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April 15, 2020

A summary from our in house sexologist about masturbation

The appetite of the public for knowledge is virtually unquestionable. Witness the rise of sex toys and masturbation products online, the foremost social media shares and tags of exotic lovemaking and memes in the entire world! For example in the past 5 years the adult toys products on this website has triple on sales. Product such as vibrators, cock rings, men masturbation products like pocket pussy has experience a massive increase in sales volume. 
This phenomenon explosion of of adult sex toy on the internet leads to creation many new company such as we vibe, Lelo, pretty love, adam & eve, satisfyer, king cock, palm power, pipe dream, Calexotics, Doc johnson, Fleshlight just to name a few that have join the ranks as the industry leaders in sex toys.   
As a practicing sexologist , it has been my privilege and honor to consult with the editors on each articles on this Lets talk about Sex Blog. Every article in this blog has been carefully discussed and analyzed to provide insight and instruction to our audience. 
Often, the reader of this blog seeks not only erotic stimulation or something educational but also to learn more about his or her sexual longing and desires. We hope that the letters here provide a forum whereby everyone may learn more about the inner drives that motivate us all as human beings.
In the long run. I know that Lets talk about Sex Blog will provide insight and yes. gratification to all it’s readers. and I believe that is one of the highest services that a lifestyle and sex blog can perform for it’s public followers.
Every feature in this blog has been carefully picked to reflect the sexual questions that have come up in my practice during the past years. 


is a brief though complete catalog of kinky desires that turn people on. There is no need to feel that you are abnormal or ‘strange' in any way once you have defined your particular like in this fascinating story. 


is a subject that many feel guilty about but as we will learn. manual gratification is just as satisfying as ‘normal' intercourse. 
I hope you will enjoy the blog articles. and keep in mind anything that gives pleasure to both partners is permissible. according to the teachings of modem psychiatry. 

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