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January 07, 2022

Sex is never one-size-fits-all, and this holds true for gay men and everyone else. The key to having the best gay sex is adaptable to different body types and penis sizes. Both can be used to your advantage. Any list of the best sex positions for gay men wouldn’t be complete without these eight.

Important Terminology for Gay Sex

At Funtasia, we don’t like to assume that everyone is on the same page regarding sexuality. So, we want to make sure you understand some of the key terms we’re going to be using:

Bottom: This is the person being penetrated by a penis. It can be used as a personal label to define your sexual interests.

Top: This is the person who penetrates the other person. It can be used as a personal label to define your sexual interests.

Power bottom: a bottom that acts like he’s a top

Vanilla: someone who likes traditional, uncomplicated, classic sex

Throughout the article, we’ll be referring to the partners as either “top” or “bottom” to keep things simple and understandable. 

Consider Shapes, Sizes & Compatibility

What worked for you with one thin and well-hung partner likely won’t work as well for your new, thicker and shorter partner. 

Consider a few things that may apply to one or both of you:

  • Weight & dimensions - often a bigger belly can get in the way of certain positions, likewise a larger ass can do the same
  • Length - shorter penis’ are less likely to stay inside the anus in certain positions
  • Strength - if you’re a top who likes to work out, you might be able to easily lift your bottom and move them around
  • Fitness - out of shape and getting tired? Consider positions that allow you to lay down and catch your breath

It’s all about finding what works best for you and your partner and adjusting accordingly. Be patient and experiment!

Position #1: Rimming with Joy

Sometimes referred to as a “Gay 69.” This position allows for a lot of exploration before or instead of penetration.

The top should first lay down on the bed or somewhere comfortable. The bottom should get on all fours on their top with the bottom’s booty in the top’s face.

The bottom should be in the perfect position to give a blowjob to the top. Meanwhile, the top can get up close and personal with rimming. 

For the top, don’t forget to spread those cheeks open wide and get in there with your tongue if you can!

Position #2: Gay Missionary

No list would be complete without it! Gay missionary allows for a lot of touching, kissing, and intimacy while getting your fair share of dick. Don’t push the missionary position to the side because it sounds vanilla!

The bottom should lie down on the bed or a similar area. The top can come between the legs and slide right in. 

You may want to try putting a pillow under the bottom’s bottom for added lift and easier penetration. You can also have the bottom put their legs on the shoulders of the top to get in really deep.

Position #3: Power Bottoming

This position allows the bottom to top a little and will make position #4 easier to get to.

The top lays down, and the bottom will climb on top of him.

This power bottoming position allows the bottom complete control of speed, depth, and rhythm, which switches things up a bit from the traditional power dynamics.

Position #4: Lean Back & Grind

The lean back & grind is similar to the power bottoming position.

The top lays down, and the bottom climbs on top of him.

The bottom will spread his legs out near the elbows or shoulders of the top while leaning back on his hands to provide stability. 

The lean back & grind allows the bottom to still control the speed, depth, and rhythm while the top can be playing with his penis, balls or perineum to bring additional stimulation into the equation. 

Position #5: Dick Me Deep, Daddy

This one will take a bit of creative imagination to put together. 

The bottom should lay down with his face on a pillow on a bed.

Pull one knee up to your chest, and stretch the other leg straight back behind you.

Angle your ass a little so that you can maximise depth.

Top, you come in and straddle the outstretched leg of the bottom, sliding in from behind.

You can experiment with the angles a lot here while enjoying the view.

Position #6: Not a Basic Bitch

We all know and love doggy style. A tried and true classic. But, like everything in life, a little experimentation can go a long way with the classics!

For the not a basic bitch, the bottom should lay down on the corner of the bed.

Their legs rest on the ground or are held up by the top.

The top can come from behind and angle themselves to penetrate the bottom deeply from behind.

The bottom can also try propping themselves up on pillows instead of being flat on the bed or standing up a bit.

Whatever works best for everyone!

Position #7: Operation P-Spot

Looking for a direct passage to the prostate? Want your bottom to feel super tight? This is the perfect position for you!

The bottom lays down with their legs slightly spread and their hands near their shoulders. 

The top should straddle the bottom around their waist, facing the bottom’s toes. Put your feet under your bottom’s arms or shoulders. 

Then, top, you can penetrate the bottom as you lean forward, resting on your elbows and being next to your bottom’s feet. 

Position #8: The Compromise

If you’re both feeling tired but still want to get it on, then this is a perfect position. You can both put in a bit of effort while still watching X-files! 

Simply get into a classic spooning position on the bed or couch.

The top can penetrate the bottom while you both rock together.

You can be super intimate, holding each other tight and sharing a rhythm.

But you can also just enjoy having sex while watching your favourite show!

As all of you lovers and lusters know, there is no limit to creativity when it comes to sex positions. These are some noteworthy ones that we think you should try! 

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Certified Sex & Relationship Coach | Certified Clinical Sexologist


The positions mentioned in this post have been chosen and curated for you by a “very experienced gay friend.” As a “self proclaimed slut” he wishes to share his sexual recommendations with you all. 

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