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October 15, 2021

Buying online is the easiest thing in the world. We love the convenience of not having to leave home; just press a couple of buttons, wait a couple of days, and bam, there’s a vibrator waiting at your door for you… So why do some people prefer not to buy sex toys online? Let’s go through it. 

Why Is Brick & Mortar Best?

Working in an adult store, it’s pretty clear early on that the most crucial part of getting the most suitable sex toy for you is having a feel of all the options. For example, Air Tech toys such as We-Vibe, Womanizer, Satisfyer, Romp, Lelo, Pretty Love, and now Vush all sell variations, but which one has the feel you are looking for? Do you just buy the cheapest because they must all do the same thing? Do you just buy the most expensive because it must be that price for a reason? 

While all having the same general idea behind them, these toys all give off incredibly different feels. With various technology, different “mouths” on them, different shapes, and most importantly, a wide variety of stimulation modes. Some will only give you the more powerful settings, and some will only give you the lower end of the spectrum. One of the most popular, the Womanizer Premium, gives you the most extensive range going from the very beginning of the scale and landing on an extremely powerful last setting. 

What is it that YOU want?

Not being able to feel these in person first gives you minimal information on which one will work well for you because each person is different, so what works for all your friends might not work for you. 

Another important note is being able to get valuable information, allergic to certain things? We here at Funtasia can tell you what to avoid. Sensitive to materials? We can help with that too! Clinical Sexologist Elaine S. Turner has professionally trained our staff on a broad range of topics, including body safety, body positivity, sexual health, sex toys and their many applications.

Why shop at Funtasia The Adult Store?

One of the main reasons for shopping in person is the interaction you get to have while in the store. Many customers don’t have people they can openly talk about sex within their day to day lives, but the second they walk into a Funtasia Adult Store, they can be their authentic selves and talk about whatever they want. Whether questioning sexuality, having reactions to something, found a new kink, going through something, we are here to talk and support you. The most valuable part is the conversations and the reassurance that people need from time to time that you definitely don’t get from online stores. 

Our wonderful staff are ready and waiting to assist you in your sexual pleasure journey! Let us help you take the first step or the next step.

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Funtasia Penrith Sexpert

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