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November 13, 2023

Orgasms are for everyone, so today we’d love to talk about accessible sex – whether it’s solo or partnered pleasure that you’re seeking!

Phone Sex

LovenseSatisfyer and We-Vibe are leaders in developing app-operated sex tech, making orgasms more available for every body.

These toys are often promoted to couples and people enjoying long-distance play, however those same features make these toys accessible for people that struggle with fine motor control. These toys can suck, thrust, vibrate, throb, heat, and more!

Splash Out

Sometimes a good time gest messy…Sex Blankets make clean-up a breeze. Why worry about changing sheets or having to clean the mattress protector? Soft fleece on one side with waterproof backing, these are the perfect solution for easy and accessible fun - and they also make great picnic rugs!

  • Machine washable
  • Soft fleece texture
  • Splash proof, waterproof
  • Range of sizes and colours 

Hard on? Right on!

Achieving and maintaining an erection or engorgement can be difficult for many people for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, erections are *not required* to enjoy sexual or sensual touch and are not necessary to orgasm!

The Tenga Egg can be everyone’s best friend. Designed to encase the head of a penis in a world of stimulation and texture, it can also be flipped inside-out to expose the whorls and ridges for grinding on or slipping over the head of a wand vibrator for added stimulation.

  • Slick it up with water-based lube for maximum pleasure
  • Use with other toys for different sensations
  • Easy clean with soapy water and air-dry

If that hot throb of lust is a sensation that you crave then considerpumps. These now come with a variety of attachments for cocks,clits,pussies, and nipples. The swollen sensitivity that comes with pumping really heightens sensations!

  • Use a littlewater-based lube for a perfect seal and maximum pleasure
  • Easy wash-up with soapy water
  • Battery-operated or mechanical options

Mains Powered Pleasure

TheCowgirl Sex Machine offers ride-on fun for all. If you’re interested in mains-powered pleasure, The Cowgirl knows what’s good for you. The more modern, streamlined cousin of the Sybian it is a powerful package in a size that is much easier to store!

  • Internal and external stimulation
  • Solo or partnered pleasure
  • Remote control included, mobile app available
  • Spray and wipe cleaning
  • Hands-free pleasure

Hands Free Fun

Curious about fucking machines? From portable pleasure to robust engineering that can thrust to your tailored satisfaction, sex machines have come a LONG way in the last decade. Many now offer cross-compatibility or adaptors for attachments, so you can continue use your favourite dildo or masturbator with your new best friend.

  • Hands-free stimulation
  • Solo or partnered pleasure
  • Easy assembly and storage

Exxxtra Information

Touching Base are an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to the rights of People with Disability to access sexual pleasure and support. They have developed a range of resources for individuals as well as for carers and organisations.

Not sure what’s right for you? Ask our fabulous staff for help

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