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November 19, 2021

Everything you need to know about Warranty on Sex Toys

Many customer comes into our stores over the past year with very common questions when it comes to sex toys warranty, repairs, returns and exchanges. As the online sales increase across the internet and more adult toys website appear online, returns rate are also on the increase across all ecommerce platforms.

Some of the most frequent asked questions in our stores and online enquiries are 

Does my sex toys have a warranty? 

How long is the warranty on my sex toy?

Where can I go for a warranty claim on my faulty sex toys?

What is covered under the sex toy warranty policy?

Can I exchange my sex toys after I have purchased them?

Can I get a refund for my sex toys?

Do I have to pay for return shipping fee?

Before we go to the details about individual brands or products and the warranty policy, you need to understand that under Australian consumer law, products purchased online or in-store at any Adult Shop in Australia is protected under consumer law.

Summary on Australia Consumer Law

The following is a quote directly from ACCC Website 

"You can ask a business for your preference of a free repair, replacement or refund, but you are not always entitled to one. For example, the consumer guarantees do not apply if you got what you asked for but changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it."

Other than the reasons above, if the product you purchase is defective, businesses in all states and territories in Australia have to cover a warranty on adult toys products they sell to a customer for a minimum period of 12 months. 

Adult shops in Australia are responsible for replacing or repairing adult toy products within the first 12 months. If an adult retailer cannot repair or replace the defective product, they have to provide a refund for the product. 

Alternatively, consumers can have arrangements with adult shop retailers to choose a different product if the retailer cannot replace the same product in the case the defective product has been discontinued.

It is also recommended to ask the adult retailer about the store warranty and return policy before purchasing a sex toy. This will ensure everyone understands the rules, and there will be no misunderstanding further down the line.

What is my adult shop retailer said they do not exchange or repair defective, used adult toys?

This is illegal, and it is a shame that many adult shops in Australia are doing it. Many adult shops will test the product before you, and they will advise you that there is no warranty once the product leaves the store.

Consumers in Australia are protected by consumer law regardless of what product they have purchased.

You need to ask your adult retailer to give you something in writing, either via an email or letter, to say that they do not cover a warranty for the product you have purchased and the reasons why they do not cover that warranty. 

Next, you will need to contact your local Fair-Trading office and ask for their advice on what you can do to help to get the retailer to fulfil their obligation under Australian consumer law.

Physical Damage / Water Damage

Your product might be covered under warranty for product defects and manufacturing faults, but it will not cover Physical Damage or Water Damage (for non-waterproof products). For example, if you accidentally drop a vibrator from height and it broke the battery cover, and this will not be covered by warranty.

Or, if you use a non-waterproof vibrator in the shower, then it gets damaged, and this will not be covered under warranty. 

Be Honest with your retailer

Sometimes, it's good the be honest, contact the retailer, explain your situation, and ask how they can help you in certain situations. Adult sex toy retailing is a very competitive industry, and every retailer will want to win you over and keep you as a customer. They will go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Now it's time to answer some of the critical questions at the beginning of this article

Do my sex toys have a warranty?  

Yes, your sex toys product is covered under the consumer law act.

How long is the warranty on my sex toy?

A minimum 12-month warranty has to be provided by the retailer you purchased from.

Where can I go for a warranty claim on my faulty sex toys?

Australian consumer law states that consumers can go back to the retailer they purchase the products for a warranty. 

Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer for a warranty.

What is covered under the sex toy warranty policy?

Sex toys are covered under consumer law in Australia, like any other product such as mobile phone, microwave or household or personal effects.

Most manufacturers will cover you for the first 12 months of purchase. Some brands such as We-Vibe and Womanizer will protect you for two years and five years. 

Can I exchange my sex toys after I have purchased them?

You can exchange your sex toy product if it satisfies the following conditions

  1. The product does not look like what is advertised 
  2. The product does not perform as advertised
  3. The product is defective

Do I have to pay for return shipping fee?

Yes, Australian consumer law does not cover return fees for the customer for small size goods. 

Tips on adult toys warranty and how to get the most for your money with peace of mind

Pick the right adult shop retailer to purchase a product

When looking to buy a sex toy product, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company based in Australia and Australian own. Be extra careful when purchasing from listing websites such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, Facebook and other marketplaces as they don't have a name or a phone number you can contact.

Always look for adult shops with brick and mortar stores. They have an address and a phone number you can contact for warranty and after-sales service. 

The licensed adult shop also has to follow local council rules and regulations regarding health and hygiene, so you are assured that the product you are purchasing is stored in a clean and sterile environment and not in some dirty warehouse.

Which reputable sex toys brand to buy?

The best option for you is to purchase reputable brands that are well known and have international recognition. Most of these big brands will give you better warranty terms than generic brands.

The following are some of the recommended brands that will look after you when it comes to after-sales service

  1. LELO
  2. We-Vibe
  3. Womanizer
  4. Satisfyer
  5. Lovense
  6. Fun Factory
  7. Pretty Love
  8. ROMP
  9. Anal Fantasy
  10. Fleshlight
  11. Kiiroo
  12. Bathmate
  13. Fetish Fantasy
  14. Ouch
  15. Lora DiCarlo
  16. Vush
  17. Doxy
  18. Le Wand
  19. AutoBlow
  20. Nu Sensuelle
  21. Adam&Eve
  22. Scandal
  23. King Cock
  24. Calexotics
  25. Shots
  26. Tenga
  27. Screaming O
  28. Pillow Talk
  29. Bodywand
  30. Pipedream

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