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April 16, 2020

If you are thinking of the following questions in your head then you should read the whole article from your sexologist and letters from our Blog fans all about fetish and their life experience with fetishes. 

Are my Fetish normal?

What is a fetish?


A fetishist derives erotic gratification from other than a sexual organ. A note from our sexologist equates a fetish with a bikini-what it reveals is interesting, but what it conceals is vital. The fetishist can also be described as a sexual pervert because of his sexual deviation. However, it must be stressed here that the average fetishist. aside from his so-called perversion, leads a normal life and should not be considered dangerous. 

In a sense, we are all fetishists. Who among us can say he has never been turned on by a black negligee, a sexy perfume, or by taking a bath with a shapely lady? Who can honestly say that he has taken a girl out and not wondered what kind of pubic hair she had? Was it full and bushy, or tightly curled around her private parts? And how many of us have turned on the light quickly to see if our guess was right? 

After answering those questions honestly, we can see that fetishism is merely a matter of degree. It you can control yours. you are lucky. There are those who can’t. They can be stimulated sexually only by an inanimate object or an article of dress. We address ourselves here not to the people so afflicted, but to the many and varied objects which are regarded as symbols of love and sexual gratification. For example, there is the 


 A Real Letter from one of our blog followers

 John* from Melbourne concealed his fetish for women’s hair until his wedding night. His wife wore a long wig. Martin ran his fingers through it constantly in bed. He seemed unconcerned about the rest of his wife’s body. At the peak of his sexual desire he plunged his stiff penis into his wife’s tresses and ejaculated. 

His wife recognized the fetish as a hobby, then surprised Martin by telling him that she wore a wig. John* didn’t care. She urged him to slip his penis into her vagina while he caressed her locks. He agreed. With his hands buried deep in her hair, his dong penetrated her, and he came again. This time both partners were satisfied. 

However, there was a problem. JD could not get an erection when his wife took the wig off. Her own hair was not long enough to satisfy his fetish. She agreed to wear the wig every night. 


A Real Letter from one of our blog followers

Henry* from Sydney. is one who wonders about every girl’s pubic hair. He admitted to his shrink that he ignores every other part of a girl’s body when she strips in front of him. His gaze concentrated on her hair area. He touches it, kisses it, and sometimes finish on it and then licks the hair clean, much to the annoyance of the girl.

According to Henry, he often must have sex the girl in the normal way later to placate her. After he has achieved Orgasm again, he will ask the girl if he can cut off a small portion of her pubic hair for a remembrance of her. Few have denied his request. The hair is placed in a vial and her name (first name only), is written on the outside. A shelf in Henry’s place holds 21 such vials, complete with names. 

The names mean nothing. It’s the hair that counts. Jack reported that if he has no date, he can open a vial and fondle the hair inside and thereby achieve an orgasm. He does not have to conjure up a vision of the girl who owned the hair; it’s enough for him to know that the hair once adorned a pubic region. 


A Real Letter from one of our blog followers

John* from Sydney, in his teens he was once attracted to an apron hanging on a clothesline. He stole it, put it on behind a fence and masturbated. From that point on aprons held a peculiar fascination for him. He repeated the act whenever possible. To rid himself of the fetish he joined the army. But after completing four years of an apron less society, he returned to civilian life still afflicted. At the age of 22 John still masturbated while wearing an apron. He committed himself to a sex psychologist but was never able to get rid of that fetish.

Today, John can achieve orgasm only if his sexual pleasure (masturbation or coitus) is executed while wearing an apron. 


A Real Letter from one of our blog followers

Jack has sparse features. He has neuropathic eyes, delicate skin, thin features. He has a thin voice and light facial hair. His genitals and sexual functions are quite normal. His psychiatrist reports that Jack masturbated when he was very young. 

At the age of fourteen Thomas found himself sexually excited at the sight of wet girls’ dresses. A dry dress did nothing for him. If he was a woman soaked to the skin in the rain, he became lustful. If he met the woman and stood near her during a downpour, Thomas had an erection and often orgasm. 

