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September 27, 2020

Best vibrator to get an orgasm

Once upon a time it was illegal to own vibrators in some states of America and there were virtually no vibrators exist in Australia.

The state of Texas in America allows women to own to 5 vibrators anything more you will be arrested for trafficking of sex toys. But on the other hands you can buy and sold guns freely and Viagra sex pills.

In many countries including western countries people don’t talk about sex or exploring sex. A survey back in the early 1900s shows that only 10% of woman reach and orgasm and really enjoy sex. Compare towards the end of the century in the 1990s about 50% of woman have had an orgasm and enjoy sex.

History of Orgasms and vibrators

Many of the misinformation for early in the century is that woman needs to take tablets or pills to have an orgasm before it’s hard for them to reach and orgasm naturally.

Just like in medieval times, before the invention of hysteria, the uterus was adored, not neglected, because it was necessary for conception. They believe for a woman to conceive she needs to have and orgasm. So, there was a big search on finding the tool to make woman orgasm.

Woman towards the end of 1800s and early 1900, woman who cannot conceived is believed to have hysteria and the symptoms that was diagnose consist of yawing, itching, stomach upsets, insomnia, anxiety, drinking alcohol, wearing tight corsets.

Some of the strange treatments that was present at the time includes horseback riding, carriage rides, pelvic exercise and the strangest of all go to a doctor so we can massage the uterus via the vagina.  Eventually woman find out and it was no longer in used.

There are another article herefrom us about orgasm.

The first vibrator and douche

During the search for a cure for hysteria, a douche was invented to use to flush out the vagina and to use to stimulate the vagina and clitoris by spraying at the vagina.

The best thing that was invented in the previous century at early is 1800 is the vibrator. This simple invention has created a wave of woman who have experience orgasm for the first time in their life.

Photo below is a picture on one of the first electric vibrator in mass productions. Each of the vibrator would cost as much as $30 dollars, that is about $3000 in todays value.

image of the first electric vibrator

Doctors have done research in the mid-century and find that g spot and vagina clitoris stimulation neglect can caused.

1883 to 1900, many medical vibrators were invented. Many of these vibrators was very big and used in medical treatments for hysteria so they believed. Some of which can cost up to $200 which equates to a cost of building a new house in today’s terms.

The vibratorcomes into mainstream production on the mid of the 1900 century, just after the toaster was invented. The initial advertising for vibrator was a multipurpose.

You can attach everyday products attachment to the vibrator head like eggbeater, cake mixer and you can also attach a clitoral vibrator head on it.

The first vibrator is a medical device

The first vibrator was design as a body massager which was old sold through doctors as a medical device. The Vibrator got into commercial consumer market once mail order and the mass production start.

Vibrator starts to appear in erotic magazine and movies as early is 1920s. After that period, it would disappear from commercial productions and will not appear again until the 1960s during the woman’s liberation movement in America. As some state it is illegal to sell vibrators.

As the vibrator gets popular and becoming mainstream after 1960s. Orgasm is becoming a main topic of talks within woman’s groups and sex education class start to teach woman how to get orgasm, one of the main groups was passion parties or in todays terms sex toy parties. 

It was known to be very taboo back in the early days for woman to masturbate and use any kind of sex toys.

Woman’s view on orgasm

Sexual bliss is almost impossible to describe, and some women don’t even know if they are having an orgasm. This might seem preposterous, but many women, especially early in their sexual careers, say the sensations they get during masturbation or sex are special and different but they’re not quite sure how to describe them or even if it’s really an orgasm at all. 

But if it’s hard to describe what an orgasm feels like, most women are certain what they most want when it comes to producing one. 

  1. About half of all women say that orgasm is fifty per cent mental and fifty per cent physical. Only one in ten says it is an entirely physical thing.
  1. Half of all women say its technique that really counts. This beats a man’s looks and his penis size hands down. 
  1. The best orgasms come from a combination of things the man does. Intercourse alone produces orgasms in only about one woman in five.
  1. Imaginative men are what women say they want. ‘Tender and loving behaviour’ is rated only half as important. 
  1. Of all the preliminaries, activities such as bathing or massaging each other are the best way to a great orgasm. 
  1. With the right stimulation, it takes between five and twenty minutes for the average woman to reach orgasm. 

Many backs in the early to mid-1900 century only experience an orgasm when using a sex toy vibrator for the first time.

Finding her clitoris

Most women need intense, highly personalized and reliable stimulation of their clitoris if they are to have a climax. It is true that about a third of women can have an orgasm without any sort of direct clitoral stimulation but this leaves two out of three who need more. 

