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August 05, 2022

We sell a lot of masturbators and pocket pussies at Funtasia. It likely won't surprise you that our best-selling masturbators are the ones from the Fleshlight line. Fleshlight masturbators are top-of-the-line, high-quality, and come in all different shapes, sizes and moulds to suit your exact desires.

But what are the best Fleshlight products at Funtasia? Which type should you buy? Luckily, we've done the research and found our most popular Fleshlight models, so you know where to get started. 

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a brand name masturbator line. It's an artificial vagina, oral, or anal sex toy intended to bring sexual pleasure to your penis. The traditional Fleshlight has three main components:

  1. A plastic housing on the outside
  2. A removable interior similar to the feeling of real human flesh
  3. A twist cap so you can control the exact sensations in your pleasure experience. 

The Fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin as a "device for discreet sperm collection" to help those who wanted to donate sperm have a more enjoyable experience. 

That was back in 1998, and the Fleshlight brand has come a long way since then. Their most popular products are the Fleshlight Girls, which are Fleshlight products that are moulded from the bodies of your favourite porn actresses.

How Do I Clean My Fleshlight?

Taking care of your masturbators means they will live long, healthy, and satisfying lives. Not taking care of them means that your investment may only provide you with a few fun nights. So save yourself some money and take care of your toy. 

To clean a masturbator, you have two options:

  1. Wear a condom to make cleaning up a breeze!
  2. Clean, dry and store it properly so it can lead a fulfilling bareback life. 

To clean your Fleshlight: 

  1.  Remove the Fleshlight sleeve from the plastic housing
  2.  Rinse the inside of the penetration sleeve with warm, not hot, water to knock out any leftovers
  3. Turn the sleeve inside out
  4. Spray the inside and outside of the sleeve thoroughly with Fleshlight toy cleaner (note: DO NOT USE SOAP)
  5. Let the cleaning spray sit for about 30 seconds
  6. Rinse the toy inside and out thoroughly with warm water
  7. Leave the tube somewhere to dry, ideally standing up so the water can drip out of the tube.

Once you've mastered this cleaning routine, it'll become second nature to you. Taking care of your investment means that you can hopefully get a lifetime out of pleasure from this one single product. 

Funtasia's Most Popular Fleshlights

These products all come from the Fleshlight brand's Fleshlight girls. They're modelled after the most famous porn actresses in the world. Several also come in both vaginal and anal models, so you have just what you're in the mood for. 

#3 Fleshlight Product - Joanna Angel

Who is Joanna Angel?

She is an American porn star, actress, director, and writer. Ms Angel is famous for helping the growth of the "alt porn" genre. She is renowned for her hardcore scenes with a consistent and robust punk aesthetic. 

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she was raised in New Jersey. Joanna Angel graduated with a bachelor's in English literature from Rutgers University and minored in Film Studies. 

As a former model for Suicide Girls, the softcore porn website, she later founded her own "indie-punk-porn" site called She featured sex stories from famous band members, nude pictures, and interviews on this site. 

Ms Angel produced several zombie-themed hardcore porn such as Re-Penetrator and Dong of the Dead.

She was named as one of the 12 most popular stars in porn and now runs her "punk look" studio to help continue producing alt porn. 

About the masturbator - Vaginal

If you're looking for an edgy experience, Joanna Angel's vaginal Fleshlight may be the best choice for you. The sleeve features the Misfit Lady Sleeve to create the ultimate Joanna Angel pussy experience for her fans. Users have remarked that it was "the most intense Fleshlight" and that they have "ejaculated a part of (their) soul."

Much like Ms Angel's aesthetic, this Fleshlight will be hard to forget. Filled with tiny bumps, each one will give you a shiver up your spine and an experience you won't forget.

Buy the Joanna Angel Vaginal Masturbator now!

About the masturbator - Anal

The Joanna Angel anal Fleshlight has a signature punk texture. It varies in width with deep ribs to help pull, hug, and massage you during your anal play. It has been heralded as both realistic and an excellent option for first-time Fleshlight buyers. 

Buy the Joanna Angel Anal Masturbator now!

#2 Fleshlight Product - Asa Akira

Who is Asa Akira?

Asa Akira is an American porn actress and director. She has appeared in more than 500 adult films and is famous as an Asian performer. She's won the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award and has hosted the Pornhub Awards twice. 

She started her career in the adult world as a dominatrix when she was only 19 years old. Ms Akira later worked as an exotic dancer at the famous Hustler Club in New York

She's been ranked as a "The Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars Right Now" by Complex. Ms Akira was also featured in the "Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time." In total, she's won over 30 awards, making her an obvious and incredibly popular choice for a Fleshlight sex toy. 

About the masturbator - Vaginal

The Asa Akira Fleshlightreplicates this famous porn star's vulva. It's made from high-quality silicone to create the perfect phthalate-free pocket pussy. The Asa Akira model is unique because it features a "Dragon" sleeve. This unique sleeve features consistent and constant swirling patterns upthrust the sleeve, offering you constant and consistent pressure. 

Buy the Asa Akira Vaginal Masturbator now!

#1 Fleshlight product - Angela White

Who is Anglea White?

Anglea Gabrielle White is an Australian pornographic director and actress. She was inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame and won Female Performer of the Year three times - setting a new record. 

More than just an actress, Ms White graduated from the University of Melbourne with an honours degree in gender studies. She wants to return to university and complete her PhD at some point in the future. 

She has been featured in more pornographic films than you can count and heralded as the "Meryl Streep of porn."

About the masturbator - Vaginal

The Angela White Fleshlight comes in the Indulge sleeve. This sleeve has a series of waves throughout the sleeve to ensure a varied experience, ultimately getting tighter at the end. 

The combination of waves and bumps presents gentle resistance for a snug and tight fit at the tip of your penis. 

Buy the Angela White Vaginal Masturbator now!

About the masturbator - Anal

As one of the most famous porn actresses in the world, we can't only offer you one experience but two! The Anglea White Fleshlight also comes in an anal option made from the Fleshlight Entice sleeve texture. Composed of the classic SuperSkin product that made Fleshlight famous, this toy is 9.75 inches long with an insertion length of about 8.5 inches. 

The interior of the sleeve is much tighter than the vaginal option and features both circular and ribbed nodes. These get increasingly tighter the further you push, ensuring that the glans of your penis are totally stimulated.

Buy the Angela White Anal Masturbator now!

Fleshlights at Funtasia

At the famous Australian Adult store Funtasia, we have a massive selection of Fleshlights and pocket pussies for you! From full-sized sex dolls to discreet masturbators, we've got something for everyone. 

If you want to find an adult store near you, check out our three locations in Wagga Wagga, West Ryde, and Penrith

Each store features Sexperts who have been thoroughly trained by the resident sexologist, Elaine S. Turner. 

If you want to know more about Fleshlights, check out our selection here or drop by! 

Get out there, get in there, and get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, dating and relationship coach | Pleasure Product expert


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