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February 21, 2023

Arcwave is the best male sex toy online

The frenulum doesn't get nearly enough love, especially as it's one of the most sensitive spots on the penis, creating INTENSE orgasms. If you have no idea what we mean, don't worry. Here are some tips to tickle your pickle.

What is the Frenulum?

The frenulum sits on the underside of the head of the penis and is often compared to the clitoris as a sensitive area of receptors. It's why those short strokes near the head feel the best as the fingers hit the sweet spot, but the important question is how to stimulate such a sensitive area.

Massage function on this male sex toy

The frenulum isn't usually the target of sensual massages, but with communication and patience, it can be a transformative experience. It's best to use lubricants, such as Swiss Navy or Wicked, and to lightly massage beneath the tip, increasing the pace when needed. To pump up the pleasure, the mouth, in short, rolling motions can be used with the tongue, but sometimes a few toys work best.

What is so special about this Arcwave Sex Toy

The Arcwave is a one-of-a-kind. A pleasure stroker with a Tightness Adjustment System gives intense sensations in the penis receptors, hitting spots that are usually missed, like the frenulum. It's hard not to love it's compact design and CleanTech silicone making pleasure easier than ever.


This arcwave product is very similar to the original pocket pussy that every male is used to but ten time better.

So what are you waiting for? Tickle your pickle.

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