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December 31, 2021

Are you interested in trying butt stuff but don't know where to start?

Have you tried anal, but it hurt way too much?

Or maybe you're just worried about the mess?

If you said yes to any of these, this is for you!

First, let's start with the beginners among us. Nothing has ever touched that area before, so how do you go about preparing yourself? For starters, we would recommend douching. All this requires is some lukewarm water in the douche; pop the nozzle slightly in - not too far up there (the further up the nozzle goes, the longer it takes for the water to come out) and gently squeeze. DO NOT RELEASE until you have pulled the nozzle out! After doing this, you can sit on the toilet until the water comes back out. Repeat 2 or 3 times until the water comes out clear, then you're clean and ready to go. Using an anal training kit after douching is usually the best way to prepare yourself for anal. Training kits come with three different sized plugs, which size from a finger's width to almost the width of a penis. Simply pop one in and leave it there until it becomes comfortable; this is when you can swap to the next size. Always remember to relax! If you are not comfortable, then the muscles won't relax. A good little tip to help relax while inserting is to pleasure yourself.

Now let's talk about those who tried anal once, but it just hurt way too much, and now they are scared to try again. There is a reason why it hurts so much, and no, it's not usually the size of the penis or toy. It may have hurt due to no warming up or preparation; maybe you were not relaxed or not fully into it. Everybody has two sphincter muscles, the one everyone can tense up and release but what most people don't realise is that the second one is about an inch up inside your anus and this one you have absolutely no control over. Therefore, you must be relaxed when trying any form of anal play. If you have even the slightest discomfort or pain, this muscle will immediately tense up, causing more pain. The best way to ensure that this muscle stays relaxed is to pleasure yourself or your partner (whoever is receiving) and make sure you have both agreed on this activity. Another key to this is communication!

Lastly, maybe you're not trying anal, and you just want to try out some butt plugs. They are great! You can get all different types, from vibrating to tails and even remote-controlled ones! But whatever you do, always remember, if you're looking for one to wear during sex, make sure its base is flared WIDER than the bulb of the plug! The flare is what stops it from slipping into your colon. So those pretty gem plugs, although beautiful to look at, are only for looks and safer not to be worn during sex.

For more information on experimenting with butt stuff, or for any other questions you might have, please visit us in-store and talk to one of our qualified Funtasia Sexperts today!


Author of this article: Funtasia Penrith Sexpert

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