Even today, after decades of sex education books, Videos, and films many men have not taken the trouble to find their lover’s clitoris. Doing so is time well spent and an investment well made. It is almost impossible to pleasure a woman if you aren’t an expert on her clitoris.

The trouble is you’ll never become one by telepathy! You can only learn by direct observation and guidance. 


Below is an illustration of a vagina and the clitoris

illustration of a vagina showing the clitoris

  1. Have a kiss and a cuddle first but don’t get too aroused because it will make you a bad student. Then, in a good light, get your lover comfortable lying on her back, propped up against pillows at the head of the bed. 

She should have a mirror in one hand and her other hand free to point things out to you. 

  1. Position yourself between her legs and Open her outer lips. You’ll see the clitoris as a little pink bud about the size of a pea nestling where the inner lips meet at the top. It can sometimes be difficult to see so you may have to feel. Get her to guide you, if in any doubt. 
  1. Lubricate your index fingertip with saliva, her wetness, or a commercial lubricant and place it over the area just above her clitoris. Gently move your finger sideways. You’ll feel a little cylinder of tissue. This is the root of the organ. It’s like a tiny penis in some ways. 
  1. Now look closely at the head of the clitoris.

It has a tiny foreskin that pulls back just like on a man’s penis. Retract this gently and see how the head pops out. Ask her to show you how she likes to caress herself.

Watch for the exact positioning of her fingers as she touches her clitoris. See how it grows larger and redder as she gets aroused. Don’t do anything! This is your chance to watch and learn. 

  1. Ask if she normally uses a Vibrator. If she does, watch carefully how she uses it. Ask questions. Take nothing for granted.Once you know how to find her clitoris, experiment with new sexual positions, such as the CAT, in which the root of your penis stimulates her clitoris as you took back and forth. 

         A small vibrator like this bulletis a perfect sex toy for clitoris stimulation.

Below is a photo of the best seller Zumio clitoris vibrator. It comes in three different colours of black, pink and  purple.

The Zumioclit vibrator was design just to focus on the clitoris only and the motor is so powerful that it will make any women get an orgasm within minutes of using it.

image of zumio clitoral vibrator

Another popular bullet sex toy vibrator is the Pretty Love Ultra Powerfully Clitoral Bullet

gif image of vibrating clitoral bullet vibrator

This vibrating bullet sex toy vibrator is made from high quality life like feel. With ultra powerful vibration and quiet motor for discreet use. Its also waterproof and rechargeable. This bullet comes in a very nice vibrant pink/purple colour. If you need a vibrator to get a orgasm, this is the vibrator for you..

Find her G Spot

The G spot is a small, swollen area a couple of inches inside the vagina 0n the front wall, that ‘appears’ as a woman becomes aroused. Around the urinary tube (urethra) in a woman are many small glands that enlarge when she gets excited.

As these glands and the vaginal wall, itself swell, the whole area becomes puffy. When stroked, this tissue produces exquisite sensations in most women. 

How TO FIND the G Spot

On your own 

Getting to it on your own can be tricky but it’s worth trying.

  1. First, empty your bladder. Then, naked from the waist down, squat on your haunches. Insert a couple of fingers into your well lubricated vagina and aim the fingertips up towards your tummy button, with your finger pads facing the abdominal wall. 
  1. Make a beckoning gesture with the fingers and see what happens
  1. If your fingers are near your G Spot, you’ll probably feel like peeing. Don’t stop! Carry on with the stimulation and you’ll find you soon get past this sensation, especially as you’ll know your bladder is empty. 
  1. Keep going and it’ll get better and better. Some women come like this. 
  1. Now lie down on your back and draw your knees up to your Chest and repeat the process. If your fingers seem too short there are two things you can do get hold of a G Spot Vibrator with a near right angle bend in it and you’ll hit the magic spot every time; or involve your partner. 

Check out the video below from a Doctor showing how to locate the G spot using a 3D model

Here are a few recommended G SPOT Vibrator for those who have problems and want to climax on the G SPOT

  1. LELO Gigi 2 G Spot Vibrator

LELO is one of the best brand for sex toys on the market. Made from high quality material which ranks LELO sex toys as a luxury item product.

LELO vibrator is known for its powerful vibrator and ultra quiet motor. With multiple vibration settings on the LELO GIGi 2 G spot vibrator, it will give you the best internal orgasm you will ever experience.

The design for this G spot vibrator is unique. LELO have put in a lot of time in research and they have come up with the perfect size. It just enough to hit the g spot as soon as you inserted into your vagina. 

