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March 30, 2022

For many Australians, sex has become less of a priority and more of a luxury. Finding the time to get down and dirty after work and daily duties can prove to be a major challenge –  and often makes you wonder: am I getting enough?

What does a good sex-life balance look like?

At some point, everyone questions whether their sex habits and tastes are normal. The simple fact is that everyone’s different, and there’s no real right or wrong answer –  especially when it comes to how much action you’re getting.

If that’s too vague an answer for you, experts have something a little more concrete to say. According to the big Australian sex survey, the average couple gets frisky from once a month to a few times a week. That leaves plenty of room for upping the number of sessions per month – and we’re more than happy to help you get there.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities


Intimacy doesn’t have to be restricted to the bedroom. Opportunities for spicing things up are everywhere if you keep your eyes open. Even new settings can do wonders for igniting passion.

Think candlelit dinners with a remote-controlled vibrator humming between your legs, while the controls are in your partner’s hands, or a secret spot in the city where you can put bondage and fetish gear to good use. Maybe a quickie in the car (sped up, thanks to a vibrating cock ring), will do the job. The list of potential situations is endless.

The trick to making it work for both of you is balancing risk and reward. If you’re not comfortable enough to plunge into public sex, start by doing it somewhere where you knowyou won’t be found.

Hire a room away from home or take a drive somewhere secluded where you can be alone. You’ll soon get used to spotting opportunities anywhere and everywhere – and the more you do it, the bolder you’ll get.

Another great way to make every moment count is to start foreplay early by sending sexy texts and sexts. By the time you get together, you’ll both be ready to ‘get there’ on demand.

Boost your experience with sex toys for couples

As a couple, making the most of your time together is always important. Enriching the connection requires a little TLC and nurturing, and the effort is well worth it. In other words, the more you explore together, the closer you’ll get.

Seeking different places to get down and dirty is one way of expanding your horizons. Sex toys for couples is another and could help you maximise shared pleasure, wherever you use them.

With couple’s vibes, cock rings, and other pleasure products stimulating the both of you, orgasms come faster, harder, and more frequently. That’s great news for those who are strapped for time –  whether that’s due to a schedule or the risk of being caught ‘doing it’ in public. Either way, these goodies give you a reason to try something new.

Schedule in a steamy session that’s sure to end with a bang and add in some of our exciting products to level up the experience.

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