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April 15, 2020

Brothels Or Masturbation? Which one is better?

We have decided to pick brothels as this month’s hot topic because we have so many emails about it. Guys wants to know whether it’s better to stay home buy a masturbator sex toy or go into a brothel for the real thing. Most of these emails we get are from guys who have never experience brothel sex before.

We called one of Sydney’s best brothels, and after explaining our interest to the management, was able to organise a meeting with a few “working girls”. We set a date for lunch (our shout, of course!), and the manager assured me she would send her best girls. 

We arrived early and nibbled on breadsticks while I waited for the girls to turn up. When they did, I was quite impressed to see that they were very attractive, well dressed, “classy” looking ladies. We made small talk until the waiter had taken our orders; then I switched on my trusty tape-recorder, and the conversation turned towards their “careers”. We have always had a fascination with prostitution and the type of girls who choose to do it for a living, and we were interested to learn that many of my preconceptions were quite false. 

Meeting a sex worker for the first time

Holly (not her real name, obviously) is a tall, attractive blonde, with a great set of legs, and such a vibrant personality that I couldn’t help but like her immediately. She started hooking at 19, with a small escort agency, to pay her way through University, and she now has degrees in Economics, Psychology and Anthropology. I had to ask why she still chose hooking, when she had so many qualifications? 

 “Well, what other job allows you to gain sexual satisfaction and profit at the same time?” she asked grinning. “This way I have plenty of time to do what I want, and the money to do it with. When I’ve had enough of hooking, I’ll use the education it paid for to further myself” Good point Holly, who am I to argue? 

 Stacy (again not her real name) is the exact opposite of Holly. She is short and petite with long black hair and golden skin. She started hooking at 16 to support herself, after she had been thrown out of home. “It’s the same old story you’ve heard know, my mother was a drunk. We didn’t get along. That’s life I suppose” she added casually. Kings Cross was her home for three years, where she saw more than her fair share of the seamy side of prostitution. “The only way to hook smartly is through an agency. Standing on a street corner with your twat hanging out for public inspection, is a very dangerous way of making money. I’ve been held at knifepoint in the back of some wanker’s car before and let me tell you I was scared shitless! No amount of money is worth those risks”. 

 These days both girls are working for a reputable Sydney establishment (which I promised them would remain nameless) and earn their money in a relative degree of safety. 

 As they were based in Sydney, I couldn’t help but ask the obvious question of whether they had “entertained” any politicians or public figures. Holly batted her eyes innocently, “You must be kidding our esteemed leaders visiting prostitutes? Anyway, we are not allowed to kiss and-tell”. I suppose I will have to leave that one up to my vivid imagination... 

So, what kind of guys do the girls entertain? Stacy was the most outspoken about this topic. “We see all kinds, from the average bloke in the street, to International businessmen. They don’t really fall into categories. Most of them are quite nice, some are just lonely guys who need someone to talk to as much as they need to get their rocks off. Other guys are simply there for the sex. you arrive, have wild sex and leave. I prefer the former. 

There are a lot of guys out there with pathetic home lives, so they turn to us, you would be amazed how many guys I see are either separated or divorced, finding a woman these days must be difficult. Naturally a lot of the guys are married.... I think they use us just to put some Spice back into their lives. Anyway, my job is to keep them happy, not be their social-worker”. 

I asked them if they had ever had any irate wives give them a hard time. Holly rolled her eyes at this, “Jesus yes! I’ve had hysterical women chase me out of motel rooms with base-ball bats, thank God that only happens once in a blue moon. Most guys are fairly careful that the wife or girlfriend never finds out”. And what would the girls describe as their most bizarre or kinky experience on the job? Holly squirmed for a while, then finally relaxed and opened up. “We get some rather odd requests at times, most of them we knock back, but the occasional one we will do...providing of course that it is within reason.” Ok so what does she class as reasonable? 

