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April 24, 2020

Tips to Improve your sex life COVID-19 using sex toys and other thing around the house. 

When your sex life and or love Life are important enough to you to invest time and energy into them, experiment with some or all these suggestions of things to do together with your lover. It will help if you keep hold of your sense of humour and don’t shy away from some healthy self-observation, which some of the suggestions are bound to evoke. If nothing else, this will give you both something to talk about or inspire you to create your own amusements! 

33 Games you can play with each other to improve intimacy

Some of the following are Tantric sexual instructions of the Ragamaya, others are from the Kamasutra Sex Book

  1. Breathing slowly together and looking into each other’s eyes, contemplate the other as love, energy or the void. 
  1. Assume playful roles, with or without dressing up, and make love in the roles. Try switching genders. 
  1. Blindfold your lover and ask sexually explicit questions or get him or her to explore your body while you watch. 
  1. Get dressed and strip for one another. 
  1. Go to sleep together and set the alarm for the middle of the night. As soon as the alarm rings, reach for your lover and begin to make love to him or her 
  1. As you make love, invent spontaneous names for the erotic parts of your lover's body-breasts, mouth, vagina, penis. Say them out loud: “I want to lick your slowly, I want to nibble your loli-pop.” 
  1. With a green pen place a dot on the center of your lover's chest or in the center of his or her forehead (the third eye) or anywhere else on your lover’s body Concentrate on that mark the whole time you make love. 
  1. Imagine your body is made of stone and very heavy so every movement and gesture takes great concentration 
  1. Imagine your body is very light; concentrate on not floating away 
  1. Dance together; dance for each other dance naked and celebrate! 
  1. Put on a hat or a beautiful piece of jewelry and nothing else. 
  1. Choose your favorite animals and make love like those animals. 
  1. Keep eye contact with your lover the entire time you are making love. 
  1. Using an instant picture camera, take sexy and erotic pictures of one another; or film yourselves together doing whatever! 
  1. The next time you make love, one of you do absolutely nothing. 
  1. Have a playful pillow fight and yell and scream until you are exhausted, then make love. 
  1. Write down, text, or e-mail something you want your lover to do that he or she has never done before, perhaps something that is a dream or fantasy of yours. 
  1. Lie down next to each other, eyes closed. Without physical contact make love in your minds. 
  1. Make love as though it was the first time for both of you and as if this were the very last time. 
  1. Shave each other’s pubic hair in a design or completely naked. 
  1. Some time when you really don’t want to make love, do it. Some time when you really do want to make love, don't. 
  1. Dress up in each other’s clothes. Then make love role playing each other. 
  1. Sit facing each other each with a bowl of favourite foods or fruit. Act as if you are making love with each other, only do it with the food or fruit and do not touch one another. 
  1. Undress one another with your hands behind your backs. 
  1. Use a Clean, soft, thick paintbrush and paint your lover’s body with something edible. 
  1. If you can, experience sleeping in one bed and making love in another. 
  1. Tell each other an erotic story by taking it in turns to make up and tell each part of it. 
  1. Surprise your lover in some way. 
  1. Slip a sexy note into your lover's pocket or purse. 
  1. Eat a meal together using only your hands. Use your fingers to feed one another.
  1. Play the mirror game. To do this, you stand face-to-face and one of you mirrors exactly what the other is doing, whether it is a movement, sound, gesture expression, or physical act. This game helps you both to break down any self-consciousness you might feel, it also allows each of you to play out different roles and express different attitudes, which allows an intimacy and harmonization in unspoken communication. And it’s fun! 
  1. Make a ritual of your lovemaking. Prepare the space, anoint each other with oils, light candles and incense, and honour one another as a god or goddess. Make love as an act of mutual worship.
  1. Use game-playing to have fun with one another and to explore different aspects of yourself. They are an opportunity to let go of inhibitions and to give the love you must give. 

