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May 15, 2020

Sex toys and masturbation in a marriage

What is masturbation?

Is it the act of self sexual pleasure either using your hands or a sex toy. For females they can use a vibrator or dildo and for men the most common form of masturbation is stroking their penis. 

Many couples have been married for years and are very much in love. Despite this, many men and woman still feel a need to masturbate from time to time. This always upsets some partners because they think it means she/he isn’t giving them what they want. But surely, it’s alright? 

Guys masturbating

Most men continue to masturbate throughout their lives, no matter how happy they are in their one-to-one relationship. Strangely enough, even today, many men feel guilty about self-stimulation and find it hard to admit to their partner that they do it.

Recent online surveys during COVID-19 lockdown, the sale of sex toys and lubricants skyrockets. In fact, traffic into adult toys website in Australia like has tripled. The most popular items are Vibrators and Men’s masturbators. With this fact it shows that masturbation is extremely popular.

Some men are afraid their lover will think them as juvenile for doing it. They imagine that self-pleasuring is something only those without a partner indulge in or things that younger men do.

Of course, this is sometimes simply an unconscious projection of their own fears of being juvenile their partner doesn’t believe this at all. Masturbation for either sex has little to do with immaturity.

Girls Masturbating

When talking about this topic of masturbating, the majority of us will think of men. Woman masturbating has increased and currently nearly as much as their opposite sex. Internet and the world wide campaign in equality has encourage woman to think that what ever a men can do we can do it too. 

Female masturbation has becoming a norm in today society and they are here to stay. The increase in female sex toy sale is a clear indicator of this trend.

It just happens to be our main sexual pleasure when we are sexually immature. The sensations produced by masturbation are different from those of intercourse, and most men say they enjoy both. Clinical experience shows that people of both sexes who are happy in their relationship tend to masturbate more.

Masturbate can reduce stress

It’s as if their sexual thermostat is set at a higher level. This is especially true of women. The first sign that things aren’t going well in a couple’s sex life can often be the woman stopping masturbating or doing so less frequently. 

By and large men who have frequent sex tend to masturbate less often than those who have intercourse rarely. It’s as if each man has a level of sexual outlets that is right for him at any stage of life. He then works within that. 

How to masturbate with sex toys

With new technology and improve quality of silicone materials. Sex toys has becoming a tool of choice for males and females who loves to indulge in masturbation. The days of a quick release in the shower for the boys or a quick finger rubbing for the girls is over. There are adult toys that can do a better job and give you a more powerful orgasm.

With a few clicks on the internet you can have the best ex toy vibrator like the LeLo Soraya at your doorstep for the girls. Or the best pocket pussy masturbator like the AutoBlow 2+ for the boys. The sex toys design and technology has changed so much in the past 10 years, some users claim that it’s even better than the real thing.

Masturbation is here to stay in both sexes. Try to talk yourself out of that guilt, talk to your wife about it, and enjoy.

Why does woman love vibrators?

Women don’t become addicted to their vibrators. On the contrary. 

It seems that high-quality orgasms using a toy make a woman more orgasmic and arousal during intercourse rather than less so. 

Many men, especially insecure ones, don’t like the idea of their partner having a vibrator for her personal use because it makes them feel inadequate. They ask therapists why, since they are giving their women such brilliant orgasms during sex, they feel the need for some silly piece of Japanese plastic at all.

The truth, of course, is that men don’t ‘give’ women orgasms. Any man who thinks he does is especially likely to be upset at his partner using a vibrator. It dents his sexual power. 

Why does men love masturbation?

Men was program to play with themselves. During the first thought about girls and sex in their teens and during puberty, men starts to masturbate. It’s a very normal and a common practice that all men does.

In recent surveys shows that with the internet and the ease of accessibility to porn. Men have masturbate more frequent now then ever. Masturbation is also a way to release stress and anger, men who masturbate more often then to be more relax and happier then those who do not.

Vibrator can give a better orgasm

The bottom line is that a vibrator can produce far higher quality and more reliable orgasms than can most men. Many women tell me it’s the predictability of the thing that’s so great.

Most men simply can’t, or won’t, keep up the level of continuous stimulation that their partner best enjoys, and this, in turn, makes orgasm less likely or less pleasurable for her. 

