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February 04, 2022

Valentine's day has snuck up again. After surviving so long in lockdown, you might be overwhelmed at the idea that you're able to come out and celebrate this love-filled occasion. 

Luckily, Valentine's day falls on Monday, February 14th, 2022. That means that you get an entire weekend to spoil those who you love! So, if your love language is receiving gifts, this is the year for you! 

At  Funtasia, we like to give our loyal customers a little gift.


That's why, this year, our Valentine's day special for you is an additional 15% off your purchase and free shipping if you use the promo code TITANIC. 

Hurry, this Valentine's day sale is only from February 7th through the 14th, so fill up your carts!

We're here to help make shopping for your loved ones easy. That's why we've created this 2022 Valentine's day shopping guide for you!

We've got Valentine's day gifts for him, for her, and for everyone! We've even broken them down into simple price brackets to make sticking to your budget easy. 


Why is Valentine's Day Important? 

Valentine's day is the special occasion where you celebrate a special someone in your life. Gone are the days that it assumed that whomever you're celebrating with is your lover. In the modern-day, Valentine's day is for friends, family, and lovers alike. 

It's about taking time out of your life to celebrate the unique bond you have with someone. Doing this helps those special people feel cherished and appreciated.

This feeling of appreciation helps reinforce and  strengthen the intimacy you have together.

Even though sex toys seem like an incredibly intimate gift - we guess that you know plenty of details about the sex lives of most people around you!

Spreading the gospel of pleasurable sex is a message well worth sharing.

If you're looking for gifts to give to people around you to celebrate Valentine's day, look no further than the stock available at Funtasia. 

Our selection is vast, varied, and full of pleasant surprises. 


Valentine's Gift Ideas

You're the February Santa Claus this year! Spread the message of love and good cheer through massage coupons, vibrators, and other fun objects that you think might make someone's day more enjoyable. 

Start by making a list of everyone you want to give a Valentine's Day gift to: 

  • Friends - have any of your friends been especially supportive this year? Have they helped you with your mental health and wellbeing? They'll expect a gift from you on their birthday, but a Valentine's Day gift might be the way to surprise them. 


  • Family -While getting a sexy gift for someone in your family might have seemed uncomfortable or strange ten years ago, now it is pretty common! Grab something for someone who has helped you this year and help them spice up their Valentine's day!


  • Lovers - Whether it's your spouse of twenty years or someone new you've been seeing, buying them something can change things up a little bit. Valentine's day is a sex date that requires no scheduling. To create something for both of you to look forward to as you edge closer!


  • Groups -Say you've got a big group of friends that you want to all give gifts to. Grab a few small items to show them that you care about their sexual fulfilment!

Whoever you're shopping for, we've got options for your 2022 Valentine's Day. Use this shopping guide to help you choose something sexy and something within your budget.

We're going to separate our choices into three sections and give you a few options for each:

  • Affordable Valentine's gift options that are under $50 
  • Comfortable spender options under $100 
  • Spoil em' rotten choices of over $100

These are all based onbefore you get that special Valentine's day sale price, so those discounts will really stack up!

Valentine's Gifts for Him

Buying a Valentine's Day gift for a man seems like an overwhelming task. Often, men are the most difficult people to shop for any occasion! The beauty of Valentine's day is that it's sexually turbocharged, so anything you get him will be appreciated.

Affordable - Under $50

  • A vibrating cock ring- Cock rings make the penis appear larger, feel thicker, help you last longer, and give you more intense orgasms. Pick up the affordable  Juke by ROMP that is not only rechargeable but made with body-safe silicone!
  • Top of the line douche - A  new douchecan provide just the right kind of clean that you want. One can never try every type of douche, so adding a new one to the collection can help shake things up! Try the  multi-purpose enema anal douche cleaner by Smart Wash for a squeaky clean, good time. 
  • Masturbator sleeve - Masturbating never has to be the same again.  Grab a Tenga egg or six! At only $15 each, these little eggs can help change up your solo-sex routine for practically nothing!

Comfortable spender - Under $100

  • Fleshlight masturbator - How sexy is the famous adult actress Alexis Texas? Famous enough that she has her own  Fleshlight pocket pussy! Grab this one and spoil your favourite Alexis Texas fan today. 
  • Glass butt plug Anal sex toys are not a place to skimp. Whether you're a backdoor expert or just getting started, the  Expert by Chrystalino is the perfect plug for you. It's made of hand-blown non-porous borosilicate glass. It's designed to last a lifetime, and it's even safe to share with friends!


Spoil 'em rotten Over $100

  • Automatic blowjob machine - There's only one unquestionable choice for this category - the Automatic blow job machine.  The Autoblow AIcomes in various sizes to ensure that you have the perfect fit. It's also easy to clean and easy to use! It is the top of the line for masturbatory devices, without a doubt.



Valentine's Gifts for Her

Shopping for a woman for Valentine's Day can be overwhelming. How can you ever choose just one with so many toys on the market? We've organized our helpful pleasure guide to making this easy for you. Our toy selections should fit any budget. 


Affordable - Under $50


Comfortable spender - Under $100

  • Sucking vibrator - One of the most popular sex toys of all time,  the Satisfyer Pro 2+ is the vibrator every woman wants. The unique air pulse technology can make a squirter out of anyone willing to really try!
  • Rabbit vibrator - Everything Satisfyer makes is magic, including the  Mister Rabbit. This gorgeous rabbit style toy offers a handle for easy use and dual stimulation for combination orgasm!


Spoil ‘em rotten - Over $100

  • Women's pleasure kit - Valentine's day is a day to treat someone to something extraordinary. That's why the limited edition  Golden Moments kitis the perfect option. This box comes with a Womanizer premium sucking vibrator and the Chorus by We-vibe C-shaped couples vibrator. Both come in a unique matte black colour with gorgeous gold accents. It's going to make jewellery seem like a thing of the past!


Valentine's Gifts for Everyone 

For non-binary friends and lovers, it can feel like there is no Valentine's gift guide for you! Don't worry. We've got you covered at Funtasia. Non-binary shopping and gifts for anyone you know can make your Valentine's day easy and your shopping simple. 


Affordable - Under $50

  • Erotic dice  - Of course, no sexy list would be complete without  erotic dice. For just $3.95, you can spice up your Valentine's day sex activities while keeping the night fun and relaxed - Don't forget to BYO strap-on!
  • Sexy socks - Your socks should tell a story. That's why we've chosen the  sexy socks by Kinky Minky. They're a fun and affordable way to show that you're pro pleasure!
  • Break up toyIf you or someone you love has recently been through a break-up, what better way to celebrate Valentine's day than to punch their ex in the face? Do so without going to prison by grabbing the inflatable  Break Up Bopper!

Comfortable spender - Under $100

  • Adult game - There is a new classic for any event.  The Duelling Cum Face game is like nothing you've seen before. Pour liquid into the holes between the two shafts and see who gets their penis to squirt in their face first!
  • Wand vibrator - Some toys are designed for either the male or the female body. Luckily the wand vibrator can bring pleasure to anyone!  The Playful massageris made with medical-grade silicone and is incredibly soft to the touch. Anyone can enjoy this fun accessory!

Spoil 'em rotten Over $100

Valentine's day is for lovers, friends, and family alike. So, don't forget to pick up gifts for everyone you love because, in 2022, everyone deserves to be celebrated.

Don't forget to enter the discount code TITANIC from February 7th-14th to get your extra 15% off your total purchase!

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Clinical Sexologist | Sex & Relationship Coach | Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant


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