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November 30, 2020

Tips to live with erection problems

An erection happens when blood flow to the penis to make it hard. Usually a soft erection means there are problems with blood flow to the penis. This can happen to all men’s ages from 18 to 80 but more commonly for men’s in their mature years from 50 years old.

Many factors can affect erection problems, the most common cause is cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, blood pressure is high and obesity. Many men are naturally having a low level of testosterone levels which will have an enormous impact on erection.

Primary cause for erectile dysfunction

There are also lifestyle choices can affect your erection, like drinking, smoking, processed food and lack of exercise. Restlessness is also a major factor, if you are always feeling tired you cannot perform. As men get old, the rate of erection increases, so for the old men’s you must be more careful on lifestyle choices and diets. 

Mental health such as Stress or Anxiety can magnify the erection problems. Stress is everywhere in today’s life, from work, social media, money relationships, all these factors can also affect erection if something in wrong. When your body stresses, your system will send messages and focus on the problem of that area. The penis will have not priority hence no blood will flow to the penis to make an erection.

There are also cases where you can get an erection, but you cannot maintain an erection. This happens when the penis cannot store the blood flow pressure high enough to create a rock-hard erection. This problem is also very common and can happen to anyone at any stage of their life.

In many cases, this is more serious problems than just an erection.  Penis nerve damage can cause the penis to unable to maintain an erection. A person might go through cancer treatments near the penis area, and muscles around the area is damaged. Other causes also include bladder or prostate cancer causes erectile dysfunction.  

Other minor medical issues also include enlarge prostate, which cause urinary problems and create erection problems. Though, this is not a life-threatening problem, but erection problems can cause stress and increase changes of cardiovascular diseases.  

Remember to always seek medical advice from a doctor if you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing.

What is the difference between erectile dysfunctions and aging erection problems?

Erectile dysfunction is when the signal from our brain does not translate into blood flow into the penis for an erection. Even when you are watching porn movies, masturbate or someone give you oral sex and you still unable to get an erection.

If it's only once awhile then it's nothing to concern, you might just be tired or under the influence from alcohol or other recreational drugs. But if it continues you could not get an erection for half of the time that you are going to engage in sexual intercourse, then you should see a doctor about Erectile Dysfunction.

The problem does not stop there, it will escalate especially you know in your head that you are having this problem then the next time you are going to have intercourse you will think about the fail attempt from last time. This will increase your change of having an erection problem again. Many men stuck in this cycle and cannot get out of it.

Signs to look out for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

How to tell whether the cause is physical or psychological?

One simple way is to establish whether he gets an erection during sleep, when he’s not plagued by anxiety. The traditional way to test this was to attach a ring of postage stamps around the base of his penis before going to bed and check to see if it was broken when he woke up.

A simpler way to figure it out is to establish whether he wakes up with an early morning erection or achieves one when he’s masturbating on his own. If he can, the cause probably isn’t physical. If the answer is no, and no, it probably is.

The more clues you have about what’s causing his erection problems, the better: it helps determine how you try to solve the problem, if you see it as one. The fact is, he doesn’t need an erection to orgasm. Different nerves govern erection and orgasm.

Semi-erect or flaccid penises can produce orgasms just as intense as those he had with a rock-solid hard-on. 


lt can terrify talking about sex issues. Once both of you can sit down and talk about the situation, then a solution plan can start.

Choose a time when you're both getting on well and a place where you most comfortably chat. It might be over a drink at the end of day or while cooking dinner together. Make sure there are no interruptions.

Try to talk to your partner by saying some following questions :

Ask your partner when was the last time you had sex?

What do you think we can do to improve?

Is there anything I can do to help?

See if from your partner's point of view. If he’s not very good at expressing emotion, sex was probably how he expressed love for you. If you’re not having it, he worries about the impact that’s having.

Many men can’t talk about ED because he thinks their partner will leave them, or worse is to find sex by cheating. The problem gets worse when he thinks about it more. Most men’s will avoid sex and masturbate instead of having real intercourse with their partner since they cannot perform.

