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March 18, 2021

Standing Up for Woman's Rights

There have been new demands for equal rights for women all over Australia, a need to stop the violence against women and requests to prevent sexual abuse against women. Woman's Rights Protest was seen worldwide on 15th March, including at the Nations Capital Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. There were thousands of people coming to show support and solidarity to the cause.

Speakers were sharing their thoughts and experiences of abuse and inequality. A woman like the Australian of the Year 2021, Grace Tame, a survivor of sexual abuse, gave a powerful speech on how not to be afraid of speaking out against sexual abuse and to keep on loving.

Britney Higgins, who recently said out of her experience of sexual assault in parliament. Gave a courageous speech outlining the continuous fight for equality and rights for a woman is still prominent today. Whilst protest all over the country was happening here in Australia, similar protest and gatherings were happening for the same reasons on the other side of the world.

In London, people gathered to pay respects to Sarah Everard, who was walking home and then found dead a few days after. The gathering turned to anger amongst women in London who are sick of the abuse and fear women go through just doing day-to-day things and being attacked or sexually abused. People all over disregarded the lockdown laws to protest whilst paying respects to Sarah Everard.

Many women saw this as an opportunity to voice their anger and stand up for their rights to feel safe in their community and not live in fear. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was empathetic by Sarah's story. She was caught on camera by a news reporter coming out to laid flowers in solidarity. The Dutches felt compelled to do this as this neighbourhood is where she grew up and knows well. After all, Kate is also a woman and can imagine the fear and injustice felt by women worldwide who are going through some abuse.

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