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January 20, 2023

Shopping for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your husband or boyfriend? It can be a daunting experience. After all, men rarely tell you they want a new sex toy or to shake things up in the bedroom. Spoil him this year by using our 2023 Valentine's gift guide! It will take all the guesswork out of shopping for him. 

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spoil the one you love with something you only share with them. Your raw eroticism and spice in the bedroom! Even if that spark has fizzled, you're just one adult store visit away from bringing things back to life! So make your 2023 Valentine's Day a little easier by checking out this gift guide for him.

How to buy a Valentine's Day gift for your husband or boyfriend

Shopping for men can be tricky.

If you're stuck between a new tie or a comedic coffee mug, push those to the side. Get him what he really wants this year - something to turn up the bedroom heat!

When a partner takes initiation and seduction in their hands, it can take a lot of pressure off him. He can lay back, relax and enjoy his new gifts while experiencing new types of pleasure!

Adult toys are the perfect gift for him because they're intensely personal. Still, it also shows that his sexual pleasure is important to you. It demonstrates that you appreciate him both as a partner and as a sexual being.

So do the right thing and add to his sex toy collection!

Valentine's Day 2023 gift guide for him

We've curated this special Valentine's Day gift guide for him so that anyone with a penis can experience pleasure! These toys were specially selected for those with a penis and a prostate. But there's something for everyone here.

Valentine's gift idea #1: An automatic masturbator

Buy the Automatic Blow-job Machine by Autoblow AI

Trust us, your man wants to change his masturbation routine with something spicy. We totally support that!

The classic up-and-down technique can get boring at times. Also, if your partner has mobility issues, we've got the ideal Valentine's Day gift for him.

The Automatic Blow-job Machine by Autoblow AI.

It's designed so that he doesn't have to do a damn thing!

The sleeve perfectly replicates the feeling of a mouth, and the machine does all the work for him. Much like a real blow job, it varies in pressure and speed as much as he'd like. 

And if you're the territorial type, don't worry. This automatic masturbator isn't designed to look or feel like any porn star in particular. It's just meant to be a top-of-the-line pleasure experience!

Valentine's gift idea for him #2: The Fleshlight Stamina kit

Buy the Fleshlight Stamina Kit

One of the most common complaints from men is that they don't last long enough in bed. That's why Fleshlight has created a pocket pussy stamina kit to help with this problem. It's got everything he needs, including:

  • The Fleshlight
  • Cleaning spray
  • Lubricant
  • Renewal powder
  • And even a shower mount!

That way, he can thrust away without having to use his hands.

This is another ideal gift for the mobility impaired as well! So spoil him while also spoiling yourself. Get him to learn how to last longer in bed by grabbing the Fleshlight Stamina Kit this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's gift idea for him #3: A prostate massager

Buy the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

Those born biologically male are blessed with a little pleasure gland called the prostate. Found just a finger's length inside the anus, this is a nerve-dense area that can bring immeasurable pleasure. 

But the significant downside of most prostate massagers on the market is that they are hard to play with. The controls are typically found only on the plug itself. This placement can make navigating pleasure on your own a challenge.

Enter the Lelo Hugo prostate massager.

They've thought it through enough to include a remote control! That way, whether he's playing on his own or out on the town, you can have complete control of the prostate massager!

The Hugo is made from body-safe silicone and is non-porous, so it's a breeze to clean. It also features three separate motors for optimal pleasure. One in the tip just for the prostate, one in the base for anal opening, and one that aligns perfectly with the perineum. Talk about the best possible Valentine's Day gift option!

Valentine's gift idea for him #4: A sex swing

Buy the Fetish Door Sex Swing

Sex swings have become really popular these days.

But why?

Because they're an affordable and fun way to shake things up in the bedroom. We've got the perfect sex swing option whether you're a renter, homeowner, or just on holiday!

Fetish offers a door swing that can easily attach and be removed from any door anywhere!

Slide it into position, lock the door, and enjoy all new kinds of pleasure!

Just imagine your husband or boyfriend coming home to you. You're waiting for him fully outfitted in sexy lingerie in a sex swing. Talk about a memorable Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's gift idea for him #5: Sexy lingerie

Of course, no gifts for him list would be complete without the mention of sexy lingerie. Men are primarily visual creatures. They want to see something sexy to get fully aroused a lot of the time. That's why buying yourself a little something is a gift for you both! To stay budget-friendly, we've selected this fabulous black lingerie set from Lingadore. Check it out!:

Lingadore sexy black/nude wire bra

Lingadore sexy black/nude G-string

Noir O’chocker by Edge O Beyond

Yes, even lingerie deserves a little jewellery. So remind him you're all his by finishing the sexy outfit with a collar!

Sexy Valentine's Day gifts at Funtasia

Valentine's Day is about celebrating the love and passion you share with your husband or boyfriend. So make Valentine's Day 2023 the best one you've ever had by picking up a few adult toys! If you want help finding the right fit for your sexy lingerie or choosing the perfect sex toy, stop into one of our three locations! The Funtasia Sexpert staff will be happy to help you make the ideal Valentine's Day gift choice for him.



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