Communication is the key. Talk about why there is no sex anymore, perhaps tell him you just want a nude cuddle instead of sex and just having foreplay by touching and kissing. Start with something light and not too full on so he can be comfortable and don’t think about the actual intercourse.

Couples who go though ED together comes out stronger on the other side and usually come up with a solution that everyone is happy and the sex life sometimes better than before.

Remember not to force your partner into talking about something that he is not ready to discuss.


Many men find it difficult to talk about their erection problems. They feel like it’s not masculine or losing their manhood. The major problem is that many men do not know that there are many options to fix the ED problems.

The most easy and effective way to treat ED is to change the lifestyle. Eat well and sleep well is very important. Exercise also helps with improve cardiovascular and help to circulate blood flow, especially for erection. Good blood flow helps to push blood down into the penis and hold it there to keep a long and hard erection.

Remove food with high salt and fat from your diet. Reduce smoking and slow down on alcohol and try to take up yoga or meditation to relax and reduce stress. Also try to reduce anxiety, high level of anxiety is a libido killer.

If you are really concerned, then visit your family doctor for testosterone booster. This can help to increase your libido and help with erection.

We also recommend anyone with long-term depression or relationship problems to visit a few counselling sessions to help with fixing any issues first, as this might cause the low libido.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction

The most common drug is Viagra or Cialis. It has an ingredient to open and relax the muscles to allow blood flow into the penis and create and erection. There are also side effects with these drugs, some might experience a high level of heart rate and dizziness.

Most of the sex pills take about 30 to 40 minutes to work and last about 4 to 6 hours. It varies and depends on everyone. It's best to take it on an empty stomach and stay clear of alcohol when using it.

Cialis is also affective and last longer but might have side effect when taking with other drugs. It's also recommended seeing your doctor to see what suits your needs.

Herbal erection pills or sex pills

You can buy sexual enhacer erection pills australia online. There are many brand but some only promise that it would work but many do not have the right ingradient to make it effective enough.

There are several best natural erection pills online, the following are the best rock hard sex pills you can get online :

1. Brahma erection pills

Brahma is an extra strong erection pill that have ingredients to as a long lasting sex pills

2. Extra Energy (rock hard) sex pills

All these are the best sex pills for men, they are erection pills without side effects. Because of the natural ingredients, this is the best erection pills for diabetes. Not just for instant erection, these pills to increase sex drive male.

Penis pump

Vacuum or penis pumps. These are airtight plastic cylinders that slip over the penis and pump out the air, which draws blood into the penile chambers to produce an erection. He can then use a penis ring (or cock ring), which sits at the base of the penis, to trap the blood inside.

What does a penis pump do?

A penis pump uses air pressure to increase the size and open the veins inside the penis to draw blood into the penis arteries and create an erection

Types of penis pumps

There are a few types of penis pump on the market. The most common is manual hand pump, electric air pump and water pump.

Regardless if what penis pump you are using it would give you the same result but there are reviews to shows that the water pump is more effective than the air pumps.

Manual penis hand pump

A manual hand pump is like a manual vacuum. On one end that attached to the tube is an either bulb or a trigger pump attachment. Air is sucked and draws out of the tube using the bulb or trigger. This create a very strong suction vacuum in the tube to help with stimulate the muscle and stretch it to promote blood flow to the penis. This then create an erection.

Electric penis pump

Electric penis pump also designs very similar to the manual pump. It comes with a tube on one end and the pump attachment on the other end. Unlike manual pump you must squeeze the bulb or press the trigger, the electric pump is practically a vacuum, you just press a button and it creates a suction using the internet motor.

Electric pump can create a stronger suction then a manual pump. Sometimes we are too weak or too tired to use the trigger or a bulb pump. Especially for the older men’s who also no longer strength or medical reason have they been unable to use the manual as strong as before then electric penis pump is recommended.

