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April 01, 2022

One of the most common complaints at Funtasia is that people aren't enjoying the sex enough. Whether alone or with a partner, adding lubrication is crucial for sexual satisfaction. Using lubricant becomes even more necessary as age becomes a factor. We've created this Guide to Lubricants for Mature Men and Women for just that purpose.

As you age, your body produces less of the sex hormones. Those hormones are responsible for creating lubrication and the libido you once experienced. Your body also changes and is more likely to slurp up the lubricant you apply. So, to combat this, choose from our special lubricants here for the best sex at any age. 

Types of lubricants

If you haven't already read our guide to lubricants, you can check that one out here. There is a lot more than many people think to lubes, and we want you to be fully informed. There are 5 general types of lubes you can buy: 


Pros: Affordable, comes in a wide range of sensations and flavours, safe to be used with any sex toy, and doesn't usually stain sheets

Cons: Overwhelming choices, dries out quickly, and many contain harmful additives like glycerin


Pros: Ideal for ageing bodies, great for anal sex, hypoallergenic, moisturizes the skin, and lasts much longer than water-based

Cons: Stains almost everything it touches, cannot be used with toys continuing silicone and can be comparatively expensive

Naturally-based lubes

Pros: Ideal for women with sensitive pH balance, most are organic/vegan etc., they're much less likely to cause skin irritation, and can be used with most toys

Cons: Relatively expensive, limited selection, and dry out quickly

Hybrid Lubricants

Pros: Last longer than water-based lubes, are (usually) compatible with more toys, leaves skin silky soft, and is less prone to staining fabrics

Cons: Not all are toy compatible, the small amount of silicone means that it doesn't last as long as a silicone-based lubricant

Oil-Based Lubricants

Pros: Lasts the longest of all the types of lubricants and can be found in your kitchen cupboard

Cons: Will break latex condoms or cause microtears in them, clogs your pores, stains your sheets, and are not formulated for sex - so very high risk

You've likely already chosen one type of lubricant in your head.

If you walk into one of Funtasia's three locations, you may be surprised to see that we have giant walls of lubricants for you to choose from. 

Don't worry. We'll recommend a few of each, so you can get the right one for you.

Best Water-based Sexual Lubricants for Mature Sex

Water-based lubes are generally the safest bet to get started with for anyone.

While you can pick up water-based lubes from your servo or local grocery store, that's a risky game. They're likely to contain harmful additives that can cause undesirable reactions with your skin, anus, or vagina. Stick with these choices for your sexual needs to be safe:

Pjur Med - Sensitive Glide

Pjur is a fabulous company in Germany. It is highly regarded for its ridiculously high lube standards. This sensitive formulation does not contain any of the harmful additives we mentioned before. It's dermatologically safe and formulated so it does not mess up the vagina's gentle pH levels. 

Jo Agape Lubricant

The Agape formula is designed just for her to mimic your natural pH and vaginal lubrication. That way, your lubrication feels all-natural. It's easily washed away with water and is free from any harmful ingredients.

Jo H20 Jelly Maximum Lubricant 

This thicker formula means that you'll be able to go for much longer than a typical water-based lubricant. Jo created this formula with a much thicker viscosity. However, it's still pH balanced while being paraben and propylene glycol free!

Best Silicone-based Sexual Lubricants for Mature Sex

If we had to choose just one type of lubricant for mature sex, silicone-based would be it.

Since it is long-lasting, you don't have to worry about reapplying often, and you can use it for water-based sex.

Silicone-based lubricants are versatile products. They give you peace of mind if you have sensitive skin and offer you a ton of high-quality options. 

Pjur Concentrated Silicone Lubricant

Again, we love Pjur's products. They're extensively scientifically studied for safety and effectiveness. This concentrated silicone lubricant means that even just a few drops should go a long, long way. 

Silky Thin Silicone Lubricant by Jo

This extra silky formula is an ultra-thin silicone that is great for every orifice. Specially formulated with high-quality silicone, it's also enriched with vitamin E to keep your delicate areas moisturized. It's compatible with condoms, preservative-free and long-lasting, all simultaneously!

Best Naturally-based Sexual Lubricants for Mature Sex

If you have dietary restrictions or have sensitive skin opt for a naturally based lube.

While it is likely to dry out faster than you'd like, it's better to reapply the risk of having an allergic reaction.

These are our top picks for naturally-based lubricants for mature sex:

Natural Pleasure - Vegan Lubricant

This vegan lube is free from any nasties you may get in the other lubes. It's odourless, tasteless, and doesn't have any irritating synthetic preservatives. It's great for your skin and made from recycled and biodegradable plastic. Which makes it not only safe for you but the environment. 

Sensuva - Natural

This formula creates a natural feeling whichever way you slide in. It's high-quality and made with only body-safe ingredients to provide long-lasting comfort to your sex life. 

Best Hybrid Sexual Lubricants for Mature Sex

Can't decide what you want? Want the best of both water and silicone worlds? Then look no further than the hybrid formulas. Most formulas will be about 90% water-based and 10% silicone-based, but that may change based on the recipe. 

If you don't know where to start on your lube journey for mature sex, this is a great place to get started.

Wicked Simply Hybrid

Wicked's Simply Hybrid is a creamy blend of water and silicone lubes. It contains olive leaf extracts, so you even get antioxidants from sex! It's pH balanced, safe for all toys, and free from nasty additives.

Jo Silicone-Free Hybrid

Not everyone wants silicone lubes on their genitals, and we totally respect that decision! Jo has a unique silicone-free formula that combines water-based lube with coconut oil. This hybrid is long-lasting and has the delicate aroma of coconuts! 

Sensuva Ultra Thick Hybrid Formula

Sensuva is a remarkably innovative lubricant brand that comes out with unique products. This ultra-thick hybrid is ideal for mature sex since it's so long-lasting. It's also latex and silicone product safe, glycerine and paraben-free, and pH balanced. There isn't anything to NOT love. 

Best Oil-based Sexual Lubricants for Mature Sex

As a rule of thumb, we do not recommend oil-based lubricants. Again, they break latex condoms (even if you can't see them). They're often not designed explicitly for sex and can irritate the skin. But, if you're determined to give these a shot, this is what we have for you: 

Crisco All-vegetable Shortening

That's right - we've got the classic Crisco for all your oil-based lubricant needs. Add some to your penis or your cake! Just be safe when you use it. 

Doc Johnson Anal Lube

You can use a petroleum-based lubricant anally or vaginally. Just make sure you're aware of the risks. It's body-safe, vegan friendly, and comes with a numbing agent (not a great idea if you ask us.)

Changing needs means it's time to adapt.

Adapt more efficiently by doing some research before you buy.

If you're still unsure of which lube you want, stop by one of our stores in Penrith, West Ryde, or Wagga Waggato get help from a Sexpert choosing your new favourite lube. 


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex Coach | Relationship coach | Pleasure Product Expert

Instagram: @SexWithElaine

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