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March 20, 2021

Improve Sex Life in the Bedroom with Sex Games

For many couples today, life is an endless round of work, family, home and other obligations. Even where each partner has a string of personal hobbies or outside interests, it's common to discover they do nothing fun together as a couple.

Of course, sex is to be 'fun', and it can be. But it's not enough. Couples who look to sex for all their fun and recreation are putting too significant a burden on it. Sex fulfils many needs other than that for fun. Laughter is the best medicine of all, yet many couples rarely laugh together.

Of course, having fun and playing together doesn't have to involve laughter. Some partners have their best fun pursuing 'serious' pastimes. Inside all of us is a childlike part that craves to be allowed out to play. By indulging in this, we re-create our souls.

This craving is more critical than revitalizing our bodies. Most people see 'games' and recreational activities as being about in a world that's near-obsessed with bodies. On our journey to a more intimate life with our partner, it can, paradoxically, be difficult to play games and have fun together.

Many relationships work well when they're 'fighting the good fight' of daily life. Yet when they switch this off and find themselves 'being' with one another, things get tricky. Here's an exercise that will help you play together more.

Draw up separate lists of fun things you'd like to do with your partner. These must be one-to-one activities that involve only your lover. They can be mental or physical.

Examples to get you started are

  • tickling
  • wrestling
  • making love in a unique part of the house
  • doing a crossword puzzle
  • throwing them in the swimming pool
  • taking a bath together
  • seeing a show
  • cycling -playing a board game
  • watching an X-rated video
  • use Vibratorsand Male Masturbators

What Games Does Couple Play in the Bedroom?

Most couples like to create novel situations in which an individual can express their sexual desires. 'Straight' sex is all very well but can be limited to more creative individuals.

Sex Games allow the child in us to come out to play, and bedroom games are no exception. Provided they aren't dangerous in any way, there's no harm in sex games, assuming both parties agree. Suppose ever you find a sex game becoming so repetitive that it's impossible to have, or enjoy, sex without it. In that case, it might be sensible to seek professional help from a sexologist. But this is relatively uncommon.

Most couples use such activities to enrich their love lives and make their lovemaking last longer. Always experiment with what you best enjoy, bearing in mind that some games need time to build up into excitement. Try to employ insight and intuition.

Use your knowledge of your lover's unique sexual personality and desires to tailor-make the game to suit them. And, of course, make up your romps.

Baby games

Cuddle up to one another and revert to childlike speech and behaviour

  • Make love on rubber sheets
  • Dress him in a nappy
  • Let him 'breastfeed' as he plays at being a baby while she mothers him
  • Take a bath together and care for one another like babies

Dressing-up sex games

Medical sex games

Inspect your lover's genitals

  • Create a medical situation involving humiliation
  • Play nursing games as if he were in a hospital
  • Play sex clinic games where one is the expert and the other the patient.

Doctors and nurses' is a perennial favourite when people were children, who use a legitimate adult activity to learn about the genitals of the opposite sex. Some adults continue this game and make it a part of their sex lives.

Most such games rely for their success on a combination of 'Sadistic' teasing, humiliation, domination and submission. Some good games to play, depending on your relationship's nature, decide who is to be a doctor or nurse and who the patient—reverse roles from time to time.

Hire white coats or nurse outfits to make the game, use more realistic equipment. Buy equipment from a surgical supply store or Adult Shop.

If an internal inspection is required, a speculum and enema kits can be bought online here. Most games involve the assessment and manipulation of the other's genitals. To dress this game up, use a table as an examination couch.

The patient must follow instructions, including 'Supervised' masturbation and not touch the doctor/nurse. Examinations involving humiliation are popular. The woman could, for example, instructed to bend over her skirt over her back. The doctor removes her panties and examines her internally from behind.

Seduction games

Get your partner highly aroused and drive them wild, but don't allow them to touch; play slave games where one makes the other do things, later be rewarded with great sex.

Reverse roles frequently.

Restraint games

Tie one another up in various ways, tease each other, tie your partner to a chair, use special leather restraints. These games call for a lot of trusts. Always stop when your partner asks. Check out all the bondage sex toy products online here for a complete restraint game setup. 

Sado-masochistic games

  • Smack your lover's bottom before sex
  • Forbid her to urinate until she's near to bursting
  • Make your partner masturbate in front of you at your command
  • Give out 'punishments' for disobedience
  • Whip each other with Bondage Whips
  • apply clips to sensitive areas such as nipples and genitals.

Urinary games

Pee on each other best in the shower!

Fun with Ice

Ice has always been a lovers' favourite. It's readily available, can be used in many ways to produce novel sensations, and it's cheap! The only caution when playing with ice is to be sure you never use it straight from the freezer because it can stick to your fingers, let alone two more delicate tissues.

Allow it to warm up a little first so that there's a film of water on the surface. Now it won't burn or damage. Ice can be sexy! Drag a cube slowly over your lover's body, tracing a path around their erogenous zones. Start low down near or on their tummy and move up to the chest or a breast.

  • Circle the nipple before actually putting the ice on it
  • Put several cubes into a polythene bag and massage your lover with it.
  • Put a lump of ice in your mouth, kiss your lover deeply, exchange the ice between you, and see how it can make kissing feel different.
  • Place a few cubes in your lover's underwear as you kiss them.
  • Some men especially like the sensation of ice around their scrotum.
  • Fill a condom with ice and insert it into the vagina or anus.
  • Pop an ice cube into your lover's anus
  • Cover her favourite vibrator in ice to chill it before use.
  • Take a cube or two in your mouth and perform oral sex on one another.

Adult Board Games

Alternatively, you can buy adult board games online here for entertainment as a foreplay in the bedroom. Adult Sex Games are also suitable for group sex and swingers parties. Sex Games for Adult is a good icebreaker for any three threesomes. It gets warm everyone's nerve down and gets in the mood.

One of the most popular adult sex games is the Monogamy Adult Games. This adult sex games are very similar to the Monoply board game that we all know except for the extra sexual activities on the side. 

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