In his late teens he became something of a nuisance to girlfriends. If they were wet because of rain, he would sometimes have no control over himself. He would beg them to have sex with him. 

Thomas admitted to his shrink that he never had any desire to throw water on girls, or to steal dresses that were wet. The consensus is that as a boy he might have seen a woman raise her skirts during a rainstorm and the sight excited him.


This one is more common than you might suppose. It probably does not belong among the list of unusual fetishes. but it is included because of the bizarre nature of those who are ladies’ hankies fetishists. 

The woman ‘s handkerchief is the single article of a personal nature displayed openly. It has warmth and often aroma. Those who lust after it will go to almost any extreme to steal it. Stealing hankies is part of the fetishist’s excitement. 

A case in point is in South Australia a man who admitted to police last year that he is a handkerchief fetishist. His MO was to search for a pretty woman in an elevator, subway or bus and then slide close to her. At the sight of her handkerchief, his penis hardened. He would rub it against the girl while searching for a way to rip off the hankie. 

According to police records, he stole 131 hankies in the course of four years. He told a shrink that he often ejaculated now he lifted the hankie from a woman. If he did not come at that point, he would later masturbate into the cloth, then place it with his collection. 

If he failed to steal a hankie, he had his eye on. He would tremble all over, sweat profusely, and have a hard-on so stiff that it would pain him. 

Another handkerchief fetishist admitted that he could do his wife only if one of her hankies was on the pillow or on the sheet. 

Still another such fetishist reported that he was able to have sex with a girl only if a hankie was wrapped around his prick. or if it was spread out on a woman’s pubic hair. The one said that he always carried ladies hanker chiefs in various pockets and that he enjoyed having them tied to his genitals. 


This one was only recently uncovered, and quite by accident. A man was arrested in Sydney for being a masher. Police suspected him of being a drug addict or dealer, so a strip search was ordered at the police precinct. When he was naked so that an orifice examination could be made, it was noted that his testicles were wrapped in a denim sack. 

Police wisely sent him to a department psychiatrist, where his peculiar fetish was revealed amid tears and convulsive sobs. Ben told the doctor that he had been arrested for touching a girl’s denim-clad bottom in a department store. He said it was not the bottom he wanted to touch, but the cloth.

“This man is a plagiocephalic. He loved nothing better than to masturbate against a freshly laundered, frilly apron. Nothing else would arouse him at all.” 

He had not been able to find the denim department in the store and had begun to panic. The girl passed him. 

He reached out for her ass and ran his hand over the material. 

His affliction: Denims worn by girls or recently worn by girls so that their body heat was still on the cloth. He told the psychiatrist that he could get an erection simply by touching any denim, but that touching the material on a girl, even her cuff, gave him an orgasm. 

The feel of the material delighted him so much that he fashioned the sack for his testicles. 

How did it begin? He didn’t know, nor was the shrink able to find out, although hypnotism was tried. 

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Hiro* has always been fascinated with ladies’ gloves and ladies’ hands. He has spent hours staring at ladies’ gloves in shop windows. A movie or TV show featuring gloves holds his attention. The glove material doesn’t matter. Suede or leather holds little importance. It is, rather, the shape of the glove, which resembles a woman’s hand. 

Hiro*, now in therapy, admits that his favourite sexual high is to stuff a woman’s glove with tissue paper or wool. It has a pair of them he will stuff both until they look like a woman's hands. He will then place the gloves around his penis and massage slowly, achieving orgasm after a few strokes.  

Hiro* said that he can be sexually fulfilled if the girl he is having sex wears gloves to bed. At his office he will stroke gloves lying on someone’s desk. lf he should become sexually excited, and no one is nearby, he will kiss the glove and chew on the fingers. 

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Aaron* describes his affliction: “l has a deeply rooted partiality for furs and l have had it since my earliest days. The sight and touch of fur can give me a hard-on. If a woman is wearing the garment when I touch it, my lust knows no bounds. [must have her. I can control myself, but only after considerable effort. 