Watch the video below for a full review on this LELO GIGI vibrator

The end tip of the g spot is a flat round shape. By design the tip this way so it sit perfectly on the G spot area inside the vagina,

Below if a picture of the LELO GIGI 2 G Spot vibrator

image of a female hand hold a lelo g spot vibrator in pink

Click here for a full range of LELO vibrator sex toy online

2. We Vibe Rave G spot vibrator

image of we vibe rave g spot vibrator purple colour with app control

The we vibe rave is one of the best luxury on the market if you are having a hard time finding your G spot its hard for you to climax from the inside. Its design like a boomerang with near 35 degree angle. 

The shaped and size of this we vibe rage g spot vibrator is to touch those hard to reach place. Not everyone is the same so with the angle and the large size of this we vibe vibrator, its perfect for most body. 

Use a good amount of personal lube then power on the vibrator. You can use the app control via Bluetooth or just use the control on the vibrator. Select the right vibration you like then slowly insert it into your vagina with the angle face up towards your pelvic area. 

Slowly use the vibrator to rub that vagina wall area facing the vibrator angle towards your pelvic belly area. You will slowly feel a rush of sensation, some people might feels like the need to go an pee but don't worry just keep going and you will loose this feeling and start to feel the climax.

With full waterproof, ultra quiet and powerful vibrator. The we vibe rave g spot vibrator is becoming the vibrator of choice for everyone.

Below is a video reviewing the We Vibe Rave and showing how to use a G spot vibrator properly

Click here for a full range of we vibe sex toys

3. Master Orgasm G SPOT Enhancer Vibrator 7 Powerful Function 'Cute Pink'

the most powerful g spot vibrator in pink colour

Master of Orgasm is specially design vibrator for g spot stimulation. Their specially design rounded large tip helps to stimulates the whole g spot area. 

With 7 powerful function you will be spoil with all the multiple orgasm you will get from the inside. Many reviews shows that this vibrator can stimulate and create the squirting of woman ejaculation.

This Master or orgasm g spot vibrator is made from soft medical grade silicone and water proof. It is the choice for many woman who wants a better and more intense orgasm. 

If you are sick of your current vibrator and its not doing the job for you anymore then give this Master of Orgasm a try. You will not be disappointed.

Click here for a full range of g spot vibrators

4. Romp Hype G spot vibrator

romp g spot vibrator in red colour


ROMP is one of the newest brand on the market. It owns by the same parent company that made womanizer and we vibe. Created from the same manufacturer of high end luxury sex toys you can ensure that this vibrator will delivery the most powerful orgasm climax you will ever experience. 

ROMP vibrator is very simple in design and simple to use. The special feature of this G spot vibrator is the texture tip which is the most important part of a g spot vibrator. The tip of any g spot vibrator is where all the stimulation of the g spot area, the textured silicone provides a new intense feel plus the vibrator motor is build at the tip of this vibrator to create a powerful impact when its inserted into your vagina and rub against the G spot. 

As soon as this vibrator inserted into your vagina you will experience the most intense vibrator and climax you will ever get in your life.  

ROMP is a very affordable vibrator. Price at $75 you cannot go wrong. Its affordable and does the job very well.

Click here for a full range of romp vibrator sex toys

With your partner: 

  1. Get aroused first by kissing and cuddling. 
  1. Lie on your back with your legs drawn up and ask him to insert two fingers, palm upwards, into your vagina. 
  1. With your Clitoris at twelve o’clock he works his way slowly from ten o’clock to two. Once he finds the magic spot you can relax as he concentrates on giving you pleasure.

Guide him on pressure, speed and length of stroke as the ‘ideal’ combination is unique to every woman. 

  1. Another position is to lie face down on your tummy with a pillow under your hips. He can now insert his fingers, palm down. Because the pillow pushes your tummy in to meet his fingers this can be even more exquisite.

With exciting G spot arousal, it’s not uncommon to ejaculate some fluid as you come. This is perfectly normal. 

Using a vibrator for orgasm

My husband is great at arousing me but very often he doesn’t go on long enough for me to climax. When I’m just about ready to come he stops caressing my clitoris, puts his penis in and goes on to climax himself. Afterwards he goes to sleep. I can have an orgasm perfectly well on my own with a vibrator sex toy.

Is there any medical danger in me getting so close time after time and not actually coming? 

There’s no actual danger but it can be harmful. Every time a woman gets highly aroused blood builds up in her pelvic organs and external genitals. 

 If she doesn’t go on to have an orgasm this fullness persists for some hours while the blood seeps away.

Such women say they feel almost permanently ‘Congested’ or ‘unsatisfied’, and that they have backaches, painful periods, sleeplessness and itching in their genitals.

