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November 20, 2021

Packer Gear has arrived!

Here at Funtasia The Adult Shop, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive space for everyone. We aim to cater to all members of our society, whatever your preference or kink! Recently after speaking to a very good customer of ours, we realized there are things we aren’t stocking that there is a demand for. First, an apology to our friends in the trans community. We do see you, and we do love and support you.

We are now proud stockists of the Packer Gear range for those customers who are or have transitioned from FTM.
The range includes Jock Strap with internal packer strap, Brief Harness with internal packer strap, and Boxer Brief with packing pouch. These are perfect for everyday packer wear and they also double as a harness for your favourite toys.
There are the 4-inch and 5-inch packing penis and 4-inch and 5-inch silicone packing penis also, which are exactly what you need to create that ideal bulge.
The Ultra-Soft silicone STP penis, we have in stock in multiple shades of skin tone. These products are fantastic and create a sense of realism with their STP (stand to pee) functionality.

This range is ever-evolving, as we look to add more products to make our trans friends feel like the beautiful people they are! MTF, we are working on our product range to suit you also. Please feel free to come into the store anytime for a chat, we are a safe space where the aim is to make all our customers feel more comfortable and more importantly, seen and heard.

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