“sex with a girl is nice, of course, but if I can induce her to be naked with just a fur wrap around her shoulders l ’m ecstatic. The girls don’t like it because too often I am aroused to so great a pitch that l have a premature ejaculation, just because of the fur they are wearing.

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A real letter from our loyal blog reader

For years Robert*. was a great lover of flowers. He kissed them and caressed them, but without sensual motive. His fetish did not begin until he met a girl wearing a carnation on her breast. He found himself with an almost uncontrollable desire to touch the breast and the flower at the same time. He exercised self-control at that moment but from then on, the fetish to touch and kiss flowers became an Obsession. He took flowers to bed with him and ejaculated -but not on the flowers. 

He said he did not want to pollute them. The fetish grew to such an intensity that he would come merely by inhaling their fragrance. 

The girl with the carnation on her breast dumped him after a six-month dating period. Robert* went into a deep funk. When he came out of it, he no longer had any unnatural love for flowers. 

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Leather Fetish

The leather fetish is very common in DBSM and Fetish play. It is one of the most common fetish, in fact over 90% of the population thinks that leather is sexy. We used it on furnitures, clothing, cars, walls and many home decors. 

However, leather is very popular in BDSM use. Things suck as leather body suits, leather collar, leather cuffs, leather mask, crotch-less leather panties, leather whips and floggers, leather paddle, leather sex swings and chairs, leather boots and gloves. 

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This fetishist may be the most unbelievable of all. Gorgon means a terrible or repulsive woman. and there are men who seek her out to make love to her. Why? No one really knows. The fetish is still shrouded in mystery. We know only that it has been known to mankind for thousands of years. In fact. Descartes was always partial to cross-eyed women because his first love had such a defect.

Today gorgonism manifests itself in milder forms when men admit that they can only make it with plump women or extremely thin women. Its other words they are not looking for the ideal fi but a corruption of it. Some men become sexually excited when they see a lame woman. or one with disfigured feet. They admittedly lust after such a woman and are in sexual glory if they can sex her. 

Men suffering the gorgon fetish are likely to enjoy making it with freaks, when it is not possible to do so, they will masturbate while thinking about freaks or women with physical deformities. 

This perversion is also known as body-fetishism. Medical science holds little hope of curing one so afflicted. The usual procedure is to try to convince the fetishist that if he made a crippled woman happy in marriage, then he too would find happiness. 

One case on record tells of a man desperately in love with a girl who had only one leg. When they broke up, he went on a frantic search to find another girl with the same defect. 

There are lots of scientific books and doctor journals talks about the relationship between amputation and sexual arousal. Check our Dr John Money’s articles here

“Paraphiliac imagery switching may take the form of an intrusion of imagery that is unorthodox. The list of possibilities is long, especially if all the known fetishes are included. The compulsion a race, creed, class or colour socially stigmatized in one’s own family, or to be dead (necrophilia), or to have specific characteristics, such as amputation. There may be a compulsion to alter one’s own image by means of elective amputation, before sexual arousal can be consummated.” 

On the latter score is the case of Brad* a labourer whose fetish was a desire to slice off a piece of fine white skin of a girl and eat it. He lurked in a public park with a pair of scissors, waiting for a white girl to pass. His state of arousal was so intense that in his excitement he cut his own arm. 

Passers-by saw him bleeding and rushed him to a hospital. Doctors there noticed that his entire body was covered with scar tissue. It was learned then that Terry’s fetish for the white skin of a girl had deep roots in his past. He had dreamed of seeing a girl with pure white skin, and of biting the skin and eating it.

As the fetish deepened, Terry was forced to substitute his own skin. During a few years he cut off small slices of his skin and ate them while pretending that the flesh he ate really belonged to a lovely white skinned girl. 

He stated that he had an erection every time he cut himself in his self mutilation orgy and came to orgasm when he put the skin in his mouth and chewed it. 

He is still under psychiatric care. 

Do any of these outlandish fetishes hit home? If not, fine. Understandably. you may have been turned off by what you have read here, but it is not wise to condemn the afflicted. As we said in the beginning, fetishism is merely a matter of degree. 


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