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Tenga Eggs - Assorted

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  • Tenga Pleasure Eggs 

    Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga eggs. Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg; then crack open the shell to reveal an “ona-cup.” These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. get different stokes from different yolks! Wavy has horizontal ripples and Twister has vertical ones. Silky features a thread-spun surface while Spider is lined with a web pattern. Clicker has protruding spheres; Stepper has notched out semi-circles. Stimulate the penis head or stretch the sleeve down the entire shaft. Indulge in a diet of delicious sensation with these incredible; pleasurable eggs!

    How to Use: 

    Peel off the colourful outer wrapping to expose the plastic egg, simply push in the sides a little and split in half to expose the silky smooth egg inside. 
    Each egg contains a single-use sachet of Tenga Hole Lotion.

    Once you have the egg out of its shell and lubed up, place it over the head of the penis and hold it while you give a handjob as usual. (Don't be nervous, these pleasure eggs can stretch to fit a whole 500mL bottle!)

    These nifty little eggs are great for solo-play, or brilliant to incorporate with a partner as foreplay, or as a substitute for blowjobs, even as a lead up to blowjobs. 

    Toy Care: 

    While the packaging does list these as being disposable, with the proper care the pleasure eggs are capable of being multi-use toys. 

    Once you have finished using the toy flip it inside out and run under room temperature water, and use a very mild soap to get everything off it. 
    Leave inside out to dry, and once fully dry store back inside the shell that came with the pleasure egg. 

    Store in a cool dry place. 


    Product Specifications: 

    • Dimensions: 53mm x 53mm x 70mm
    • Material: TPE
    • The style of egg is chosen at random
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