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July 16, 2022

We all have unique personalities, so naturally, our libidos will be different too. So what can you do when you are with someone whose libido is not in sync with yours? In any healthy relationship, it is essential to support each other, maintaining a balance of love, compassion, and communication. Having an open discussion about your differences and taking the next steps together can make for a long-lasting stimulating relationship.

This is where a little trip to your local Funtasia store can come in. Or, if it is more than setting the mood, a chat with our resident sexologist Elaine (who can be found at could help align the stars or rather the anatomy. Now, I get it you are thinking, how can a visit to your local adult boutique help when you don't even
feel like adult time….. Did you know we have more than just toys and lingerie?!?

At Funtasia, we have Wildfire products to help set the mood, including sensual mist sprays, gels and creams that promote stimulation and arousal. We also have a range of aphrodisiac and pheromone-infused massage lotions and oils from Shiatsu to relax the situation.
Something else that can take the pressure off setting the mood is some adult games. For example, Nooki - the adult game for couples, sometimes we put too much pressure on keeping up with each other or even the stress of how regularly we meet between the sheets. This game can aid with bringing enjoyment into the bedroom.

The thing that is important to remember here is that using different natural sensation enhancers does not mean that there is something wrong with you or your partner. It's simply a bonus to enhance any sex life. Who doesn't want to enjoy extra satisfaction? Are you not feeling comfortable about coming in-store? First, let me assure you that customer care is our core value. It's vital to us all that you have a safe, judgment-free environment to find your best pleasure. Secondly, shopping online is an excellent option if you'd like to try products but aren't up for the conversation that comes from face-to-face purchases – just yet.
Happy shopping! May the sensual experience be everything and more.

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Funtasia Wagga Wagga Sexpert

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