket pussy feels a little dry, then add a little more lubricant then try again. Pocket pussy male sex toy masturbator is very easy to clean as they are waterproof.

    How to clean the pocket pussy masturbator

    You can ejaculate into the pocket pussy then running it under the tap to wash with soap then rinse. Use a cotton towel to dry, use power onto the product before storing it in a cool, dry and away from the sun.

    Is it safe to use a male masturbator for masturbation?

    Yes, it is totally safe to use a male masturbator product for masturbation like the cup masturbator or the pocket pussy

    Can I use a masturbator for masturbation everyday?

    Yes, it is totally safe to masturbate everyone with the male masturbator.

    The Best male masturbator

    There are literally hundreds of men’s masturbators on the market and everyone have their own opinion on which one is better and why.

    The most popular male masturbator to date would be the Fleshlight, Satisfyer Men, Kiiro Onyx+ and LELO F1, Autoblow AI & 2+

    In this article we will go through and reviews the top 5 masturbator and outline their pros and cons.

    Male automatic masturabator or stroker

    Automatic stroker/masturbator is becoming very popular especially the invention of Virtual Reality gears. The Onyx+ masturbator is the first automatic masturbator that can be linked for another device via WIFI and you can use VR gear to make interactive sex with another person over the internet.

    There is also the Fleshlight vibrationand AutoBlow AI and LELO F1. Fleshlight masturbation is the original masturbation cup with a vibrating module, it’s like penetrating a vibrating pussy.

    The AutoBlow AI is a fully automatic stroker. It mimics the act of blow jobs, there is many rings inside the masturbator that goes up and down as It wraps around a soft silicone sleeve. There are different settings and just before you climax there is an option you can set to maximum intensity where you will finish in the best orgasm of your life.

    Mechanical masturbator

    The original pocket pussy or masturbator does not have an internal stroking or squeezing module. With new designs and technology there is a new wave of new products on the market. The AutoBlowand LELO F1 would be the latest and greatest on the market now.

    The new mechanical masturbator devices are amazing. All you need is lubricant, sit back, stick it on your penis and enjoy. Zero touch required until you cum.

    How to make a pocket pussy

    There are a huge number of websites on the internet shows you how to make your own pocket pussy. The Homemade pocket pussy will never be the same as the full silicone vagina replica like the Fleshlight or Satifyer men but if money is an issue then its worth the effort.

    Diy pocket pussy is very popular for those who don’t live near an adult shoo or who don’t know how to buy products from the internet. The most common type of DIY or homemade pocket pussy is a bath towel rolled up with a condom insert in the middle and fold back at the end to create an opening.

    How to buy a pocket pussy

    The best way to look for a pocket pussy or a pocket vagina is to think about the shape you want and how tight you want it. You can either choose between an anus opening or vagina shaped opening.

    Many pocket vagina and Fake pussy have different size of entry hole. Most comes with different size or different made. For example, an Asian pocket pussy design is always tighter than the MILFs pocket pussy.

    Pocket pussy sex toy comes in different price range depends on Brands, Quality and Size. Because of high cost of silicone raw products, the large or heavier the vagina the more expensive it will be. Also, if a popular brand like Fleshlight or LELO then it will be expensive, but you will get great quality from these high-end brands.

    TOP 5 male sex toy masturbator products

    1. Fleshlight girls masturbators

     Fleshlight products are one of the most popular products in the whole sex toy market. Its known for being the most realistic and best male sex toy.

     Moulded from famous porn star pussy with internal hole textured walls that create the most extreme sensation you will every experience during penetration. Some review sites and feedback from instore customers said that its better than the real vagina.

    For this reason the Fleshlight is one of the best seller male sex toy on the planet.

    Every fleshlight girl male masturbator product is unique because it is molded from the actual porn stars vagina. 

    Below is a video showing you how the fleshlight mold are made with the pornstars

    Below is a picture of a Fleshlight Girls male masturbator, moulded from the real vagina of Riley Steele

    image of Riley Steele fleshlight girls male masturbator product

    Just add a little bit of lube and you are ready for a good time anywhere anytime.

    To date the best seller Fleshlight girls is the Lisa Ann FleshLight, Jena Haze Fleshlightand Riley Steele Fleshlight.