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Our interest in reading sexually explicit materials or in looking at pictures of sexual acts or Organs is hardly new. Every Civilization has created its own erotica, as though it were a fundamental form of human expression and a manifestation of the fantasy element of human sexuality.

Illustrated sex manuals and pillow books have played an important part in Eastern cultures from the earliest days, and there is plenty of extant erotic art from ancient civilizations in Africa and the Middle East. Down the centuries, books about sex have been widely and eagerly read for both educational and entertainment purposes. 

Pornography and erotica are much used as sex aids. The distinction between the two is rather blurred and depends to some extent on individual judgment. Basically, pornography is concerned with just the physical act of sex or depicting genitals in a straightforward way, while erotica is more an attempt to portray 10%: in its physical manifestations. Material intended to arouse is as varied as the people it arouses and there is a place for both as sex aids. 

Most people find pornography exciting at times, although some people have been conditioned into being reluctant to admit it Openly. At other times, they may find pornography so crude as to be quite offensive. On the other hand, the subtlety of erotica can be very inspiring and arousing, and a real help in finding sexual excitement. People are more likely to be sexually aroused by content to which they can relate, rather than by portrayals of sexual acts that they find uncomfortable or offensive. However, it does depend on your mood. 

All pornography is about sex and, until fairly recently, ”adult entertainment" was a male-dominated industry created by and aimed at male desire and inclination. In the past, it was generally assumed that men responded more powerfully to erotic material than women did. However, research indicates that this is not the case: both sexes respond to pornography and erotica in similar ways, although the male usually has more obvious external evidence of his arousal! 

Adult films created, produced, and directed by women, exploring what women desire and want from sex, are now more available and increasingly popular. Such films tend to have a softer, more sensual, and more erotic approach, and they tend to attract an ever-growing segment of society women eager to explore their own fantasies. Such women are seeking sexually fulfilling experiences and are eager to find new and fun ways of sharing a sexy evening with a lover! 

Pornography flourishes because there are many reasons why people use it. Pornography and erotica provide a source of knowledge and comparative information about sexual behaviour. They can be a substitute for sex for people who don’t have or want a lover, or who see it as more: pleasurable and less bother than other options. It can also be a mans of arousing oneself or a lover, a welcome aphrodisiac. 


If your lover uses porn occasionally it doesn't mean that love has gone or than you are or have become inadequate. People use pornography and erotica to accompany masturbation and to stimulate sexual desire. Some people use it during sex to add a different dimension. I know of several couples in long-standing relationships where, for a variety of reasons, the sex has diminished somewhat, who have found that watching pornography together has imbued their sex lives with a renewed source of energy 

If you use porn as a sex aid, just be sensitive about it. It can inspire and excite at the right time; it also can upset your lover if it clashes with the feelings of the moment. If you are obsessed with porn and unable to enjoy sex with your lover, that may be something you need to address. 

Sex Toys | Adult Toys

The fact that love instruments, implements, and devices (or sex aids) have been around for centuries is perhaps historical proof that seeking sexual satisfaction is a basic human desire. 

Mentioned in the Kama Sutra and in several other Indian and Chinese texts, love instruments were, and are still, used to augment or substitute for the sexual organs. Dildos carved from exquisite woods, or made of ivory horn, or jade, or even cast in gold and silver, have been found in nearly every culture. Some were ancient religious symbols of fertility, some were used to ward off evil or to bring luck, and others were designed purely for the pleasure of both men and women. 


Various devices to be put on or over the penis to supplement its length or thickness are frequently described in Asian literature and ancient texts. There also are accounts of special rings, often made of jade, that fitted around the base of the penis. These had small protruding parts that were used to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during lovemaking. These ancient devices were the forerunners of the modern cock ring. The most common sex toy product to extend your penis is the silicone penis sleeves and extender. Ranges from 5inch all the way to 10inch. 

