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December 23, 2022

No idea what to get the missus on Christmas? You're one of the many overwhelmed at the thought of picking another perfect Christmas gift for their wife or girlfriend. Don't worry. Funtasia has you covered with sexologist-chosensex toys for her for Christmas. Each of these has been carefully considered so that you don't have to do any of the work. These no-brainer sex toy gifts are all designed for her pleasure and are only the crème de la crème.

If you want to check out any of these gifts first-hand, visit one of our three locations throughout New South Wales. When you purchase a Lelo sex toy at select stores, you'll be given a free surprise! It could be a little something for you, her, or both to enjoy. So make shopping easier by buying from Funtasia, Australia's best-known sex toy store. 

Best stocking stuffers

Women tend to appreciate the little things, so make sure her stocking is stuffed with delights to tickle and please her. 

Our #1 recommendation is the Sensuva Arousal Oil for Her Ultra edition.

It's hard to describe this robust little bottle and the price point.It's like a vibrator without a vibrator. It's designed to useall-natural ingredients to pull all of the attention and blood to the clitoris. It can help with vaginal lubrication and arousal, all within a split second.

Just one drop is enough!

It'll make any vibrator or tongue the most fantastic experience of her life.

Buy it now

If you've read my past articles, you know thatlube is non-negotiable.

It reduces friction and makes sex much more pleasurable.

What do I have on my nightstand?

Only the Agapé from Jo. It's got only the ingredients you want. And none of the nasty parabens or glycerine added to other water-based lubricants. It feels like natural vaginal lubrication, and a little goes a long way. Honestly, this is one of the few lubricants I buy on repeat!

Buy it now

Best clitoral vibrators

Very little on this earth deserves as much time and attention as the clitoris.

The powerhouse of all female pleasure wants to be lovingly kissed and sucked with the utmost attention. That's why sucking vibrators were first brought on the market.

They are designed for only one purpose: to pleasure the clitoris.

But the market is flooded with sucking vibrators now.

How are you ever supposed to choose?

Satisfyer Cutie Heart

Buy the Satisfyer Cutie heart in light blue

Buy the Satisfyer Cutie heart in dusty pink

If this is her first sucking vibrator, start simple with the Satisfyer Cutie Heart.

This entry-level clit sucker is made from body-safe silicone. It features the powerful sucking head that made the Pro 2+ famous in the first place. But there's an added bonus, the entire love heart is a vibrator! That means she has foreplay with the vibrator, then the targeted pleasure of the sucking vibrator all in one package. It's also quiet and totally discreet! It doesn't even look like an adult toy.

Sona 2+ Cruise Control

Buy the Sona 2+ Cruise control in black

Buy the Sona 2+ Cruise control in pink

Buy the Sona 2+ Cruise control in purple

If your wife or girlfriend already knows and loves the sucking vibrator, then there's one massive step up left for her to take.

The Sona 2 with cruise control is brought to you by Lelo.

This sex toy is made entirely from medical-grade silicone, so it's easy to clean and store. It features nothing but the most powerful sucking head on the market.

What makes this sucking vibrator different? 

At that all-important moment, a climax, it's a woman's natural desire to push down on the sucking vibrator. While many imposters on the market lose suction, the Sona 2 sucks harder. So no more missed orgasmic opportunities! 

Best G-spot vibrator

Buy the Yummy Sunshine 

G-spot toys are often lacking something special, am I right?

They're designed to stimulate only one area and often need to do more.

Enter the Yummy Sunshine by Satisfyer.

This G-spot vibrator does way more than you think.

First of all, it has a handle, finally! That makes penetration much easier to control and comfier for the wrists. It also makes it easier to share!

Moving up the shaft, there's a thoughtful little nub that may look silly to the untrained eye. But if you know what you're looking for, you'll realise this is also intended to stimulate the clitoris! That means it's practically a rabbit but without goofy ears.

The actual shaft of the Yummy Sunshine is ribbed, which can help stimulate the vaginal opening during repeated penetration. Something so highly sought after by women that they invented ribbed condoms for her pleasure!

And, of course, it has a curved tip. That tip is designed to hit either the G-spot or the A-spot, which is closer to the cervix on the belly button side.

So with one vibrator, you can pretty much do it all!

Did I forget to mention that Satisfyer has a 15-year guarantee? That means if anything goes wrong with this toy, she can send it back and get a brand-new one, no questions asked. How thoughtful is that?

Best combo/rabbit vibrator toy

Buy the Soraya Wave Rabbit in black

Buy the Soraya Wave Rabbit in midnight blue

Buy the Soraya Wave Rabbit in deep rose

Women love rabbits. But not all rabbit vibrators are created with the same thought and consideration as the Soraya Wave Rabbit. Lelo finally picked up what women were asking for. The come hither motion perfectly stimulates the entire G-spot.

That's why they introduced wave technology into many of their G-spot vibrators, like the Soraya! This sex toy made the cut for our Christmas shopping guide because of its thoughtful design and power.

The handle, like the Yummy, makes it easy to use and share control of it with a partner. The clitoral arm is flexible so that you can align it perfectly with your clitoris. Also, the wave technology makes for knee-knocking orgasms. But what this sexologist loves most of all is that you can independently control the vibrator and the wave.

That way, you can fully customise the experience to your pleasure demands!

Also, another added bonus, since this toy is made from body-safe silicone. It also features a prominent clitoral arm, it's great for anal! The vibrator won't get lost because of the arm, and the waving motion will make O-spot stimulation a breeze.

Sex toys for Christmas at Funtasia

At Funtasia, we know how challenging it can be to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Especially buying a sex toy for your wife or girlfriend may be nerve-wracking.

Don't worry!

You can visit any of our three locations throughout New South Wales to touch the toys in person. That way, you'll better understand which adult toy might suit your partner's needs. And you'll get personalised help with your sex toy shopping experience. 

When in doubt, sex toys always make for an unforgettable Christmas experience with your loved one.

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, and Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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