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August 19, 2020


Isolation has shown that sex toys are essential in keeping everyone entertained with themselves or each other. Especially in Victoria, since the lock down we have seen a huge increase in online orders from Victoria and Melbourne postcodes.

Funtasia adult shop have extended free same day shipping for sex toys until the end of August. Just doing out bit to assist with keep our customer entertain during lock down.

From self-pleasuring male masturbators like the Pocket Pussy Masturbators, FleshLight Girls and the virtual Reality Onyx by KIIRO have been a favourite for the boys out there enjoying their favourite porn.

We have also seen a huge increase in anal toys for those who are curious and want to venture into the unknown. Anal plugs, anal lubricants and anal beads have been a popular choice.

The most popular adult toys brand sold during lock down

We have saw a huge surge in the sale of clitoral toys like the Satisfyer, CalexoticsBullets, Pillow Talks wand, LELOSona, We-Vibe Melt and Le Wand, King Cock, Doc Johnson, Fleshlight, Womanizer, Rompand more

The vagina stimulators haven’t failed in being just as popular for the ladies. Big dongs by King Cock, handheld sex machine vibrators that do most of the work for your and multi stimulating vibes with anal, vaginal and clitoral also been the ladies hot pick.

Couples reignited their passion during lockdown

Couple toys have been a crowd favourite in Victoria especially. Being locked down with your special someone for 24/7 there is just so much talking, Netflix, baking and sleeping you can do with each other.

A jaw dropping 600% increase in our couple toys such as the We Vibe, Lelo, Pretty Love and Doc Johnson’s double ended dongs have been flying out of our warehouse. Not only the couple toys have been flying out but also bondage play has equally been as popular.

Fetish sex toys is the most popular option during lock down

Hand and ankle cuffs, ropes, whips, chains/collar and restraintshave seen increases in demand. Good to see couples enjoying their sex life with an extra boost with these couple toys.

There has been also a surprising growing interest in our Sex dolls and sex swings. Some customers have openly shared that group sex play needed these toys to complete their group orgy. 

This may seem quite uncomfortable for some people but there are those people who love to explore this type of group activity and we are happy to supply whatever is needed for the fun.

The most popular fetish sex toy is

  1. Ouch! Swing set
  2. Ouch! Collar and Leash
  3. Handcuffs
  4. Stainless steel spread bars

Don’t let isolation spoil your mood. Funtasia is always here 24/7 online to supply whatever you need, whatever you want and whatever pleases you the sex department. We offer same day shipping so you will get your goodies delivered straight to your door. In no time

Funtasia the adult shop offers free same day shipping for Victorian post codes during the covid-19 lock down.

Why does people turn to sex toys during covid-19 lockdown?

Humans are social mammals and we have sex for pleasure and to release anxiety and stress. Sex release the same stimulation as drugs and alcohol.

During Covid-19 locked down across Australia we have see a huge surge in alcohol and sex toys purchase and substance abuse an also on the rise as people are looking for other options to get their mind of the stress of isolation.

Sex is one of the best therapies for stress and anxiety during covid-19 lock down isolation. Its free if you have a partner or just buy a masturbator or vibrator and you can enjoy yourself.

What does single people do for sex during lock down?

Massage parlour and brothel is closed. Escort is illegal due to social distancing. If you are single during the covid-19 lockdown how do you meet someone for sex?

Casual sex is no longer an option during lock down

Data release from dating apps and website shows a huge drop on new members and users getting online. For dating apps like Tinder where people are looking for casual sex is very quiet. Social distance banned people from meeting for a quickie.

As a result, everyone is turning to sex toys for self-pleasure as this is the best option for a climax during this epidemic lock down.

Best seller for male sex toy during covid-19 lock down

There is a big demand for male masturbators during the first wave of lock down in February 2020 then the second wave in July we saw a huge surge in orders from Victoria Postcodes. At the beginning of August abut 90% of our sales are from Victorian’s Postcode.

  1. FleshLight
  2. Pocket Pussy
  3. Anal and Prostate Massagers sex toys
  4. Male sex pills and spray delays
  5. Penis Pumps

Why are male sex toy so popular?

During lockdown it’s important for everyone to find ways to release stress and lower anxiety level.

What is a fleshlight or male masturbtor pocket pussy?

We have a huge range of male masturbator that looks real and feels real. Made from high grade silicone the ass and pussy product available here feels real and looks real. The real life like ass and pussy masturbator is one of our top sellers.

