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July 30, 2021

Sex Toys for Beginners

Never had a toy before and not sure what to go for? Don't worry! Here is your guide to buying your first toy, whether it's online or in-store. It can be scary talking to a total stranger about your sexual life or what you think you might enjoy, don't worry, it's very typical. It's a very personal topic, but you will get a better insight into what to buy for your first try with this guide!

What kind of stimulation are you looking for?

Of course, with it being your first toy, it's going to be a little bury with what kind of stimulation you want, but there are a couple of things you can base it off. 

Think about any sexual experiences you have had, whether it was intercourse with a partner or solo masturbation. Now think about what felt better when it happened. Was it rubbing on the outside (clitoral stimulation or labia stimulation), or was it penetration (fingering or intercourse penetration)? Chances are, whatever felt better to you or what got you to climax during this experience is an excellent place to start when exploring sex toys.

Clitoral or Labia stimulation

If clitoral stimulation is what you think you would enjoy, here are a few different affordable Bullets adult toys that may be perfect for you!

Pillow talk flirty bullet vibrator

Image of a Pillow Talk Flirty Bullet Vibrator shows Swarovski Crystal

image of bullet vibrator kit with interchangeable head

Image of Evolved Bullet Vibrator kit with Interchangeable heads

image of a maia violet vibrator bullet

Image of Maia Angel Vibrator Bullet 

Penetration stimulation

Now with penetration, there are a few different toys we can look at. Toys such as g-spot vibes, straight vibes and rabbits are fantastic if you want a toy that, of course, vibrates but can also be used for penetration.

Large Bullet Vibrator

Straight vibrators are exactly how they sound. They are larger have bullets but are very straight and great for internal use but also can be used for clitoral stimulation.

Here are some great straight vibes that could be perfect for you:

image of romp beat vibrator bullet

Image of RompBullet Vibrator

image of classix bullet vibrator

image of large straight bullet vibrator

G-Spot vibrators 

G-Spot Vibrators are like straight vibes with the slight difference of having a curve or a bulge on the head of the vibrator. The angle or bulb stimulates the g-spot with ease and comfort without manoeuvre the toy to get that sweet spot. Here are some great G-spot vibes for beginners:

gif image of viv ombra showing G spot vibration


Image of Romp G Spot vibrator

Image of RompHype G Spot Vibrator in bright Orange Colour


image of pillow talk sassy g spot vibrator showing internal motor and external dimension measurements

Image of Pillow Talk Sassy G Spot Vibrator in Pink and Teal

Rabbit Style Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are like g-spot vibrators, but they have a little added vibrator that stimulates the clitoris simultaneously while the toy is inserted. With most of these, you have the option to choose whether you want one or the other vibrating or both at the same time! Here are some great rabbits for beginners:

Vive rabbit vibrator moving images showing g spot and clitoral vibration

gif moving image of fun factory miss bi showing the flexibility of the clitoral vibrating module

image of pretty love harlan rabbit vibrator

Image of Pretty Love Rabbit Vibrator "Harlan"


Dildos are usually non-vibrating sex toys but you can also buy vibrating versions of dildos.

There are various types; many people refer to these types of toys as "Dildos" or "dongs" because they do not vibrate. The realistic dildo looking types usually come in a wide variety of different colours and sizes. 

They usually made dildos from silicone for a realistic look and feel, just like an artificial penis. They will have a suction cup on the base, allowing the user to stick it to almost any flat surface and even make them strap on harness compatible. 

Types of Dildo

Other types include ABS Plastic, Glass and Wooden. With these types, it is usually better for you to have a look and see what you like and are more comfortable with, but some great brands to look at for these specific types are:

After all this information, I hope that this has helped you on your adventure into the adult toy world! These toys are available in the Penrith Funtasia Adult Store. Also, if you need more information, call one of our Qualified Sexperts in store! 😊

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