Water penis pump

Water pump is one of the most popular penis pumps if you want to have quick result. The most popular brand is the Bathmate.

Water penis pump is designing a little different from the air pump, but the principle is very similar. It also creates a pressure vacuum to enlarge the penis muscles to promote blood flow and create an erection.

Bathmate penis pump used water to create a pressure that is needed to stimulate the penis.

How to use a penis pump

A penis pump is very simple to use. Insert your penis into the tube and use your hand to pump if you are using a ball pump then just squeeze the ball to remove air from the tube. The second most popular pump mechanism is the trigger pump, you user your finger and squeeze the trigger to draw out the air from the tube.

For water or wat penis pump, you fill it up with water. Place the penis into the tube and press it against your body to release water and in turn that creates a vacuum and pressure.

Do penis pump work

Penis pump is very effective to help with erectile dysfunction and for men’s who want to increase penis size. Many men’s use a penis pump as a penis enlargement pump.

To use the penis pump effectively you need to use it regularly with a program. The following is the most common penis pump program:

  • Pump and hold for 1 minute
  • Rest and massage your penis for 2 minutes
  • Pump and hold for 1 minute
  • Rest and massage your penis for 2 minutes
  • Pump and hold for 1 minute
  • Rest and massage your penis

Follow this program and have rest day in between. Normally its one-day pump and one day rest.

Penis pump and cock rings

For most men once the penis pump does it job the erection can hold up to 20 or 30 minutes. There are a small number of men’s who having problems holding the erection.

To hold the erection after using penis pump then slide a silicone cock ring towards the end shaft of the penis. This helps to hold the blood in the penis to make the erection last longer

You can even buy a vibrating cock ring to make things more interesting in the bedroom. A strong vibrating cock ring can turn your penis into a vibrator. Buy cock ring here online.

Click here to read our other article on cock rings.

The best penis pumps

The best penis pump on the market right now is the Premium Penis Pump Kit. This kit is everything you need to help with ED or to increase your penis size. You can buy this penis pump online here for $174.95 with free shipping.

Penis pump reviews

There are a few penis pumps on the market that works well, in this article we will look at 3 different types below and their effectiveness and pricing.

  1. Performance VX Penis Pump

The Performance VX Penis Pump price at $28.95 is a very affordable price for entry level penis pump. This pump is for beginners who does not need that extra strong suction.

For low to mild cases of ED this penis will work just fine. If you only need a little bit up help to get an erection, then this penis pump is perfect.

  1. Trigger Pump Kits for Couples

This penis pump kit comes with a nipple pump kit included. This is perfect for men who is a little shy when using the penis pump and want to bring the penis pump into the bedroom to use as a sex toy and use it together with their partner.

The suction on this penis is very strong. It’s good for advanced user who need that extra pressure to get the penis erected.

This penis pump is very easy to use and clean. The trigger is very comfortable to hold. It is also very portable and easy to store.

With the price of $79.94 you get a nipple pump and a penis pump, it’s a bargain.

  1. Maximiser fully automatic penis pump

This is a more advanced fully automatic penis pump. Its good for someone who experiment problems using a manual pump and needs extra power in a pump. Battery last about 4 sessions and its fully rechargeable.

Priced at $149.95 this is value for money considering all the functions that comes with this penis pump.

Injectable medicines. Alprostadil injections can be used by men who can’t take oral drugs or find they don’t work. The idea of injecting their penis sends most men skedaddling, but those who've done it say it’s almost painless, if expensive. With training, the success rate is as high as 85 per cent with this treatment. 

Penile implants. These work well if the cause of the ED is physical. There are two types. Semi-rigid rods make the penis firm enough for penetration but flexible enough to conceal an erection while clothed. They're permanent and his erection doesn’t alter it’s permanently in this state. Inflatable implants involve pressing a pump (usually in the scrotum or lower abdomen) to fill the implants on demand. He's got more control and the erections are more natural. 


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