Moulded from a real ass and pussy. The tunnel design just like the real vagina with textured vaginal walls it creates a great sensation when your penis is inserted. With warming lubricant, you will think it’s the real thing, maybe it’s better than the real thing because it would not stretch and becoming loose. Every time you use the vagina and ass, it feels like the first time.

Fleshlight is one of best male masturbator brand on the market. There is other brand that is similar such as Satisfyer Men, CrazyBull, Adam&Eve, PipeDream and LELOare some of the high-end brands.

How much is a fleshlight or male masturbator?

You can expect to pay between $50 and $130 for a non-vibration masturbation cup style or pocket pussy.

For full size full ass and pussy replica, you would expect to pay between $100 and $200

Advantages of masturbation

Masturbation is the best way to lower stress and increase endorphins in your body and mind.

Sex pills and male enhancer sold out during covid-19 lockdown

Everyone wants to last in bed and wants a bigger and hard erection. We can help you here.

Just like Viagraand Kamagra, there are all-natural sex pill that’s give you the same effect as bigger and harder erection and long lasting in bed. Just without all the bad side effects.

Buy your male erection pills and tablets online here

How sex pill works?

Male enhancer pills and tablets have many names most people call it sex pills or erection pills. Most erection sex pills do the same job, it promotes erections, harder erection and some can help with premature ejaculation.

How long it takes to work after I take the erection pills?

It takes about 45 minutes after taking the tablet before you can start to feel the erection

How long does sex pills last?

Depends on the persons height and weight. An average male healthy person will last about 4 to 5 hours.

Do sex pills have side effects?

Like all supplement, its recommended that you seek a professional advice before taking it. And all supplements have side effects such as nausea, headache, loss of appetite, lightheaded.

Different types of sex pills for erection and premature ejaculation

Huge range of pills and delay sprays online here

The most popular sex pills are

  1. Brahmah

Brahmah is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pill last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male Brahmah sex pills here online

  1. ManFuel

ManFuel is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pill last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male ManFuel sex pills here online

  1. Exxtreme Male Enhancer

Exxtreme is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pill last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamara pills

Buy your male Exxtreme sex pills here online

  1. Rock Hard

 Rock Hard is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pill last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male Rock-Hard sex pills here online

  1. So Hard

 So Hard is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pills last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male So Hard sex pills here online

  1. Prorino

Prorino is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pills last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male Prorino sex pills here online

  1. Beast

Beast is a natural male sex pills enhancer. Helps with increase blood flow to the penis and give you a bigger and harder erection. Also helps to delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. Each pill last up to 72 hours. Very similar to Viagra and Kamagra pills

Buy your male Beast sex pills here online

Click here for to purchase sex pills and male enhancer online now

There is a full guide on male enhancer pill here if you want more information all about erection and stamina pills

Why is prostate massager so popular?

Men’s have their G Spot or P Spot up their rectum towards the back wall of their anal. Many straight men never tried prostate massage because it is taboo and think of it as a homosexual thing.

In the last few year, we see a huge increase in sales for prostate massage, anal toys and pegging dildos purchase by straight male. With the internet and information available online now, men have found the benefit of prostate massage and exploring their body more then ever.

During covid-19 lock down people get bored and curious. They start to read and watch more porn and the curiosity start. Funtasia online and instore sales shows that Anal and Prostate sex toys have triple in sales.

The most popular anal and prostate massager sex toys are

  1. We-vibe Vector
  2. Renegade Mach I
  3. Zero Tolerance Teeter Totter

4.   Adam & Eve Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Massager

How to use a prostate massager?

A prostate massager is like a female g spot vibrator. It’s a vibrator with an angled head so when you insert it will hit and rub on the P Spot inside the male’s anal wall.

A prostate massage can be vibration or non-vibrate.

Can you get an orgasm from prostate massage?

Yes, you can get an orgasm from prostate massage. In fact, its would be the best orgasm you will ever get in your life.

Can you ejaculate using a prostate sex toy massager?

Yes, you can ejaculate. The orgasm from prostate massage is very intensive and explosive.

Penis pump

Penis pump is one of the most popular male sex toys on the internet. There is more penis pump sold then vibrators.

Every guy wants a large penis and penis pump is the only mechanical device can make this happen.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a vacuum device that a penis is inserted into a chamber and a pump in on the other end. The air then sucked out to create a suction vacuum as a result it would make the penis expand and increase the size of the penis.

A penis pup is a very simple device and it works extremely well

How much size can I increase with a penis pump?