    Funtasia the adult shop has specials on fleshlight products online now

    1. LELO F1 Developers Male Masurbator

     LELO is known for its luxury. The latest product from LELO is the LELO F1 Developers Male Masturbator.

    Image below is the best selling LELO F1 male masturbator product

    image of lelo f1 male masturbator product

    This male masturbator is nothing like your traditional masturbator. With the luxury designs and technology, LELO have create the future of what masturbator will become.

    Built with both Cruise Control and SenseSonic, the LELO F1 masturbator sends sonic waves of vibration sensation to the penis will give you the best orgasm you will ever experience with a cup masturbator.

    Along with LELO SDK developer can program the product to your own personal settings. Each of the internal sensor can be programmed on how intense the SenseSonic wave you want.

    The LELO app can be downloaded onto your Apple IOS device or Andriod device.

    Check the video below to learn how to connect your LELO products to your mobile devices

    The luxury design with an aluminium outer body and high-quality internal sleeves silicone leaves you speechless when you hold it for the first time. There is a small window on the side which gives you a visual of what is inside the love tunnel.

    The internal sleeves are designed with grooves and textured for better sensations during penetration.

    LELO SenseSonic and CruiseControl

    LELO F1 Developer have the same CruiseControl and SenseSonic technology as the LELO Sona. With the combination of LELO SenseSonic and CruiseControl you can set your favourite settings and know that the power will never drop.

    You will experience the same sonic vibration until you climax

    Key function of the LELO F1 Developer

    • Waterproof
    • 2 hours play time
    • High quality silicone
    • Powerful sonic wave vibration
    • App control
    • Programmable
    1. Realistic Vagina and Ass Replica sex toys

    Male masturbator sex toys have improved over the last 10 years. All the current realistic vagina sex toy on the internet and in sex store are made from medical soft medical grade silicone so it touches and feels like human flesh.

    Below is a image of a realistic vagina and ass replica male masturbator

    image of a full size replica of ass and vagina

    Fake Vagina or Fake pussy is one of the most popular Vagina sex toys sold just behind vibrators and dildos. Sometime refer to as pussy toy or pocket vagina, it’s can be a small handheld piece of silicone mold to a full-size replica of a real woman’s ass and vagina section.

    What is a realistic vagina and Ass masturbator for male sex toys?

    The process of using a silicone mold onto a real female ass and vagina area to get the shape and the look. It then transfers to a factory where they would use this mold and create a realistic size of the full Ass and vagina region of the female.

    Full Size Vagina and Ass is the closes thing you can get to the real thing. It’s a full functioning vagina and Ass with love tunnels that have extra textured to give you the most intense sexual feelings when penetrate. 

    Best realistic vagina

    There are many brands on the internet and in-store but the most popular brand that we sold in the past 12 months as they are the most Realistic pocket vagina available:

    image of ass and vagina masturbator

    image of japanese school girl ass and vagina replica

    full ass and vagina replica masturbator

    How much is a pocket pussy or a realistic ass and vagina masturbator?

    You would expect to pay for a cheap entry level small handheld masturbator from 20AUD to 40AUD. For a medium to a full size large realistic replica of an Ass and Vagina you would expect to pay from 40AUD to 150AUD.

    Where to buy masturbators sex toys?

    You can buy masturbator online here at Funtasia

    You can buy masturbators in Sydney at Funtasia the Adult Shop in Penrith and Funtasia Adult Shop West Ryde and country NSW in Funtasia Adult shop Wagga Wagga

    Funtasia have the biggest range of male sex toys in Australia and Funtasia online has over 10000 sex toys products available for immediate shipping.

    1. Automatic masturbator – AutoBlow 2+ and AutoBlow AI

    With new technology we have new masturbator products entering the market every year. The latest automatic masturbator is the AutoBlow

    Below is an image of the AutoBlow + and AutoBlow Ai

    image of autoblow AI and box side view                image of autoblow plus male masturbator

    This fully automatic masturbator machine mimics the ‘Blow Job’, many customers comes back to say it’s the best automatic masturbator device they have ever use. It’s even better than the real thing, this machine can take your whole penis in from head to base. A real blow can only do half of your penis.

    How does the Autoblow 2+ and Autoblow AI compare to other automatic masturbator on the market?

    Many other masturbators on the market either just vibrates, sonic wave massage motions, pulsating vibrating and some with vibrating and squeezing motion.

