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May 16, 2021

Everyone’s first impression of going into a sex shop for the first time is different. Some people are so nervous that they send someone else in for them, some others walk in and expect to see some creepy dude behind the counter staring at them. Well this is not the case at all!

It can be daunting or scary coming into a sex shop for the first time and not really knowing what to look at or what to ask so here are some key points you can think about! As a first timer you do not want to go for something extravagant and expensive without knowing if you even like it right? You should think about:

Stimulation for her

You and only you know your body the best. Think about the kind of stimulation you want to experience. Internal simulation covers G-spot or penetration, this is where you may be thrusting a toy or using the toy to massage those sweet spots. Toys to ask about in this case include straight vibes, G-spot vibes, or dongs. If you think that you would prefer to experiment or enjoy external stimulation, then clitoral stimulators are what you are looking for! Clitoral stimulators are self-explanatory (they stimulate the clitoris), and they include toys such as air technology, bullets and lay ons.

Stimulation for him

There is a variety of toys for men in our stores as well! If you’re looking for something that looks and feels realistic then Fleshlight is the way to go! Fleshlights are made from a superskin silicone making it feel like the real thing! Most of them are also molded from famous pornstars! If you are looking for something that feels realistic but looks a little more discrete then Tenga flipholes and eggs are fantastic and easy to clean too. There are also other options such as vibrating strokers and cock rings.


If you are looking for a toy to use with your partner there is a variety of things you may be directed toward. For public play or app-controlled toys that are wearable and quiet you may want to look at wearable eggs, bullet or plug vibrators. Most of these are easily controlled from your mobile phone and can be controlled from anywhere… LITERALLY ANYWHERE. For a couple’s toy to use during sexy time, the C vibrators, vibrating cock rings and butt plug vibes are a great way to go. Strap ons are another great way to connect with your partner especially with same sex couples, there is a large variety of attachments and belts.

Getting kinky

Maybe you are looking for some to spice things up in the bedroom that is not toy related, we have plenty of things for that too! Some great products for bondage beginners are things such: Hand and ankle cuffs (try to stick with the leather or padded ones!), blind folds, crops, floggers or paddles, ticklers, and spreader bars. If you cannot pick just one and you want to try it all, bondage or submissive beginner kits are also available which usually include all the things you will need to get started.

These are only a few of our products! There is so much to experiment with and experience but to start off with, basic is usually a good and non-confronting option. And never be scared to ask questions, ask as may as you like because at the end of the day you want a toy to take home that you are happy and comfortable with. Our fully qualified staff will always do everything that we can to make sure you get what is right for you! Drop in and see us for all your adult fun needs at the most professional and welcoming Penrith Sex Store.


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