You can gain as much as 3 to 4 inch in length using a penis pump

You can gain as much as 2 to 3-inch width or girth using a penis pump

For more information on how to use a penis pump and everything else on the penis lick. Click here we have a full guide on penis pump

Best seller sex toy for female during covid-19 lock down

  1. Satisfyer pro 2 next generation clitoral stimulation
  2. Le Wand Massager
  3. We Vibe Melt
  4. LELO Sona Cruise

Why is the Satisfyer so Popular?

The satisfyer pro 2 next generation is the best value clitoral stimulator on the marker. For under $60AUD you can get your hands on an orgasm machine.

With millions unit sold since it was first launch, Satisfyer pro is still the best-selling clitoral vibrator for woman’s all over the world.

How does a satisfyer pro 2 work?

Shaped like a mini hair dryer, a round handle with a mouthpiece where you placed it on top you the clitoris. To start press the power on and choose one of the 10 vibration and suction option.

The Satisfyer pro 2 mimics the feeling of someone is going down on you giving you the beset oral sex of your life.

Click here for our article on everything about the Satisfyer product

Or if you need help choosing a vibrator then click here for a full guide on how to choose the perfect vibrator

Why is the Le Wand so popular?

Le wand is the most powerful wand massager in the market. Made with high quality into motor and soft silicone head. This wand has raves reviews from online and instore customers.

If you are looking for a big and powerful wand, this is your product.

What does the le wand compare to?

The le wand can be compared to the Hitachi and Adam&EVE plugin wand.

Buy your le wand online here

We Vibe Melt

We Vibe melt clitoral stimulator vibrator is the best seller premium range for female during covid-19 lock down. In fact, all we vibe product was sold out within the first 2 month of lock down.

Very similar design to the Satisfyer pro 2 and Womanizer clitoral range. The we vibe melt is a sleek design with a smaller handle and a more oval shaped clitoris mouth.

Why is the we vibe melt so popular?

The special mouthpiece design to fit all size and shape of clitoris. With different level of pulsating vibration, the we vibe melt has been a very big seller.

With a long-life rechargeable battery and waterproof. It’s a product of choice for any occasions at any locations.

Discreet design means if you accidentally left it somewhere not many people will realise it’s a vibrator.

How much is the we vibe melt?

You can buy the we vibe melt online for anywhere between $119 to $169. If you are going into a brick and mortar shop you would expect to pay between $130 to $180.

Where can I buy the we vibe melt?

Funtasia adult shop online and instore have a full range of we vibe products including we vibe melts and many other products such as we vibe sync, we vibe match, we vibe chorus, we vibe vector, we vibe tango and many others.

LELO Sona Cruise


LELO Sona is the most popular and a high-end clitoral vibrator sex toy. A very luxurious design combines with the latest in sex toy technology of air pulsating and sonic waves that will crush your clitoris with the most intensity orgasm you will ever experience.

A similar design comparable to the satisfyer, womanizer and we vibe melts. The difference is that the LELO is equipped with the air pulsating and sonic wave. A vibration like feel but its more like something is sucking on your clitoris when you press against your body.

Why is the LELO Sona Cruise so popular?

LELO Sona is different from the rest of its competitor because of the air pulse and sonic waves. Unlike traditional vibration, sonic waves and air pulse from LELO create a greater intense climax and with Cruise technology it give you the power to choose the right setting you want and just before you finish just press the vibrator against your body then it will unleash a powerful wave that will give you the best orgasm of your life

How much is the LELO Sona Cruise?

The LELO Sona cruise can be bought online from $190 to $250 and in a brick and mortar store you would expect to pay from $200 to $290

Where can I buy the LELO Sona?

Funtasia adult shop online and instore have a full range of LELO products including LELO Sona and Sona Cruise and many other products.


The Best Seller sex toy for couples during covid-19 lockdown

  1. We Vibe Sync
  2. LELO Tiani
  3. Satisfyer Partner
  4. Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

We Vibe Sync for couples

We Vibe specialised in couples sex toys, they are the leader and innovation when it comes to couple sex toy.

We vibe is the first company to made WIFI connect devices over the network. Its great for long distanced relationship using their We Connect software. Its compatible with any Android or Apple smartphone.

Buy you we vibe couple sex toys online here

How does the We Vibe Sync couples sex toy work?

Shaped like a horseshoe, the female wears it before penetration. With the We Vibe Sync stand vertical, insert the thicker end inside the vagina and the thinner part sits on top of the clitoris.

With two vibration motors, the inside motor vibrates and focus on the G Spot. With the outer vibration module, it focusses on the clitoris. She will experience multiple orgasm like double penetration.

How does a male feel when using a we vibe sync?

The male will feel the vibration from the inside. It feels like penetrating a vibration vagina. The climax is ten times magnify with the vibration from inside a vagina. It feels like you are being milked.