Penis Sleeves and extenders fits on the penis like a condom. There are many popular shapes and size available here. The most popular penis sleeve is the Realistic Flesh Penis Extender Enhancer with Ball Stretcher, you can gain an extra 2.5 inch


There are also ancient references to the double dildo, a device with two silk bands attached in the middle. One woman could insert one end into her own yoni, fastening it with ribbons tied around her waist. Then she could satisfy the other woman with the prominent end of the shaft, while herself enjoying the friction produced from the movement of the other end inside her. Another Oriental innovation, commonly known as “Vibrating Balls" consisted of a pair of hollow spheres made of silver, one containing a drop of mercury, which were inserted into the yoni so that as the woman moved, they created a gentle vibration inside her. 



Vibrators are electric massagers (usually battery-powered) that may be used for internal or external stimulation. Dildos are designed for either vaginal or anal insertion, and, generally, do not vibrate. Those that do are usually called “vibrating dildos.” 

There are many different types of vibrators and many different brands. The most common type is the G Spot or the Rabbit Vibrator and the current trend in popular brands like LeLo, Satisfyer, We Vibe, Pretty Love, Adam&Eve, iRabbit, King Cock, PalmPower

G Spot Vibrator have a larger knob and have a curve of about 30 degree, so when insert it will sit nicely against the G spot for extra stimulation.

Rabbit Vibrator or dual motor vibrator have an extra module for clitoral stimulation you will experience double stimulation and will give you multiple orgasms. 

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If you need some help choosing the right vibrator for yourself, check out this detailed guide on how to choose a vibrator. 


Dildos create a satisfying sensation of internal fullness and pressure, which many women and men find highly pleasurable. Dildos are the perfect option if you require something to use for penetration, while a vibrator is more appropriate if you are looking for something that provides arousing clitoral stimulation. 

With advanced in technology and medical silicone quality, dildo are becoming life like realistic. The feel, the touch, some with two layers and stretchable foreskins. Just like the real thing. 

Always buy high quality silicone dildo, for a comfort factor and life like feel. Stick to the popular brands like King cock, Adam & Eve, LoveToy, Pipedream, ShotToys, Excellent Power and you cant go wrong when picking your dildo. We have all these brands in stock here. Click on the link below to purchase your very own dildo.

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You can always check out this guide on how to choose the right dildo for you here, a full detailed guide with steps by steps and instructions on picking that perfect dildo that would give you the best orgasm of your life.

The first vibrator was probably the steam-powered massage and vibratory apparatus patented in 1869 by Dr. George Taylor, an American physician, for treatment of female disorders. The medical treatment for women suffering from "hysteria" at that time was to manually stimulate their genitals until they reached orgasm (known as ”hysterical paroxysm”). The first vibrator made the stimulation much quicker and much easier! 

How does a vibrator feels

A vibrator feels good on most parts of the body-head, neck, shoulders, face, hands, lower back, bottom, thighs, belly, and feet. It’s very exciting when used for massaging, stimulating, and vibrating your genitals. 

A vibrator vibrates with a rapid, consistent rhythm but at different speeds and intensities. Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, ranging from small cigarette-shaped models, to those resembling an erect penis. Generally, they are made of plastic, rubber, or silicone. 

How does a sex wand massager feels

Electric massagers or sex wand, on the other hand, are generally designed to be used all over the body. They have a much stronger vibrating capacity and normally two speeds, which can also make them more noisy Because of the intensity of the vibration, some women prefer to place fabric between themselves and the massager to cushion the vibrations, or to hold the massager to one side of the genitals, which allows the outer labia to cover and protect the clitoris. The manufacturers of electric massagers usually make no reference to their use for sexual pleasure. 

The gentle or intense vibration these devices produce encourages the flow of blood to the area of the body to which they are applied. This relaxes the muscles and at the same time stimulates the sensitive nerve endings. Vibrators are most commonly used on the woman's vaginal lips-outer and inner-and particularly on the clitoris. They can also be partially inserted into the yoni and can be used to stimulate other erogenous zones on both men and women. 

