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February 20, 2022

All about Fleshlight: The Male Masturbator Guide

Do you know masturbation is a healthy practice and can prevent the risk of prostate cancer? Are you bored of masturbating with the hands only? What if we tell you that your self-gratification practice can be enhanced with the use of a simple device.

If you are looking for some added fun to your masturbation process, then fleshlight is a suitable choice for you. The fleshlight will take your masturbation experience to the next level with the natural flesh-like feel to the inner sleeve. Masturbating with a fleshlight feels almost like actual intercourse.

In the information provided below, we have briefly discussed thismale masturbator that can be your best friend satisfying your sexual needs in the absence of your partner.

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is amale masturbator which looks like a flashlight, hence the name. It is designed like a sturdy outer case with a flesh-like inner sleeve. While using a fleshlight, your brain receives sensations that feel like actual intercourse.

The inner sleeve is soft and textured like the actual flesh, which almost replicates the inside of a woman's anatomy. Some latest models have a suction unit that simulates the oral sex taking the pleasure quotient to a different level.

Why should you use a Fleshlight?

Studies show there are someunique benefits to this masturbator. The device is waterproof so the user can take in the shower or the bathtub for an enhanced self-pleasure experience. The masturbator can increase your stamina if you practice sustaining ejaculation helping you last longer in bed.

The sexual performance can be enhanced with the regular use of fleshlight with the correct technique to hold on to your ejaculation.

When a person ejaculates, happy hormones alleviate stress and uplift the mood. The masturbation experience reaches a new high with the fleshlight, making it more pleasurable for the user. 

Whether single or with a partner, this is a device for self-gratification which is a must to have if you are bored with using just your hands for masturbation. The newer variants of fleshlights also simulate not just vaginal sex but anal and oral sex.

Different types of Fleshlights 

The fleshlight allows you to change the inner sleeve making it easier for the user to choose the experience. Various types offleshlights available are:

Tight fit

They are specially designed for men who like a tight fit or guys with a smaller girth of the penis. A large sleeve will not give the desired stimulation to not so thick penis size.

Mini fleshlights

Also called as vagina in a beer can type fleshlight. It gives a similar kind of experience, just like the regular fleshlight.

Training type

They are specially designed to train the user to prolong the ejaculation time. When used regularly with a specific technique, this can help you with premature ejaculation. The training type of fleshlight helps improve the performance during actual intercourse.

Butt type

For the feel of anal sex, the butt variant of the fleshlight is designed to give unmatched pleasure.

Oral type

Not just vaginal or anal sex, the fleshlight also serves the purpose of oral sex. With the facility to adjust the suction available, the user can change it for maximum pleasure. The oral type is designed to simulate the actual blowjob.

Which material is used in making a Fleshlight?

The exact formula remains a trade secret; however, the material used is soft, flexible and the texture almost feels like actual flesh. The material is designed keeping in mind the safety and biocompatibility of humans.

The material used is entirely safe to use and should be dipped in warm water before use to make it softer. It should not be autoclaved, heated, or boiled as it can damage the quality. Foreffective cleaning, do not use soapy water to clean the fleshlight; the most effective way is to use isopropyl alcohol.

How to choose the right fleshlight for you?

Choosing the correct type of fleshlight for you will make all the difference when it comes to pleasure. Here are a few things to consider before buying a fleshlight:

Penis Length and Girth

There are different sizes of fleshlights available both in length and diameter for various types of penises. If your penis is fitting too tight, it may be hurtful. If the sleeve is loose, you may not enjoy the experience due to the lack of sensations produced by close contact between the sleeve and penis.

Type of Fleshlight Openings

Not every guy likes vaginal intercourse only; many men are into anal or oral sex. The different types of fleshlight openings are designed according to your preference. So do not wait and choose your fleshlight as per your taste.


There are three primary color options available- pink, mocha, and icy type. Pink is the most popular one because it resembles the vagina. Some guys prefer the transparent icy type to satisfy the fetish to see what is happening inside the masturbator to their penis.

How long does a Fleshlight last?

If taken care of properly, the fleshlight lasts longer than you think. It is essential to follow the user guide properly while using and cleaning your masturbator. The best way to increase the life of your fleshlight is to sprinkle somerenewal powder as directed after drying the sleeves.

Regular use of fleshlights may cause wear and tear on the micro-level. However, the fleshlights do not last a lifetime but can indeed last for many years if the manufacturer's instruction manual is followed.

Aftercare of a Fleshlight: Cleaning the Fleshlight

Cleaning the fleshlight is critical as it decides the product's shelf life. The aftercare routine is mentioned below:

  •  Remove the sleeve from the case.
  • Clean it with warm water
  • Remove excess water after thorough cleaning of the sleeve
  • Place it in an open space to dry out completely
  • Do not use soap or any kind of shampoo to clean it
  • Let it completely dry before sprinkling the renewal powder and packing it back in the case

So what are you waiting for? Choose thefleshlight you want and take your experience of masturbation to a new height. There are alot of varieties available to choose from and add to your collection of sex toys fromFuntasia.

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