Whether or not this produces any actual medical condition or illness isn’t known but common-sense dictates that it can’t do the womb much good. The way round all this is never to get to the point where you are highly aroused unless you go on to have an orgasm.

If your husband doesn’t bring you to a climax, either teach him how to do so he might be keener to learn after reading this or do so yourself for some hours while the blood seeps away. There are sex toys that is very enjoyable to use, and designs are very discreet now days.

If you need to buy a vibrator click here for our biggest range of vibrator on the internet.

How to use a vibrator

    This may well mean you having to re-educate him about your time to orgasm. The average woman takes about fifteen minutes of continuous, appropriate stimulation. I bet he thinks that it’s much less than this, and so stops or gets bored.

    One interesting angle on this issue is that several women find they can make themselves feel a lot better premenstrual by having an orgasm. Thankfully, most women today feel confident and open enough to ask their man to help them to reach an orgasm, or can do so themselves, with or without using some sort of vibrator or other sex toy. 

    Here are a few sex toys vibrator can get you reach your climax quick and easy.

    1. Satisfyer pro 2 next generation
    2. We-Vibe wand
    3. LeLo Elise 2 g spot vibrator
    4. Pretty Love G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Thrusting functions
    5. Pretty Love Sensual Powerful Clitoral Stimulator Bullet 'Sebastian' Pink
    6. Adam & Eve Cheeky Panty with Rechargeable Bullet

    A vibrator must have good vibrations and the vibration need to be intense and the vibrator must have multi speed.

    Vibrator sex wands

    There are larger vibrator on the market such as the Wands. These are vibration machines with a large head act as the main vibration platform. The had of the vibrator sex wand is so powerful that when you placed against your vagina the clitoris and g spot will experience orgasms.

    Here are some of the best vibrator sex wands on the internet

    1. Le wand

    2. Pillow Talk Sultry Dual Ended Warming Massager Pink

    3. Shibari Mini Halo Wireless 20X Purple

    4. Pretty love power wand

    Clitoral vibrator and clit sex toys bullets

    Other sex toy that are also very popular with women who need clitoral stimulation to climax is the bullet for clit vibrator.

    Bullet vibrator is the most sold sex toy product in the world. Bullet is the best product for clitoral vibrators.

    Popular sex toys bullets online

    1. We Vibe Tango
    2. Adam & Eve Bullet
    3. LeLo Luxury Egg

    Helping her to ejaculate

    There can be few subjects in the sexual arena that cause more confusion than female ejaculation. Most of the medical profession denies its existence, yet millions of women know it is a fact. Yet more experience what they think ‘is a loss of urine at orgasm and are too embarrassed to say anything about it, even to their lover. 

    Of course, very few women ejaculate every time they orgasm and some never do. 

    But I think it’s a subject worth taking seriously because millions of women the world over who ‘wet themselves’ and feel sexually embarrassed or even Childlike in their inability to control their bladders are, in fact, sexual athletes, not cripples. The days of men taking sole responsibility for the damp patch should be over! 


    Women Who say they get ‘Very wet’ during sex fall into four different categories:

    1. Those in the first group get wet because they’re highly aroused, especially in the first half of their cycle. 

    2. A second group actually leak some urine during intercourse or at orgasm. This usually occurs because the muscle tone of their bladder is a little unstable. It is really a sort of ‘battered bladder’ syndrome. It can easily be prevented by emptying the bladder before starting to have sex. 

    3. The third group lose urine even if there is nothing in their vagina. They too should try to empty their bladder before sex.

    4. The final group experience true ejaculation. These women lose fluid at orgasm, but it quite definitely isn’t urine as laboratory tests prove. In fact, in its make ‘up it is very similar to prostatic secretion. 

    In a woman the urinary passage runs in the front vaginal wall from the base of the bladder to the outside. Along its wall length are small glands that cling to it like a bunch of grapes.

    It is normally almost impossible to feel these. When a woman is highly aroused, though, these glands fill with fluid and make the area feel puffy. It is this, I believe, that constitutes the famous G Spot


    First, it’s important to become highly aroused. Then stimulate the front vaginal wall and G spot more than anywhere else. This can be achieved either with your own or your lover’s fingers, or with a special G’spot Vibrator.

    Check out the video below from a sex expert about G Spot massagers, orgasm and squirting.


    If you always make sure your bladder is empty before any such games, you’ll know it can’t be urine. Place a small towel under your bottom. The ejaculated fluid can be as much as a teaspoonful and can shoot some distance. Warn your man if he’s likely to be in the area at the time! 

    If you need help find the perfect sex toy click here for a full sex toy guide

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