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October 13, 2021

Get more Sex with Sensual Massage

Massage is a wonderfully simple way for people to care for one another. There are really no secrets to massage, nothing to learn that is beyond anyone’s limits. Essentially, massage is communication, letting someone know that you care by touching and stroking the body. 

A few things you need to stock up on for a goog massage session :

  1. A good massage oil
  2. Male or female arousal oil
  3. Melt Massage candles
  4. Sex Toys - For some experience couples you can introduce prostate massage and G spot massage using sex toys such as prostate massagers or curved G Spot dildos

In massage touch is what is important, and this is what we all lack in todays busy world. Humans we express our sexual interest by touching someone, so by touching through massaging we can convey that message to our partner that we want the physical connection and the desire for an intense sexual episode.

Plan out your session

The technical aspects of massage require practise. You have already probably decided by now whether or not you prefer a table or the floor when you give a massage.

You have learned that sheer physical strength is not as important as you once thought—that a massage is given more with the entire body than the hands or arms. You have seen your mate experience a consciousness that is refreshing and invigorating. You have experienced your mate’s body in a manner that is totally unique. 

And you have seen that the potential for massage, in terms of the sensual, has barely been explored. The technique of massage leaves your mate relaxed and drowsy. What is needed, you think, is a method of massage that not only relaxes the body, but somehow leaves it aroused, eager for more sensual delight. 

What is sensual massage

That is what sensual massage is all about, get your partner aroused and in the mood. Create that physical desire to connect as sensual massage is a form of foreplay.

Sensual Massage Techniques on Different Body Parts

Head Massage

While the head is often neglected in massage—there are no large groups of easily manipulated muscles—the head’s importance in sensual awareness is paramount. Relaxation of the neck muscles can stop a headache; light stroking of the ears and eyes can awaken sexual longing. Stroking should be light, as the desire is to build sexual excitement. Lift the hair from the base of the skull and gently massage with the fingertips in a light, circular motion. Because sexual pleasure is the goal, a clear, relaxed feeling is all-important. 

Chest, Abdomen and Trunk Massage

With your lover lying on her back, gently fingertip her entire body with a light, feathery stroke. Then stand at her head, facing her feet. Oil as you go, always making sure that you first warm the oil in your hand before applying it to her body. Never pour the oil directly onto the body—for many, that is not a pleasant experience, and a sensual massage should be pleasant above all else.

Begin by placing your hands palms-down in the middle of the chest, with your thumbs lightly touching. Slide the hands forward, and backwards with the hands in the Opening position.

This stroke can be repeated time after time with the most beneficial results. Move from this full trunk stroke to the collar bone, after first finishing off with light, feathery sing down, but remember to lighten the pressure when you reach the abdomen.

Continue as far as you can go toward the genitals, then move the hands to the hips, pressing on the bones, then bring the hands up the Sides, crossing the chest and 

strokes aimed at recharging the body’s desires. Grip the collar bone between the thumb and forefinger’ and then run you fingers along the collar bone first toward the shoulder, then toward the center of the chest. 

Breast Massage

Don't ignore her breasts. Cup each breast in your hand gently, then rotate in a circular motion first in one direction, then the other. ignore no part of the body 

in a sensual massage, especially those parts of the body most susceptible to sexual excitement, such as the breasts.

Finish off this part of your massage with a stroke many women find pleasurable indeed.

The chest lift is accomplished by first rotating the shoulders with your cupped hands. Then—after a bit more oiling, as a rule—press down with the flat of your hands at the shoulders, pointing your fingertips to the breasts.

When you reach the breasts, turn your hands inward so that the fingertips are facing each other. Continue to move your hands down, going over the breasts, then once again straighten the hands and continue the stroke all the way down.

The stroke ends with the hands brought back along the sides, with the fingertips lightly feathering the back. When your hands are returned to her armpits, grasp and lift her a few inches off the table.

Because of the lifting, this is more conducive to men massaging women—though most women can do a lift on a man if a massage table is used. Most women will find themselves in a state of high sensual awareness after this stroke—learn it well. 

For extra stimulation, some couples might want to include nipple erector like a nipple clamp, nipple pumps or a breast pump into the massage session. 

Arms Sensual Massage

Stroke the arm from the wrist to the armpit with both hands, working the hands up the arm to the armpit, then continuing with one hand over the shoulder and easing the other hand into the area just below the armpit. Follow this by draining the arm, which is done by resting the arm on its elbow, then grasping the arm at the wrist and working the blood back toward the heart.

You can follow this by kneading the muscles. At this point, your lover’s arm should be thoroughly relaxed. You should be able to hoist the arm by the wrist and lightly toss it from hand to hand.

Shoulders Massage

For the shoulders: Place one hand underneath the shoulder (your lover is now lying on his stomach) and lift. With the other hand placed atop the shoulder, begin to rotate the shoulder gently. Repeat this with the other shoulder. Then, sitting astride your lover, run your hands over the top of the shoulders and grip the flesh, crimping it in your hands.

Many women feel an extraordinary amount of tension at the base of their neck—and such tension in no way promotes feelings of sexuality. Massage the upper back muscles which support the neck, using a kneading stroke, going from shoulder to shoulder.

Back Massage

The back is the center of any massage—it is composed of three large groups of muscles: the long group running along the spine, the flat group at the shoulders and neck, and the muscles that run from the spine to the sides. Knead the muscles thoroughly.

Many problems of discomfort will vanish with adequate attention paid to the back area. Finish off with light, feathery touches, connecting the back once again to the rest of the body.

Buttock Massage

The buttocks and small of the back are highly erotic areas, and of course special attention is called for. Kneading the buttocks is a favorite, but then, almost anything done to the buttocks feels wonderful.

Rub gently at the small of the back as well—do not use any amount of pressure at all in this area. More pressure can be used on the buttocks themselves. Place the heel of your hand in the center of the buttocks and push. Most people find this a highly erotic sensation—enough said. 

Kneading the buttocks is a terrific way of loosening up your partner’s inhibitions, if there are any left. Massage in a circular fashion, using the heel of your hand. Place the heel in the center of either buttock and revolve it, first in one direction, then the other. Remember—the buttocks can handle as much pressure as possible! 

Leg Sensual Massage

With the legs, sensual desires follow from relaxation and circulation. Do this by gripping the leg above the ankle between your two hands, then pushing toward the heart.

Drain the calves, then the thighs. Many people do not like to speak during a massage—so when it comes time for your partner to roll over, perhaps it would be nice to have worked out a set of signals, rather than words, to indicate that you wish her to turn.

A special touch would do. Once she is on her stomach, with her arms by her sides, Palms up, you can begin kneading the large muscles of the Calves and the thighs. 

Feet sensual massage

Sensual massage differs from regular massage in that sensual massage aims to leave the body excited, rather than relaxed. Thus, attention must be paid to those parts of the body most susceptible to erotic sensations.

In the foot, it is the big toe, for example, which seems to be erotically centered. Remember also that running your finger between the toes can be a highly charged experience for your lover. As in regular massage, you can increase circulation by stroking the top of the foot from the toes to the ankle. Rotation of the foot followed by kneading will also aid your lover’s entry into a more sensual mood. Remember that all stroking should 

end with light, feathery touches aimed at eroticising the body, leaving it relaxed, in terms of the muscles, and excited in terms of the imagination. Concentrate on the toes with special emphasis on the big toe. In sensual massage, you must attempt to connect your massage to the body as a whole. 

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