Why is the we vibe sync so popular?

The we vibe sync is a hot sell during the covid-19. As partners stays in during lock down, they tend to get bored and start to explore the sexual curiosity.

An important part of any couple is sex connection. To improve the sexual, connect between partner many couples have turn to sex toys. And the best partner couples sex toys on the market right now is the We Vibe Sync, We Vibe Chorus or the We Vibe Match. All these couple toys are very similar, in fact they are just a different variation of each other.

The we vibe sync have a very strong motor that targets the G spot and the penis shaft during intercourse. Both the female and male enjoy the vibration.

The other main point why people keep buying the We vibe sync is that it has a remote control and you also have an option to download an app and connect to it with a smart phone or a iPad to control its function over WIFI.

How much is the we vibe sync?

You can expect to pay between $220 and $270 online for a WE Vibe Sync and instore you would expect to pay between $249 and $300 for a we vibe sync

Where Can I buy the we vibe sync?

The we vibe sync can be purchase right here at Funtasia the adult shop online or in any one of our stores across Australia.

LELO Tiani 2 and LELO Tiani 3

picture of lelo tiani black and gold close upphoto of lelo tiani deep rose colour

LELO is a high-end premium sex toy manufacturer. One of their best sellers for couple sex toy is the LELO Tiani range.

The LELO TIani is a couple’s sex toy product that is very similar to the we vibe sync. The main key points of the LELO is a very powerful motor that produces a wave of intense vibration and its super quiet.

LELO has the latest technology packed sex toy

Video below shows LELO latest SenseMotion Technology in their sex toys

LELO TIANI has the SenseMotion Technology built in. Its a touch motions allows you to control the intense sensation during love making. This will create a harder and more powerful orgasm when you need it.

It is very differment from your regular remote control. Just swipe your hands on top of the control and you can get the settings you want whether you want to increase the intensity or decrease it.

Buy LELO couples sex toys online here

Check out the video below for a full product guide about the lelo tiani. Everything you need to you about the product such as key functions, what it looks like, touch and feel and how to use it.

Why is LELO couples sex toy so popular?

When you hear LELO its all about luxury and high-end product. To impress your partner in the bedroom a LELO product is the best investment you can purchase.

A LELO couple sex toy product can improve your sexual session with your partner by intensify the orgasm and help with multiple orgasms.

Many female experience problems with reaching and climax orgasm but with a LELO Tiani, she will climax and orgasm every time.

How to use the LELO TIANI?

Step 1

illustration shows how to insert and use the LELO tiani Step number 1

Insert on of the smaller arm inside so it sits on the g spot. The larger arm would sit on top of the clitoris


Step 2

illustration shows how your partner can use the lelo tiani

Picture above shows how you and your partner can both enjoy the LELO Tiani. Once the female wear the device, he can start to penetrate. Both partners can feel the great sensation from the vibration which gives a more powerful orgasm.

Step 3

illustration shows how you can enjoy the lelo tiani by youself

You can use the LELO Tiani as a vibrator solo. It can give you multiple orgasm because the two tips can both penetrate the G spot from the inside and the clitoris the outside

How much is a LELO Tiani?

LELO Tiani can cost from $199 to $299 online and instore you would expect to pay between $229 to $349

Where can I buy a LELO sex toy product?

You can buy LELO sex toys right here at Funtasia Adult Shop or visit one of our stores across Australia.

Satisfyer Partner / ENDLESS

photo of satisfyer partner side view in pink colourphoto of satisfyer partner front view in pink

Satisfyeris one of the fastest growing products much love by everyone. Their hero product the Satisfyer PRO was sold out within the first 2 month of the COVID-19 lock down.

The new Satisfyer Partner is one of the most popular products and its different from any other couple’s sex toys.

Most couples sex toys allow the female to ware the device but the Satisfyer partner the male wear the device.

It’s a vibrator that is worn by the male which attached to the penis towards your body. So, its like having two penis. The only purpose for this product is used for double penetration. This product is very popular for female who loves DP or multiple orgasms.

Check out the video below for a review on the Satisfyer partner. The video will show you information about the key functions of the Satisfyer Partner, the touch and feel and how to use it

Why are the Satisfyer partner so popular?

It’s the only product can be used for double penetration by a male partner and promote multiple orgasms.

How much is the Satisfyer partner?

The satisfyer part can range from $85 to $110 online and instore you would expect to pay up to $150

Need more information about sex toys and how to choose a sex toy for yourself, your partner or as a present. Click here for our full sex guide. Or visit our blog for everything about sex.

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