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December 09, 2022

Shopping for a special man in your life? No idea what to get your penis-owning partner for Christmas? You can't go wrong with stuffing his stocking with one of the fabulous products brought to you by Funtasia. We've got every sex toy for him you could ever dream of. From masturbators to cock rings to prostate massagers, rest assured he'll feel spoiled and appreciated by you. Sex toy shopping for a man doesn't have to be a challenge. As the resident sexologist of Funtasia, I've chosen a few top of the line products for this "best sexy Christmas gifts for him" list. 

On this list, Lelo will be featured front and centre.


Lelo brings only the highest quality products to market, and they're all completely body-safe and non-porous. That means your toys can be sanitised before they go back into storage.

As an added bonus, you get a free gift (at select stores) with every Lelo purchase! It'll be a little something for you, for him, or to share to brighten the 2022 holiday season!

Stocking stuffers for him

If you're going to invest in some sex toys for the man in your life, he'll need accessories. These little stocking stuffers will make for a memorable Christmas morning. 

The Earthly Body Massage Trip is a gift set made to excite everyone. After all, who doesn't want an erotic massage at the end of a long day? These edible massage oils come in three flavours, mango, pineapple, and banana. They're sugar-free, 100% vegan, and free from any nasty additives. Your skin will feel super soft with vitamins E, D, and A inside these formulas. 

Buy it now

Every sex toy needs lubricant. Especially if you're getting him a masturbator, then a warming lube goes a long way. This unique kit features a warming and cooling lube. They can be used individually or together during sex for a supercharged sexy experience.

Buy it now

Whatever you put in his stocking will be perfect. So don't overthink it and choose something that can spoil you both!

Best masturbators for Christmas

Masturbators are a serious investment in solo-sex practices. They can help you train to last longer in bed or be a moment of genuine self-care at the end of a long day. While the varieties may feel endless, we've got you covered.

Not all masturbators are created equal. On this sexy Christmas list for him, we've only featured the adult toys we believe in. 

Lelo F1SV2 male masturbator

Buy the F1SV2 masturbator in blue

Buy the F1SV2 masturbator in red

If you think you've seen every masturbator on the market, then Lelo has a surprise for you. The F1SV2 is an automated masturbator made from medical-grade silicone.

All you have to do is stick it inside and turn it on! There are handy buttons on the top to control the vibrations and speed of your experience. 

But if your lover is a techie, this will blow his mind. The F1SV2 hooks up to a compatible app so he can completely customise each experience. It is also designed to help him train to last longer (or not as long) in the bedroom! With 360 degrees of stimulation, he'll have complete control over his orgasmic experience. Also featured on the app is a game similar to Space Invaders.

So if your special someone loves a classic arcade game, they can make solo sex more fun!

Or, it can make a handjob much more interesting for you.

As you move the masturbator up and down on his shaft - you'll be shooting aliens!

Talk about a bonding moment.

Fleshlight stamina pocket pussy training kit

Buy the Fleshlight Stamina Pocket Pussy Training Kit

One of the top complaints in the bedroom is that men don't last long enough.

The development team at Fleshlight has heard you! They've developed this handy pocket pussy stamina kit.

The pocket pussy is an exact replica of an actual vagina, so it feels entirely realistic. The patterns inside are designed to bring him all the pleasure he could imagine. If your man is sensitive to penetration, this kit helps him improve ejaculatory control. 

With this purchase, you don't just get the pocket pussy. You also get the lube, masturbator cleaner, renewal powder (to keep it feeling brand new), and a shower mount! That way, he can have a happy start to his day in the privacy of the shower. 

Best cock ring for Christmas

Buy the Tor 2 in Green

Cock rings are designed to treat the most common complaints in the bedroom:

  • He doesn't last long enough: Cock rings hold tight to the bottom of the penis, trapping the blood inside and reducing his sensitivity, helping him last longer.
  • He isn't big enough: Because of the way cock rings trap blood in the penis, his dick will look thicker, longer, and will be bursting with joy!
  • He doesn't make noise: Cock rings intensify orgasm when you remove them to ejaculate. When he whips this off, he'll definitely make some noise!
  • I don't orgasm from penetration: This is a vibrating cock ring! So each time he thrusts inside you, the vibrator will tickle your clit. This provides you with the much-needed stimulation you've been asking for. 

Unlike other vibrating cock rings, this one is rechargeable! So you can keep using it for years to cum (pun intended.) 

Best prostate vibrator for Christmas

Buy Lelo Hugo in Ocean Blue

Buy Lelo Hugo in Black

Prostate play is all the rage these days.

The prostate is a small gland easily accessed by a finger during anal play. The prostate is found only in the male body. It is a powerful orgasmic opportunity waiting to happen. The most popular prostate massagers offer a firm, rounded tip and plenty of options for vibration control. 

Lelo's Hugo brings all of this together into one spectacular toy!

The Hugo is perfectly designed to target the prostate with its curved shape. It has one motor in the tip and another in the base. The two motors are so that all sides of the prostate can be stimulated at once! 

The best part of this prostate massage is the remote control. Turning around and figuring out the buttons when you can't see them is a huge pain. That's why there's a handy remote! It also opens up the door to public play. Just have him side the Hugo inside, you get the remote, and go enjoy a magical time of the year!

Remember that when you purchase Lelo toys at select stores, you'll be given a free gift with your purchase! So don't let this opportunity pass you by. 

Sexy Christmas gifts at Funtasia

At Funtasia, we understand that buying a sex toy for someone else may feel overwhelming. You may need some guidance. That's why I, the resident sexologist, have trained all the staff at our three locations. That way, you get the personalised assistance you need to make the perfect Christmas purchase for him. 

Get out here, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, and Relationship coach | Pleasure Product Guru

Follow me on Instagram @SexWithElaine

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