The best sex wand vibrator on is the LeLo Smart Wand and BodyWand Multi Function Massager

Always check with your guides on how to choose a sex wand vibrator if you are not sure which product to purchase

The Kama Sutra suggests that only natural objects be used as dildos, and lists bananas, mangos, carrots, radishes cucumbers, the stalks of plants or mushrooms, gourds and other fruits and vegetables that resemble the erect lingam in shape and texture.

Types of dildos and material

Nowadays dildos are made from silicone, rubber, vinyl, or glass for both vaginal and anal insertion. Some are amazingly lifelike with moulded glans, bulging veins, and even a scrotum. They come in many colours, sizes, and shapes-straight, bent, curved, rippled, ribbed, smooth, and double-tipped or double-ended. Some have belts so you can wear them.

Some dildos and vibrators are curved to reach the G-spot and to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris. You also can get lifelike renditions of flaccid penis and stretchy. 

When you're using sex toys, always remember this rule for safe sex - don't put a dildo, vibrator or other toy (or a penis) into the vagina after it has been used in the anus without washing it first or covering it with a fresh condom. 


 Why not! You won’t know whether you enjoy it or not until you’ve tried one, and it can add a new dimension to your sex life, alone or with a lover. You can use one anywhere on your body, from your face to the soles of your feet, and its great advantage is that it can be used privately to explore what feels good for you.

Discover the most pleasurable areas of your body, the best speed, intensity of pressure, duration of contact, etc. etc. etc! Don’t view sex aids as a threat to sexual intimacy but as an extra helping hand. 

Vibrators can be useful when a lover is not available, or as an aid to a healthy release of sexual tension or muscular tension as required. They also can be valuable tools for spicing up or adding some fun to a sexual relationship that he’s become rather tired and predictable.

Vibrators are designed primarily to stimulate the clitoris to produce an orgasm. They are equally effective and pleasurable to use during self-pleasuring and intimate sexual activity with a lover. 

Can men use vibrators?

And vibrators can be just as pleasurable for men, too. 

The choice of available sex toys, massagers, and other aids has become huge, which does not make choosing any easier. Many prefer the strong and more silent types such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Body Wand. The Magic Wand is a massage vibrator that has become so successful that, although not originally intended for use on the genitals, attachments to stimulate the G-spot have been made for it.

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The Body Wand is for external and clitoral stimulation. Both are electrically powered, or battery operated. Unfortunately, you cannot try before you buy, so it's pot luck or buying by recommendation. It really depends what you want from your dildo or vibrator-pleasure foremost, although where and how and what speed and texture will help to determine your choice. If you are having trouble trying to figure our which sex toys or sex wands it right for you, click here to follow our guides to pick the right sex wands.

According to Tantra, the direct contact between bodies has a special potency that can never be matched by substitutes. However, dildos and vibrators have given people the freedom to be in control of their Moreover, they can h women, as well as I muscle control to for some. 

Many men feel they are responsible for creating the proper sexual climate with their lovers, so a many may see a woman suggestion for using a vibrator or a dildo as a sign of failure on his part. He feels like being replaced by a machine or device.

To overcome these feelings, try to involve your lover in your choice and use of sex toys from the beginning. Try using your chosen sex toy on his inner thighs, between his anus and scrotum. and on the shaft of his lingam. Probably the most useful way to proceed from there is to see ii me can get comfortable with the vibrator a by using it on himself or by having it used on him. Then move on to both you are using it and included in your lovemaking.


What is a cock ring and how does it work?

Another device that is often effective is the penile ring or the cock ring – usually a soft right rubber, plastic, leather or a metal ring the encircles the base of the penis. Some also wraps around the testicles. A cock ring used to encourage and maintain erection and works by assisting the muscles that control the flow of the blood to the penis itself, by restricting the flow of blood out the penis but no into it. This also creates a lost of sensation on the tip of the penis hence you will delay the ejaculation.

