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Sexy Costumes

Why do people use costumes in the bedroom?

Costumes is a disguise, mask or even an allusion so that you can feel like  someone else new and different. Some people find it easier to be more opened and sexually adventurous  to try new things such as positions or  fetishes by getting into a  different character. 

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Spice up your sex life with costumes and role play

Especially when pretending to be a dominating woman or man holding whips and chains can be quite hard to get into character as you yourself when your usually quite shy and reserved.

But when a costumes is put on and you are changed into someone else then you have more confidence to release your inner desires. Not only for you but your partner would also like the new character as it can feel like someone new and create excitement.

Costumes in BDSM

If you are thinking about BDSM then the first thing you need to look into is costumes. 

Costumes can transform into another character. Someone that you normally wouldn't be able to become normally. It brings the real sexuality out of people.

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Costumes improve your sex life

Many people always have a fantasy about someone or something. Especially your first crush is that hot nurse or that hot teacher in high school.

You can dress up as a nurse or a teacher and your partner will be so aroused.