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July 16, 2021



Hey, there beautiful people,


Lockdown got you missing the workplace a little bit?


Then let me introduce you to Fun FactoryThe Boss dildo. I have never met a boss I wanted to sleep with more than “The Boss” from the fun factory collection!


Are you looking for something that will rock your world?


Best dildos to use with Harness Strap On


This harness-friendly suction base silicone dildo with a subtle curve is sure to reach your sweet (G) spot or give you guaranteed prostate pleasure that will send shivers through your body, so get ready for very little work and a lot of play.


Fun Factory The Boss dildos come in various colours and are (18cm) 7in long and 4.2cm round with a flawless exterior and realistic shape. If you are looking for something practical and solid yet smooth and soft at the same time, then this is the dildo for you!


Who wouldn’t want to spend a little alone time with this Boss?

close up image of fun factory the boss dildo

Image of Fun Factory the BOSS Dildo in flesh colour


Fun Factory The Boss dildos are suitable for all sexes and do not discriminate. The Boss is made from 100% medical-grade silicone: body-safe materials, odourless and is waterproof.


What lube you should use with this dildo?


It is recommended that you use water-based lube, as this product is made from silicone, and enjoy your time spent with The Boss, with a guaranteed happy ending! Partner this with your favourite suitable personal lubricant.


Best dildo for couples


Fun Factory The Boss is safe for anal and vaginal play and being harness friendly, you can strap this bad boy on for a great time with your partner and or playmate. This is a perfect couple sex toy to enjoy together.

You can use the Fun Factory the Boss as a male strap on or a female strap on by using the dildo harness from Fun Factory Harness Strap & Bound.


image of Fun Factory the Boss dildo in black

Image of Fun Factory the BOSS Dildo in Black colour


The suction base works best on smooth flat surfaces. Did someone say alone time in the shower? Or not so alone! Pro tip: run your toy under some hot water a little before use for a familiar and warm sensation.


How clean and store a silicone dildo


The natural shape of this product makes it very easy to clean after playtime. Just wash it with some water and mild soap. To prevent dust or fuzz from settling on your sex toy, it is suggested that you store it in a dust-free container or space.


Not to mention the game inside the box that is expert-approved, but you will have to grab one for yourself if you want to know more about that.


Why Choose Fun Factory Sex Toys?


  • Fun Factory Sex Toys products are the only sex toys product that is designed and manufactured in Germany with the highest quality.


  • Fun Factory is one of the industry leaders in the manufacturing of body-safe sex toys.


  • Fun Factory is also the only Sex Toys Company that provides a full 2-year replacement warranty on all their product range.


Where to buy dildo from Fun Factory brand?


You can find The Boss in our range of Fun Factory toys at Funtasia The Adult shop – Wagga Wagga. Or you can choose to buy dildo online here and we will ship it the same day plus Funtasia the Adult Shop have Click & Collect sex toysoptions available.


If you have any more questions, come in or give us a call and ask one of our qualified experts, at Funtasia the Adult shop, Wagga Wagga.

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