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March 28, 2021


What are sex toys for long-distance couples?
How can we keep the spark in our long-distance relationship?
What are some long-distance relationship gifts?
How can a long-distance couple keep things sexy?
Are there any app-controlled sex toys?
Are there any sex toys that you can let someone else control?
What is teledildonics?


In the era of COVID, countless couples have been separated for far too long, craving distance, intimacy, and attention. Unable to be in the same room as our lovers, you may feel like your relationship is doomed.

We're here to tell you that there is hope! 

Thanks to the advent of modern technology and teledildonics

What is teledildonics?

What the heck is teledildonics? An excellent question.

Essentially, teledildonics is the study, creation, and field of advanced adult toys and sex toys based around the advent of modern technology.

Ever had a vibrator that connects to an application?

That's teledildonics.

Have you ever watched VR (virtual reality) porn?

That's teledildonics.

These advents have changed the game for solo-sexers and the long-distance lovers who are miles apart. They have made it easier than ever to experience pleasure at the hands of your lover without even being in the same room. 


What to Look for With a Long-Distance Sex Toy

As with all shopping trips, you should always have a list of what you're looking for. Otherwise, you could end up impulsively buying something that either doesn't work well, is dangerous, or doesn't suit your needs. 

Don't worry. We've researched for you!

    Is the Toy Made From Safe Materials?

As we always emphasize, choosing a toy that is made from safe materials is always step one. Many cut-rate manufacturers use toxic and dangerous materials to create their products to get a higher profit margin. 

Many toys on the market contain phthalates which can cause you a host of health issues. Still, because governments don't monitor the sex toy industry, they can be hard to avoid.

All of the toys on our list today are phthalate-free, body-safe, and many are made out of medical-grade silicone. 

    Who is Using the Toy & Who is Controlling it?

Not every toy is designed to be compatible with another long-distance sex toy. Some are designed so that one person is controlling it while the other is experiencing pleasure. Others are designed to work together and allow both (or many) partners to command each other's toys providing the most intimate experience possible. 

If you are in a same-sex relationship, the options for compatible toys are limited, but they're out there! Just keep reading. 

    How Tech-Intense do you Want it to be?

Many people out there just aren't tech-savvy! That's okay. While learning how to use a new application may sound daunting, it can be easy to do. Most companies offer helpful step-by-step instructions on setting up and using your new long-distance couple's toy. 

However, bear in mind that you'll get what you pay for. If maintaining physical intimacy in your long-distance relationship is a priority for you, spending a few extra dollars to get a ton of additional features is worth the investment.


    Speed & Strength

You may or may not be aware of just how much variety there is between different brands and engines in vibrators and masturbators. Some people want the most powerful possible vibrations that money can buy (we recommend looking for ABS plastic toys for this). Others prefer to have something a little more relaxed.

The application-focused long-distance sex toys give you the ability to control precisely how strong your toy is at any given moment.


The Best Long-Distance Sex Toys Out There

We've narrowed it down to just three prominent companies. They have spent countless hours on design, engineering, and research to design the best possible long-distance sex toys. 


A prominent pioneer in the field of teledildonics, Lovense created the world's first "smart vibrator" when it released a toy specifically designed to work through Skype in 2010. They've come a long way since then. They have helped couples optimise their long-distance pleasure and now offer an extensive array of intelligent, app-controlled vibrators and masturbators. 

They are also the first sex toy company to offer same-sex toys that work together! They have helped bridge the gap in long-distance gay and non-heteronormative relationships. 

    Lovense Nora 

The Nora Rotating Rabbit Vibrator has a fantastic and innovative design. It is app-controlled and can be paired with either another Nora or a Max 2 Masturbator (see more information below).

First of all, it finally takes into account that almost no one wants vibration on their G-spot. Yes, a controversial statement to many, but once you try the "come hither" spinning motion that Nora offers, you'll be on our side of the fence. 

It offers the strong vibrating clitoral arm that most vulva-owners want and need while allowing you complete control with its application. 

When you're using it with a partner, you can have your partner design a pattern just for you, or it can sync your motions with your partner's toy. This allows you to feel pleasure together and share an intense experience. 


    Lovense Max 2

Like the Nora, the Max 2 is also app-controlled and can be compatible with a Nora or another Max 2, allowing every gender to enjoy the sensations it provides! 

When using the toy alone, you can use the two buttons on the plastic housing to control the vibration and the contractions you experience with just one finger. The application also offers various "sex games" that involve a VR partner, and you choose a position to enjoy them in. 

Suppose your partner controls your Max 2 manually. In that case, they can also create vibration and contraction patterns just for you, which can also be downloaded and reused later.

If you're pairing your Max 2 with your partner's toy, then they can have complete control over the pleasure you experience or sync their movements with yours. Every thrust of the Nora creates a thrust with the Max 2. 

The application is user-friendly, easy to use, and safe. 



An Amsterdam-based company passionate about playtime has created an incredibly high-quality series of products that allow for various toys to pair together. 


The Onyx+ is a male masturbator that allows you to put in minimal effort and experience maximum pleasure.

Compatible with an application as well as VR and 2D experiences. After connecting your device, you can choose to watch interactive content on your desktop, phone or link to a partner.

Using the partner feature, you can share devices, video chat, and even add multiple partners. Once you've selected your partner and connected your devices, some of the partnering toys will react to each other while you're using them. This means that when one person thrusts, the other toy will move at the same time.

You can also use the app to control your partner's toy and play together. 

You can partner the Onyx + with any KIIROO device. KIIROO Pearl (1 or 2), KIIROO Onyx (1, 2 or +), OhMiBod Fuse, OhMiBod Esca (1 or 2), Fleshlight Launch, or any FeelTechnology-enabled compatible device.



This is a company devoted to app-controlled devices for both discreet play and long-distance relationships. WeVibe offers various male and female-oriented toys that allow you to share the controls with your partner. However, none of their toys are designed to work together in-sync *yet*.

The app is designed in a user-friendly way. It allows you or a partner to have discreet control over the device either in the same room or across the planet. Your partner can create patterns for you, choose songs to upload, play the guitar, pop bubbles, or a whole lot more.

We have a few favourites we think you should know about.

    The Chorus

This adorable, C-shaped vibrator is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Insert the smaller arm of The WeVibe Chorus into the vagina and rest the larger arm on your clitoris. If it isn't just the right angle, you'll be able to use the hinges in the arm to situate it nice and close. 

The smaller arm is thin enough to insert a penis, dildo, or another vibrator into the vagina right alongside it, intensifying the experience. What makes the WeVibe Chorus unique is the squeeze-controlled remote control. If you're using the remote, you can squeeze it to strengthen the vibrations or release it to bring the strength down. 

    The Ditto

A perfectly sculpted vibrating butt-plug, The Ditto can be used by anyone with an anus! Offering the same app as the rest of WeVibe's fantastic collection, it can be worn out discreetly in public or used in the comfort of your own home. 

Your partner can know that they're providing you with unimaginable pleasure from far-away while you're enjoying the benefits of their efforts.  


If you're still overwhelmed by the number of options available for long-distance sex toys, come into one of Funtasia's three locations in New South Wales and speak with a Sexpert. We have our flagship store in West Ryde, our discreet but convenient location in Penrith, and our easily accessible shop in Wagga Wagga.


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexuality Educator, & Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant


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