"‘Well, I’ve done some bi-jobs (meaning bi-sexual), and they are always very nice experiences. Ladies always know what feels good for another woman, so the sex is fantastic. As far as bizarre stuff goes, the most adventurous thing I’ve done has been golden showers. I don’t really like then much, but there is a high demand for them these days, and in this game, you have to be flexible”; 

I put the question to Stacy, who looked like she had just swallowed a canary. “Without a doubt the weirdest job I have done was just recently. I had a client who asked me to undress him, which is nothing unusual, but then he asked me to re-dress him in some of his favourite clothes. Well, the cloths turned out to be a baby outfit, complete with extra-large nappy, bib and bonnet! He even had a man size dummy. God, I thought I was going to pee myself! Then this guy got down on all fours and crawled around the floor going “Goo goo ga ga”. I spent . . an hour playing mother...saying Shit like “Whose a bad boy then....?” and “Does baby want a bottle?”, until he finally decided to go hard in bed for hours, but he refused to take out the bloody dummy while he did it. I thought I was going to die laughing!” 

Ok so what would they class as the best they had done? Stacy thought that most were the same. . Although once I must see a guy that looked just like Tom Cruise and he was pumping me like a porn star. Jesus talks about stamina. A four-hour session was the normal thing with him. He was a really nice guy and he always brought me a presents’ usually jewellery”.

She also said that a recent trend is guys will turn up to bookings requesting for vibrators and sex toys to be use during the session and they take it to keep as a trophy. Obviously, they must pay for the sex toy on top of their time. The most common adult toys requested are vibrators, anal plugs, vibrating underpants, nipple clamps, hand cuffs, collars, whips, paddlesand sexy lingerie.

Holly has a regular client who is a top executive with one of Australia’s largest firms, and often takes her on business trips with him and buys her all the best lingerie and vibrators. He is into BDSM so there is always suitcase full of leash, whips, floggers, mask, body suits, chains and ball gags.

By this stage I felt that the girls had relaxed enough with me to openly discuss some of the fears they had about their line of work. 

“Obviously the greatest danger is the risk of contracting AIDS, and it scars the shit out of me” Holly said frankly. “It still amazes me that there are guys out there who ask me not to use a condom with them. I just cannot believe their stupidity. I refuse to see anyone, even an old regular, without one! My doctor, who I see every week by the way, advised me years ago not to even give head-jobs without a condom. I’ve learned this neat trick of how to put one on a guy, using only my mouth, so they don’t usually mind too much.” 

“The worst thing that can happen is for a condom to break, that’s happened to me a couple of times and I sweat until the test results come back. So far, I’ve been lucky, and fortunately it’s only happened twice.” She always recommended to buy the best quality condoms if you are a working girl or regularly have different partners. Like the premium SKYN Elite condoms is a good choice, as it gives the guys the real feel and pleasure while give you the best protection.

“AIDS is the greatest danger” Stacy agreed, “But as well there’s the danger of the unknown.... you know, you really don’t know who you’re dealing with most of the time, and there are some real sickos out there. As I’ve said before I’ve been held at knifepoint, I’ve also been roughed up by a few pissed arseholes. I’ve had my purse ripped off and one weirdo slapped a pair of handcuffs on me and tied me to his bed for six hours. It’s a very risky industry. sometimes I feel like I’m playing Russian roulette. 

Considering that, I asked them if the money was worth the risks they took. “Most of the time being a hooker is a way of making a lot of money for very little effort, so you have to take the good with the bad I suppose.” Holly stated. 

 “I’ve never known anything else,” Stacy said “So I have just accepted that that’s the way things are. I’m not sorry I went into prostitution, it was that or starve, and it beats being a dole-bludger, anyway at least I know I’ve earned my money.” 

And in the long run what would they like to gain from the trade? “Well I hope to be set up in a legitimate business within eighteen months, and so far, things are looking as though they will work out for me.” Holly said. As for Stacey “Well, I already own my own home and have some investment properties, so I think I’m doing all for myself”. 

As far as I could tell these two girls have their act together well, and they certainly gave me a new view on the skin-trade. Good luck girls .... but somehow really think they will need it. 

So, to conclude and answer the guys question at the beginning of the article, it depends on what you are missing in your life or desire. If you just need to get it out, then go online or into and Adult store to purchase a masturbation pocket pussy. If you need that extra human touch and someone to talk to then brothel would be a better choice but can be very expensive.

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