A woman can use her vibrator to pace her arousal; to stop and start at will; and to position it exactly where she wants it. Few men are as reliable or can last if even the most basic of vibrators! 

By far the best way out of your dilemma is to invite your husband to share in your vibro-fun, perhaps doing other delicious things to you while you use the toy. 

The best vibrator for woman that give a powerful orgasm

With movies like fifty shades of grey, the classic rabbit vibrator came back into the spotlight. The best seller in vibrator range to date is still the Rabbit Vibrator.

New technology allows woman to experience a more luxury product with high quality material like medical grade silicone. This type of soft but strong silicone allows a ‘real life like’ feel. Check out the latest premium vibrators here

New lithium battery technology for vibrator allows quick charge and longer playtime. Some types of vibrator can have a full charge in 40 mins and hours of play. It’s a long way from the old classic vibrator where the battery last around 20 minutes

Best vibrator for woman

Rabbit Vibrator

The most talked about and best seller at any adult shop retailer. This vibrator gives you double stimulation in the spot with the vibration on the rabbit head, clitoral stimulation on the rabbit’s ear. This is the go-to vibrator if you want multiple orgasms.

G Spot Vibrators

It’s a straight vibrator with an angle of about 30 degree and a thicker head. This aims and targets the G Spot once inserted.

The design is for the thicker knob to sit and hugs the g spot as it vibrates, or some new vibrator have thrusting and rubbing motions.

You will experience the best and most powerful orgasm in your life. The real penis can never do what a vibrator could.

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

A new range of vibrator has entered the market in the past 5 years. It’s a clitoral sucking and vibrating vibrator. Its design with a round hole tip which sits on top your clitoris.

With different settings and function you can start to feel as if something is sucking and licking your clitoris until you climax.

This is one of the most popular trending products right now during COVID-19 lock down.

Vibrator bullets

Small but very effective. Purely design for clitoral stimulation. A little bullet like shaped, very powerful vibrator. Design to sit on top of the clitoris, many bullets has different vibration strength and patterns to take you on a journey for pleasure.

This product is for those who don’t want to much around with anything else and get instant orgasm.

Vibrator wands

The most powerful vibrator on the market. Wands shaped like a mushroom with a big motor on the head to produce the most powerful vibration you will ever experience.

The wand is for those who want that extra level of vibration a normal vibrator cannot deliver.

The best pocket pussy and masturbator for men

Male sex toys have improved dramatically from the older rubber masturbator sleeve and cup masturbation tubes to the new full medical grade soft silicone sleeves.

Types of masturbator for men

Pocket pussy


This is a small handheld silicone sleeve that fits into your palm. Add a few drops of water base lubricant and you can start stroking and enjoy yourself.

This type of male masturbator is cheap and effective. You can buy one online here for about $20 each

Full Size Ass and Vagina


This is a full-size replica of a real Ass and Vagina mould. The quality of these products you can’t tell you are having sex with a silicone product. Just close your eyes and enjoy.

The ‘life like’ and real feel of this type of masturbator is as close to the real thing as you can get. Because of the size sometime is not convenient to clean and store.

If you are looking for something with a real life like texture and size, then this is the product for you.

Masturbation Cup with Wall mount


This is one of the most popular masturbation sex toy products on the market. It’s a large full silicone sleeve fit into a tube. Some tube is attached with a wall mount suction cup so you can mount it on any hard surface for handsfree masturbation.

The soft silicone sleeve is design with special texture tunnels so you will feel every inch once you insert yourself in there. A little bit of warm lubricant is recommended, and you will never use your hands for masturbation again.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls is very expensive and can cost up to $25000 each. The most expensive sex dolls have artificial intelligent computer installed so she can talk to you and answer most common questions.

This type of sex dolls is more for collectors who like to dress their dolls, do their nails and hair and have sex in different positions.

With the extravagant price tag, this sex dolls is not very affordable for everyone. Only the people who have enough money will enjoy a real sex doll.

We have a replica of the real sex doll here; everything is the same as the Ai (artificial intelligent sex dolls) but it does not talk to response to you.

We have a huge collection of masturbator online here.

You can always click on our guide on how to purchase a sex toy here.

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