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March 02, 2023

Anal and Introducing It To Your Life

Introducing Anal…


Anal is one of those positions that has a bad rep, when really it can be incredibly sensual and pleasurable when done with care and an open mind. Again let’s remember our mind is our most powerful sexual organ! Start slow, small and with plenty of lube – if not using a toy Swiss Navy have a silicone based anal lube that would be perfect.

When introducing anal toys Ouch! Have an excellent training kit with 3 sizes that you can build up with enhancing your experience – here you would use any of our water based lube wicked have an excellent range.

Things to remember:

                ALWAYS, have a stopperour bottoms are greedy what goes up may not come out!

                LUBE, again this area will absorb whatever is on it so here you can never have too much.

                GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, your mind is what’s blocking you from enjoying this position (unless you have openly tried it and know you don’t enjoy it – then it’s not your head and that’s ok too!)

                GO TO THE TOILET FIRST, or even douche it out, this little moment won’t kill the mood however getting more then you bargained for will (unless that’s your kink in which case disregard this tip)

                ANAL IS NOT JUST FOR MEN….. Yes the prostate is the male gspot however this area can be pleasurable for women also.


Ultimately Anal does not need to be your shameful desire male, female, non-binary everyone can enjoy this position with or without a partner, satisfied! It along with all other sexual positions its wonderful and should be celebrated and enjoyed shame free!!


So wondering if anal could be for you, come into your local Funtasia store and chat to our helpful staff today!


Happy exploring x


With Love, As always

Your sexpert Wagga

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