For more information on how to choose the right cock ring for you, click here for our full guide to help you with purchase the correct cock ring and how to use it

Vibrating Cock ring

Vibrating cock rings have a small Vibrator attached, which can be positioned directly against the scrotum or lingam for a pleasant buzz and provides pleasurable Vibrations to a lover during intercourse. 

Cock rings sometimes incorporate a soft extension in the form of a pad with protuberances that brush against the clitoris during intercourse. This added stimulation can help a woman to achieve orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is usually the most important part of sexual excitement for a woman, so cock rings can be useful even when the man has no problems with erection. 


Furniture can be used as a sexual aid by helping maintain new positions. Playful devices like swings and rocking Chairs can add new dimensions to sex. Oils, food, and water jets from showers-in fact, any invention conceived of in the ecstasies of loving can be sex aids Your whole environment can be thought of as a sexual aid, so take care to make it beautiful and inspiring. The human body itself has a wealth of possibilities in the limbs, hands, fingers, toes, chin, nose, breasts, and tongue. 

Another essential sex aid is lubrication. Comfort is number one during sex, you need purchase a high-quality lubricant that does not dry up and becomes crummy. The best on the marker is Swiss Navy water based or the Premium anal Lubricant. 

It is important to note that an oil-based lubricant will make condoms disintegrate. So, when using condoms, always use a water-based lubricant such as Wet Stuff, Swiss Navy, Pjuror Wicked. Available online here.

Exotic lingerie can be fun and a great help with arousal. Open-crotch panties, peephole bras, and garter belts are exciting to wear and View. Underwear that titillates by just hiding the erotic regions can be even more sexy Sheer, satiny fabrics, unusual colours, see-through lace, and feather trimmings all can help to add fun to foreplay Leather, rubber, and vinyl clothes are also popular erotic apparel. 

Of course, it is not necessary to spend any money at all to find sex aids; strategically placed mirrors can have a dramatic effect, a ribbon can be tied at the base of the lingam as a cock ring, or you can wear rubber or latex gloves to touch your lover. All you need is a little imagination and a willingness to get away from a routine approach to sexual activity. 


If we think of sex as a performance, many lovers may continue to feel threatened or inadequate when their partners want to introduce a vibrator or other aid into lovemaking. If the goal is pleasure rather than performance, then the threat is removed, and sex becomes a journey of mutual discovery and intimacy. 

Vibrator can give you orgasms that no men can

I love my Vibrator. Apart from the extraordinary pleasure I get from it, it helps me to relax, boosts my creative energy, and has taught me to be more confident sexually and less dependent. It also encourages blood flow and muscle contractions in the yoni, which helps to keep it fit and healthy. However, it cannot replace the sensations of touch and love with another being.

With a sense of adventure, using a vibrator or other sex aid can free you from dependency on your lover. It can also enhance, enrich, or revitalize an already satisfying sexual relationship, or refresh and provide sexual variety in a long-term monogamous partnership or a temporarily tired relationship. It is easy, when the first Rush of excitement in a new relationship is over, to fall into a jaded, repetitive sexual routine. From a lively expression of love and mutual enjoyment of one another, sex can degenerate into something close to a mildly pleasant chore. 

Using some form of sex aid in these circumstances can have helpful effects far beyond the fun gained from the toy itself. Occasionally, introducing a new sex toy can help keep a sexual relationship on a stimulating and enjoyable level. 

Sex is always a very personal thing, and with most aids, the attitude of the person using them is as important as the physical working of the device itself. Whether the problem is premature ejaculation or difficulty in getting and keeping an erection, or relates to difficulty in achieving orgasms, confidence can play a crucial role. 

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We have full detailed guide here to help you with choosing your perfect vibrator. 

If you gain this from using an aid, then it works. What you are really finding is confidence in yourself-the sex aid is just a way to achieve it. Naturally, the best sex aid is love! 

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