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March 15, 2022

The art of seduction is worth mastering. As a woman, your role isn’t quite as straightforward as it may seem - especially in this day and age.

It might appear as if ladies are the passive ones in the relationship, but believe us; there’s plenty you can do to lure your lover in for some well-deserved action.


Check out our top tips and try them out on your love interest. We dare you to.

Let body language do the talking

Never underestimate the power of body language. Facial expressions, posture, and hand gestures tell a story that words can’t express, letting him know how you really feel. Think of them as signals that can either encourage or discourage connection, depending on how you use them.

The most important signals you can send are with your eyes. It’s a well-known fact that men crave eye contact, and one look could entice them to come closer. If your pupils happen to be dilated at the time, he’ll naturally take it as a sign that you’re into him – which is exactly what you want when you’re after a guy.

Lock eyes from across the room and let him peek a little into your soul. Keep eye contact during conversation to share your emotions. Wink playfully when you’re teasing him. Those are just a few of the ays to do it, but there’s plenty more you can use.

Smiles, posture, and hand gestures are just as important. When both people find the other attractive, they’ll mimic each other’s movements, and naturally, lean in when sitting together or talking. You can use this tip when getting to know someone in order to see if they’re really into you, as well as give them a cue on how you’re feeling.

Just remember, not all guys can take subtle hints; sometimes, you need to take it to the next step.

Touch and go

Physical connection is the ultimate goal of almost every flirtation, Touching his legs, shoulders, chest, or back playfully during conversation is a great way to encourage it, but it has to be done right,

The way to do it is with feminine flair. When you want to make a point, lean over and lightly put your hand on his arm, rest for a few seconds, then pull away. If he’s telling you something personal and heartfelt, grabbing his hand gently might be appropriate. Learn to read the conversation and act accordingly.

Skin-to-skin is always best - but if you’ve got your seduction game down pat, he’ll feel your touch leaving a hot mark on his body, even through the fabric,

Be expressive

The ebb and flow of conversation are just as important as your body language. Awkward silences can be used to heighten sexual tension, while a few well-chosen words can pique his interest, give him ideas, and show him your personality.

How to master the art of conversation

When he asks, give him a glimpse of your personal, intimate life. Share your interests, hobbies, and sexual desires, if the topic comes up naturally. For all you know, you might both be into role play or bondage and fetish gear, which could lead to some seriously explosive sex.

Don’t introduce these themes too early though - it could give him the wrong idea. When you’re just getting to know each other, keep it flirtatious but not too sexual. A girl’s best weapon is letting her sexuality slowly emerge - and making him work a little to earn the privilege of experiencing it.

Never lose yourself over a guy

In the game of seduction, it can be easy to become obsessed over a potential conquest. The trouble is, obsessions aren’t healthy, and if you’re too forward you’ll scare him off.

A big reason why this happens is that you’re losing yourself in the game. Seduction is about your power to attract the man of your dreams, and in order to do so, you have to be strong in yourself.

Confidence is everything

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. Why

Because she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. That kind of confidence stems from a sense of self-esteem, security in your desires, and the knowledge that you’re worth it. If you don’t have those attributes yet, act as you do, and you’ll soon attain them. There’s a reason why people say “fake it ‘till you make it.”

If you’re going on a date with him and need a subtle boost in confidence, wearing lingerie is the perfect way to do it. If the relationship is in the early stages, you can wear it entirely for yourself, while giving him a glimpse of what’s under your outfit could lead to a night of endless pleasure. Remember that it’s all a game, and while you’re giving him signals, it’s he that has to win you over.

When you get him between the sheets, don’t be shy. Show him exactly what you like, which spots to stimulate, and how you like to be touched. If you don’t know yourself intimately yet, get a dildo to help you. That way, you’ll have the satisfaction of cumming every time –  and he’ll know exactly how to get you there.

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