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September 11, 2021


Now, this week's review is on a fantastic piece of sex machinery otherwise known as the HISMITH Pro Traveler.

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image of hi smith sex machine pro traveller

Above image is the Hi Smith Pro Traveller Sex Machines Kit

HISMITH Pro Traveler comes in a sleek style with a matte black finish and slim metallic purple stripes. It also comes with a charming bullet-shaped remote control with a matte black finish and metallic purple lines. 

The Pro Traveler also comes with a 6.8" silicone dildo, with the option to download a smartphone app to control it from your smartphone with ease. Technology these days really makes you wonder, right? 

Mountable the Sex Machine

Hi Smith Sex Machine has a robust and sturdy suction base that will stick to nearly any and all clean flat surfaces. The Pro Traveler also comes with its own travel bag maintaining the black and purple theme.

The Pro Traveler offers multiple thrusting angles from zero to ninety degrees and offers more than just thrusting. As mentioned above, it has a smartphone app, and you will find the app user manual along with the Pro Traveler user manual in the travel pack. 

The app offers various functions, including play modes, and creates your own play modes. You can even play online if that's what you are into! 

No judgement here, like I always say, I'll try anything thrice! The. The Pro Traveler has many functions thrusting being the most popular reason, in my opinion. Still, you will have to grab one for yourself to find that out.

You can choose the one you want with various attachments and simply attach the suction base to a clean, smooth surface and go for it. The Pro Traveler user manual also has a catalogue of numerous extensions for the Pro Traveler that HISMITH offers from beginner to intermediate sizes. 

Remote Control Sex Machine

As this portable sex machine comes with remote control and an innovative phone application, you can use the Pro Traveler for solo play with a partner or even in a group setting. The possibilities are endless!

Where to buy Hi Smith sex Machine

We stock the Pro Traveler Sex Machine in our Funtasia the Adult shop in Wagga Wagga store on Fitzmaurice st or buy sex machine online here, and we offer to click and collect at any of our three locations as well.

What Lubricant to use with Sex Machine

The best option for lubricant for any of the Pro Traveler attachments is a water-based lubricant such as simply aqua from the WICKED sensual care range. Try to steer clear from any silicone-based lubricants if you plan on using a silicone attachment.

wicked water based lubricant

Above is an image of Aqua Water based lubricant

How to Clean the Sex Machine

Remove the sex toy attached and clean separately to the sex-machine. Before cleaning, do not place the pro traveller near water. 

Note: Electrical equipment, including sex machines, you cannot get wet, as it can cause electrocution and damage the sex machine itself and/or the motor. 

The best way to clean a sex machine is to use a microfibre cloth and some antibacterial spray or sex toy cleaner. Spray directly onto the fabric, then wipe over the sex machine until satisfied with its cleanliness, or some antibacterial wipes if you prefer. 

image of Jo Sex Toy Cleaner

Above is an image of Jo Sex Toy Clean bottle

Always make sure the sex machine is dry before putting it into storage. 

Now, if you are a return reader, firstly, I appreciate you. Secondly, you should know by now how to clean a silicone sex toy, so move on if you feel the need, as for your first-time reader.  

When cleaning the dildoor sex toy attachment for the pro traveller, you will need some warm to hot water, sex toy cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Soak your sex toy and or dildo, wipe then rinse your sex toy under some warm/hot water. 

You can either let it air dry or dry it off with a microfiber/lint-free cloth. 

I would suggest leaving it out to air dry in a dust/lint-free area as well, just to make sure she's well dry and ready to go for the next round.


Using this sex machine is at your own risk, do not use it if you have heart problems. 

This is an adult sex-machine. Please keep children out of reach, keep away from water, and make sure your hand is completely dry before touching any electrical ports and cables. 

Please carefully read all instructions and warnings in the user manual provided.

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As always, with love – A sexpert from the Wagga store xx.

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