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February 18, 2022

What is distance sex?

How can I have sex with my long distance partner?

Are there sex toys for long distance relationships?

How can you have safe sex during lockdown?

Isolation can make sex difficult, but not impossible. Whether you're isolated because of COVID-19 or your'e in a long distance relationship, sex is still critical. Having the best distance sex during isolation takes creativity and a willingness to be bold. 

Are you willing to be courageous in your sex life?

We thought so.

At Funtasia, we have countless long distance sex toys. These are perfect for any isolation from your sexual partner. But, we're also here to help you with some fun, free ways to entice your sexiest partner. 

What is Distance Sex?

Distance sex is just like it sounds. Ways to have sex with someone that doesn't involve directly touching or even being in the same room.

If you're ready to explore your sexuality and spice up your distance sex life, keep reading. 

Types of Distance Sex During Isolation

Yes, there are many ways you can get down with your passion partner while you're in isolation. You're not limited to just one type!

Incorporating various types of sex into your long distance relationship can help keep things spicy. 

You can try:

  • Video sex - is the obvious choice. Turning on your web cameras and having a little fun together can be just the thing to keep things hot and heavy. Watching your partner please themselves while pleasuring yourself is both hot and educational!
  • Phone sex - is a solid option for those who either don't have a good camera or are a little self-conscious. While it takes a rich imagination to keep phone sex going, but hearing your partner's pleasure is irresistible.
  • Sexting - Don't limit yourself to sending nudes and "what would you do if.." messages. Sexting has now become an erotic platform through which you can live out your wildest fantasies. Prepare for a sexting session by reading some erotic novels or creating a unique story all your own.
  • Mutual masturbation with toys- Mutually compatible sex toys let your partner feel what you're doing, and you share in that experience as well. Or they can listen or watch you enjoy your toy all to yourself. How sexy is that?
  • Watch a film together - Choosing porn to watch together can be super hot. Whether you're on video call doesn't matter when you can hear the sexual desire in your partner's voice. It can also help you shape the way towards a fun dirty, talking fantasy together.

There are heaps of ways to have distance sex during isolation. It's up to you how you want to do it!

Top Tips for Distance Sex During Isolation

Looking at a list may help inspire you a little, but now what do you do with that information? To start incorporating this new inspiration into your sex life with your partner, you have to set the stage. 

Talk about what turns you on

You and your partner likely both know you want to have distance sex during isolation. But, you never know what sounds better to your partner than you. You can either ask your partner flat out what they want to try or get creative. Or you can try this sexologist approved activity:

  • Come up with a list of different distance sex  and date ideas together
  • Separately, rank those lists of both sex and date ideas and figure out which combination you want to try the most. 
  • Share your top three choices with your partner
  • Compromise about what you want to do for your first distance sex date

Make it a Full Date

Immediately starting dirty talk may not be the easiest way to get your engines going.

Start by choosing one of those date ideas first and doing something together.

Having a romantic event first can help build intimacy. It can also increase your feeling of closeness, making the sex even hotter!

Don't rely on just one sex activity

Choose a few different items and put them on the menu!

Perhaps some sexting for an appetizer, video masturbation for the main course, and some sexy nudes for dessert. 

Relying on just one type of distance sex can be limiting, so shake things up and try a few! 

Let desire build

Sexual tension can be immediate for some people, but it isn't likely to occur instantly over the phone.

By letting your desire for each other simmer with flirting, sexting and maybe even a sneak peek. Doing this will build the sexual tension leading to a much more fun play session.

Send sexy surprises

Distance sex can be just as fun as any other type of sex. And surprise is always hot, so surprise your partner with a sex toy or lingerie set to help keep that distance sex hot!

Whatever way works for you and your partner, get to it! Distance sex may feel awkward initially, but you'll start to really enjoy it over time.

Sex Toys for Long Distance

Of course, we have to tell you the sexiest and easiest sex toys for distance sex.

All of these toys we've chosen have compatible apps so that you can play across the room or the globe. 

Vaginal Long Distance Sex Toys

We-vibe chorus couple's vibrator in violet

We-Vibe is famous for its compatible app so that you can play together anywhere at any time. The Chorus is a C-shaped vibrator worn inside the vagina (or the anus.) The outside vibrates on the clitoris (or perineum). You have the option of sharing the control with the app or with the squeezable remote. 

Lush by Lovense App controlled vibrator

Lovense is well regarded for its sex toy app technology. This product is ideal for long distance lovers. It can be worn inside the vagina to provide vibrations on the g-spot and/or the clit! Not advised for anal play as it might get lost up there.

Remote Controlled Panties for Long Distance Sex

Lovense's Ferri has no real competitor here. Their remote controlled vibrator comes complete with a small magnet to keep your vibe in place, exactly where you want it. 

Satisfyer has come out with their own affordable vibrating panty option! Theirs is slightly larger than the Lovense counterpart, but their app has rave reviews! The Little Secret also comes with a thoughtful remote and the chance to use touch controls. 

Couple's Kits & Compatible Toys

We-Vibe has done it again with their thoughtful Tango Sex Kit - Pleasure Mate Collection. This comes with three toys, a bullet, a prostate vibrator, and a g-spot massager. 

Onyx+is the only brand globally that has created two masturbators or vibrators that can play together. Of course, you can also pair a masturbator with a vibrator. Whatever genitals you want to stimulate, they've got you. When these two toys are synced together, you can feel what your partner feels. These make for the most realistic distance sex possible. 

Honourable Mentions

These kits aren't remotely controlled. But if you miss your special someone, make a clone of their genitals while you're apart! 

Yes, that's right, you can make a replica dildo of a penis or a replica pocket pussy using the Clone-a-Willy or Clone-a-Pussy kits

Bring that special someone home with you even when you can. That should make for an unforgettable night.

We hope you've been inspired to shake up your distance sex game during isolation!

If you want to come in and see some of these toys, you can stop by one of our three locations. One of our Sexperts will help you choose the perfect item for your distance sex needs.

We hope to see you soon!

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Clinical Sexologist | Sex & Relationship Coach | Resident Sexologist


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