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January 01, 2022

Sometimes all you need is a sexy movie to lignite your romantic life. Keeping the flames of passion stoked can be hard in the fast-paced modern life, but with a midweek Netflix flick on-screen, your chances of getting laid are much higher.

Rather than browsing through hundreds of options, we've taken the liberty of writing up our top five picks for 2021. These sultry movies are full of skin-on-skin action, with kinky twists and plots that will turn you on. Get your remote and partner ready because things are about to get smokin' hot.


As the name suggests, this film is all about newness. A couple gets together, then decides to explore all kinds of sexy activities by expanding their erotic life to its fullest extend. Couples sex toys,threesomes, and open relationships are featured throughout the flick, making it one hot pick for a ‘Netflix and chill’ sesh.


If a good dose of steamy, adventurous sex is what you’re craving, Amar is a must-watch. One of the first scenes involves the main characters putting a pegging sex toy to good use, and it’s VERY sexy.

Plenty of out-of-the-bedroom action happens throughout the whole film, too. It’s enough to get you and your playmate seeing opportunities in new places, where ecstasy is waiting to be found.

Strictly Sexual

What happens when two women meet two male escorts and keep them for strictly sexual purposes? Smouldering hot action, that’s what – as you’ll see if you watch this beauty.

Enough said.

365 Days

Dark, sultry, and filled with tension that begs for release in the bedroom, 365 days is worth your while, especially if BDSM is something you've always wanted to try.

Think Fifty Shades of Grey, with a distinctive Italian mafia flavour. Massimo, a Mafia boss, kidnaps Laura, a Polish hotel manager, while she’s holidaying in Sicily. He believes that she appeared to him in a vision experienced while recovering from a near-fatal injury. As a result, he’ll do anything to make her his. So Massimo keeps Laura locked up in luxury for 365 days, where all kinds of racy, kinky chemistry happen between them.

After watching this erotic flick, you’ll have a plethora of ideas for using bondage gear to turn up the heat in your relationship!

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is an old hit that's withstood trends and time. Surrealist scenes play out as two women connect and develop a very, very physical connection. Amnesia, steamy sex and lesbian action are all in the mix.  There's a reason why it's become a cult classic.

Summing it all up

Many of these picks are well on their way to becoming cult classics themselves. Made as recently as 2020, there’s plenty of time for audiences to decide on how libido-stirring these flicks are, .and what kind of aftermath they create.

What do you think? Did we miss anything? If so, let us know if the comments – we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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