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July 30, 2021

Satisfyer Pro Clitoral Vibrator POV Review


Satisfyer sex toy brand is constantly improving, putting time and effort into research and development. Satisfyer is continually trying (and succeeding) to meet the current demands within the sex toy industry. 


Spending an immeasurable amount of money and countless amounts of time developing the Satisfyer Pro range of vibrators. Satisfyer took just under two years to build the most searched vibrator on the internet. With patent technologies, they introduced their brand in April 2016 and started shipping the next month.


Here are a few variations of the Satisfyer Clitoral Vibrator Range:

Satisfyer brand was launched in the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. They consider themselves closely with their distributors and retailers, which is always a good sign of an excellent quality product.


"Satisfyer is dedicated to developing products that consumers are excited to purchase and use, and the first step in that creation is a stunning design," said Jerome Bensimon, head of Satisfyer sales in the U.S., As stated on a blog by PRNewswire. 


Satisfyer sex toys is an award winning  brand


Which also stated how the Satisfyer brand was awarded eleven (11) GOOD DESIGN® awards just last year, 2020, which is a pretty big deal, guys. 


It doesn't surprise me with their whisper-quiet motor, which is 50% quieter than before AND did I mention the smartphone apps Satisfyer offer?!


 Bringing technology into the bedroom has never been so enticing. You will see on the box which sex toy offers controls via an app on your phone.


Satisfyer is all about promoting sexual wellness, with the belief that everyone is deserving of it. 


A quote from Satisfyer "At Satisfyer, we believe that sexuality is a creative expression experienced on a spectrum and each gender expression is infinite and non-binary." 


Personally, being a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself makes me feel comfortable and safe, finding pleasure from these beautifully made sex toy products and purchasing them.


Not to mention all the Satisfyer sex toy range is crazily affordable and easy to use. All Satisfyer Vibrator range comes with a 15-year warranty. How good is that?


Sexperts favorite sex toys


Now, let me introduce you to my favourite Satisfyer sex toy (don't tell my other toys that), The Satisfier Pro 2.


 Image of Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation with dimension measurements

Image of a Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation


The Satisfier Pro 2 is a fantastic sex toy. At first, I was suspicious purely because of all the fantastic reviews I was hearing and reading about it. How can you buy something like this from an adult sex shop in Australia? Let alone your local sex shop in Wagga Wagga. That is this good, with so much good feedback?


More facts about the Satisfyer Vibrators


Listen up! Those of you who have never had your world rocked by this fantastic little sex toy. The Satisfier Pro 2 is a clitoral air pulse stimulator, which has 11 programs of pressure wave stimulation. 


video image showing inside the satisfyer pro vibrator creating pulsating and vibration

Gif image show Satisfyer Vibrator creating pulsating vibrations


Looks, Touch and Feel of the Satisfyer Pro


Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof so that you can bring it into the bath or shower for some solo fun! They made the rose gold body from firm plastic. 


image of satisfyer pro under water to show its waterproof

Image of Satisfyer pro under water


The clitoral suction tip is white and made from body-safe silicone. 


The silicone tip is very soft with your sensitive area, and it mimics the feel of a soft tongue. The Satisfier Pro 2 fits perfectly in your hand, with the buttons in reach and easy to navigate while using it, so you can easily change the settings to suit your desired stimulations. 


Which lubricant to use with your Satisfyer Vibrator


If you find you need some lubricant, which is never a bad thing, as I do most times. Just place a small amount either on your desired area or the silicone tip of a water-based lubricant, as a silicone lubricant can have a negative effect on the silicone in the tip of the Satisfier Pro 2. 


I use the water-based lubricant by Swiss Navy, which you can find at your local sex shop, Funtasia the Adult Shop, or buy lubricant online here.


Satisfyer vibrators are the best couples sex toy


And hey, you don't need to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 alone. By all means, hand it over to your partner, give them a go, see how things can play out, use your imagination. I spend a lot of time with mine, and I have incorporated it into play with my partner. There is no such thing as too much with the Satisfyer Pro 2.


How to Clean your Satisfyer Sex Toys?


I battle with cleaning daily, but for my sex toys, I am always on top of it, pun intended, haha, after every use. The Satisfieris waterproof, so you can fully submerge it to clean it. 


I personally use a sex toy cleaner to clean my vibrators, which can be found in any adult sex shop or adult online store. After cleaning your sex toy, you should wipe it over with a clean microfibre or lint-free cloth. Make sure it's dry before storing it away.


Where to buy a Satisfyer Vibrator?


Satisfier Pro 2can be found either in our store, Funtasia the Adult Shop Wagga Wagga, or online here.


We do offer same-day shipping in our adult store online lus Click & Collect Sex Toys. Funtasia Adult Shop also Offer same day 2 Hour Uber sex toys delivery at selected locations around Australia.


If you have any further questions about the Satisfyer Pro 2, please do not be afraid to pop into our adult store Wagga or even give one of our experts a call in-store at Funtasia the Adult Shop, Wagga.


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