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July 10, 2021

Must Have Scandal Range For Your Bondage Collection

As a 4’11 woman, it’s often a struggle and a half to find BDSM items that are dainty enough to look okay on me and yet sturdy enough to withstand a rough scene. I searched for ages, but leather cuffs and collars were too thick (I love sturdy, but I also love looking like I have a neck), and thinner ones didn’t feel like they could take a beating as I could.

Then, I found Scandal, an absolute godsend. A company that has structure and looks in mind. The whole line is this gorgeous red floral design on a black backing, so no matter what you do or don’t want from the range, or if you want to build your collection in pieces slowly, everything will match!

Here Are My top Items in the Scandal Range

Universal Cuffs: these cuffs are beautifully made with restriction and comfort in mind, with the strongest Velcro closures that make the cuffs fully adjustable, along with the double padded inside of the cuffs being lined with a soft velvety material. You can struggle as much as you want in these without escaping and without sacrificing comfort.

image of scandal velcro hand cuffs

image of scandal Universal Cuffs

Collar with Leash: my trouble with finding collars was that I have a short neck (it matches the rest of my body, short as hell.), so most collars that were strong enough to feel good were also bulky and absolutely made it seem like I had no neck, which might work for some but did not have me feeling sexy at all.

This collar is dainty enough not to do that while also being made of a stunning leatherette and boasting a buckle closure to feel fully secure. The leash handle matches the red and black floral pattern and has a stunning black metal chain that feels elegantly powerful.

image of Scandal collar and leash on a man

Image of Scandal Collar with Leash

Wide Tip Crop: look, there’s not much I can say about this one, but it has the stunning red floral design backed by black on the handle, and the wide tip delivers a beautiful sting while making the most pleasing sound you’ll ever hear. It’s a crop. There’s not a whole heap to it, but I love it with my whole heart, and it deserves to be on this list!

image of scandal whip crop

Whether you’re looking to grow your collection or just starting and wanting something that’ll last while being beginner-friendly, Scandal has you covered, and they do it in style too.

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