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September 17, 2021

Best Wand Massage Review Playful Emperor

The Playful Diamonds Range - Emperor is a wand massager sex toy. It is firm enough to get into those hard to reach muscles and soft enough for those not so hard to reach sweet spots.

wand vibrator by playful diamond range

Above is an image of a double ended wand vibrator by Playful Diamond range

The Emperor wand is a beautiful wand massager with a soft dome-shaped head, a flexible neck to accentuate the head. 

The Emperor wand has a beautifully sleek and soft body with a gorgeous diamond texture grip. It has a 3 button control system within reach when you need it most. 

Why this Sex Wand Massager is the best?

The middle button is on/off and modes, press twice to turn on, hold in to turn off, press once for a change of pace, the button closest to the head is for more intense vibration. The switch below the on/off button is to lower the intensity.

This Wand offers a whisper-quiet motor and has 7 vibration patterns. A curved handle can assist a better massage as you can get more of a firm hold on it. 

She also has a flexible neck and domed head to help with a more accessible, more intense play. 

The Emperor comes with a USB charger that connects to the bottom of the wand massager. The charger for the wand massager will not pierce a hole in the ""skin"" of the wand. It is very stretchy to keep the wand massager 100% waterproof. Just be sure when you're putting the wand on the charge to be gentle when inserting it.

Best wand massager for solo or with a partner

The Emperor wand is a bit of a 2-in-1. You can use it as a body massager or an intimate massager for you or a partner to use. You can feature The Emperor on your next single or album if you get my drift?

Of course, if you don't, I will explain, basically you can use The Emperor by yourself. We are all about self-love and sexual wellness here! But if you want to share the fun, bringing a partner or 2, or 3 we do not judge here, could also be fun. 

It's quite a simple wand massager, a sex toy. You don't even need to use The Emperor as a sex toy. If you or your partner is sore from work, you could treat yourself or them to a nice wand massage. 

What Lubricant is best for wand a massager

I do recommend a water-based lubricant for any sexual encounters while using any sex toy. Even if you only plan to use a wand massager, I would suggest a premium water based lubricant like WET STUFF NATURALLY WATER BASED LUBRICAN. Its a thick natural PH balanced lubricant and very easy to clean.

a bottle of wet stuff natural water based lubricant

Image above is a PH balanced water based lubricant by Wet Stuff

This gorgeous wand massager sex toy is 100% waterproof. You can fully submerge her in water to get her nice and clean. If you're new here, we do love a nicely kept sex toy. 

How to Clean a wand massager

We all know I love a good sex toy cleaner, and we have plenty in-store and online to choose from, and you know if you want a double whammy in the shower, why not grab yourself a sex toy and body wash? 

You can wash your toy and body with the same product and at the same time! Swiss Navy brings you SEX TOY & BODY CLEANER.

a bottle of sex toy cleaner

Image above is a bottle of Toy and Body Cleaner by Swiss Navy

When The Emperor is all nice and clean, you can dry her and put her away into dust and lint-free area for her next debut!

Where to buy a wand massager

You can find The Emperor and the other products mentioned at your local adult store here. 

Want to know more? Then come into any of our adult shop stores. We have qualified Sexperts in-store to help you with all your questions.

As always, with love – A sexpert from the Wagga store xx

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