    AutoBlow is the first product that have an internet stroking motor. It grips onto your penis and stoke up and down until you climax.

    See photo below of the autoBlow masturbator internals

     image of autoblow male masturbator internal parts

    Because of the stroking motion along with the super soft silicone sleeves with textured to create a very intense and pleasurable feelings when you stick your penis into the love hole.

    What size is there available for autoblow ?

    There are 3 size available when purchase the autoblow

    Size A – Tight like a virgin

    Size B – This is the most popular size, its tight but enough friction as a masturbator for you to enjoy

    Size C – For those who have a large penis and don’t like it too tight and this is the best size

    How to insert new sleeves into your AutoBlow?

    There are 3 options available for the autoblow depends on how tight you want it. Just like a condom, you just take the sleeves out from its packaging and inserted into the AutoBlow unit.

    Check the video below for instructions on how to insert a new sleeves into your AutoBlow male mastubator product

    Where can I buy the AutoBlow?

    You can buy your own AutoBlow 2+ and Autoblow AI here at Funtasia adult shop online.

    Freeshiping and same day delivery for all masturbators online

    How much is the autoblow and autoblow AI?

    If you purchase this masturbator instore you would expect to pay from 190AUD to 250AUD. If you purchase it online, you would expect to pay 180AUD to 220AUD.

    1. Satisfyer Men & Satisfyer Heat Men

    Satisfyer adult sex toy products is currently one of the hot seller brands on the internet. With the affordable price that they set their product such as their famous Satisfyer Pro 2 for the female vibrator, we have seen the Satisfyer products flying off the shelf this year.

    Below is a picture of the male masturbator product from Satisfyer Men and Satisfyer Heat Men

    image of satisfyer men masturbation product      satisfyer heat men front view close up

    The best seller for the Satisfyer men product is the Satisfyer MEN male masturbator cup product. Its like the Satisfyer pro for men.

    Teamed up with Rocco Siffrediand Cyberskin, Satisfyer have develop a male masturbator that is becoming a favourite for every man.

    Very similar design to the Fleshlightsproducts, there is a tube with an internal soft silicone sleeve that is specially design with textured surface for extra stimulation during penetration.

    It’s a very discreet design so you don’t have to worry if someone accidentally see the masturbator sitting on the table next to your bed.

    How does the Satisfyer MEN Feels like?

    From the outside it looks like any other masturbator on the market. Open the box and look further inside you will notice this product was design for men who love sex and who wants the most intense climax and orgasms.

    Its sleek and modern design tube is easy to hold, not too heavy and not too light. Just the right weight to hold.

    On the inside the sleeve is made from soft medical grade silicone from Cyberskin. It’s the closes thing to a human’s vagina flesh. With textured design onto the wall of the love tunnel, this gives you extra sensation during penetration.

    Satisfyer MEN how does it work?

    Add a little Satisfyer Warming Lubricant before entry to ensure its nice, warm and moist just like a real vagina.

    If you want extra mental pleasure, invest into a VR headset. You can watch your favourite porn movie and use the Satisfyer MEN together.

    Most men come back and said that the Satisfyer MEN is the best thing they ever use to masturbate.

    Check out the video below for a Satisfyer Men review

    Satisfyer men vibrator

    Satisfyer men rechargeable vibrating masturbator is the latest release of Satisfyer masturbator, it has two vibration motors and an insertable love tunnel up to 7cm. The vibration is design to focus on the most sensitive part of the penis to give you the most intense orgasm and climax.

    Satisfyer Heat Men Masturbator

    One of the new additions to the Satisfyer men range is the Satisfyer Heat Men. This masturbator create heat, so the silicone doesn’t feel cold when you insert your penis inside. With Satisfyer lubricant and the warming function, it feels like a real vagina.

    Where to buy Satisfyer Men product?

    You can buy all the range of Saisfyer Men products here at Funtasia the adult shop. Free same day shipping available now on all Satisfyer Men.

    How much does Satisfyer Men Cost?

    The price range for online stores start from 60AUD to 90AUD. For instore at Adult shop you would expect to pay between 70AUD to 120AUD.

     If you need any help looking for that perfect sex toy, click herefor our full guide on how to choose the best sex toy for yourself or as a present

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