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March 11, 2024

Are you looking to expand your sensual horizons but just not sure where to get started? Look no further than our handy guide for products and activities that heighten sensations in your sexy times - helpfully organised into curious, adventurous, and confident categories!


Keen to start, but not quite sure what to do? Our experienced Sexperts are here to help you get inspired.
  • Edible massage gels and lubes
    Turn your lover’s body into a smorgasbord of your favourite flavours! Our range of condom-safe flavoured massage gels and lubes have been selected with your pleasure in mind. Taste, tease, and please!
  • Pheromone cologne
    Scent is one of our most powerful erotic senses. Get their heart racing and pants throbbing with a spritz of pheromone infused cologne oil that blends with your skin’s pH to create a one-of-a-kind scent that is uniquely you.
  • Tenga Egg
    Marketed primarily as a (very good) glans masturbator for people with penises, the Tenga Egg is really for everyone. Don’t believe me? Turn it inside out and wrap it around the head of your wand vibrator, apply plenty of quality water-based lube, and ride the waves of pleasure the texture brings!
  • Vibrating cockring
    Enhance your manual dexterity by looping a vibrating cockring around your fingers. The addition of rumbling vibes will add a new level of excitement to play time.



Ahhh the swashbucklers of the bedroom, no doubt voted most likely to have sexcapades by their classmates in high school. You’re comfortable with toys, curious about events, and are looking for more things to try..
  • Massage candles
    Candles look good and smell good, but did you know that they feel good too? If the thought of clean-up has had you hesitating, worry no more. These soy candles melt to a decadent oil enriched with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to be massaged into your lover’s body.
  • Blindfolds
    If you haven’t busted out the blindfold yet, why not? Elevate your foreplay with some tease and denial - make your way around their body as they struggle to guess what you will do next.
  • Remote control toys
    Ready player one? Torment each other from across the table or across the country with the latest app-controlled toys from We-Vibe. You can control them independently or synchronise your play to come together.
  • Sensory fingertips
    Let your fingers do the talking with these wicked delights from Sex and Mischief. A set of five adjustable finger caps that turn your fingertips into talons, perfect for teasing and tantalising your prey.



You know what you like, and you’re looking for more. Well don’t stop now, we have an exceptional range of tantalising goodies to stimulate your body and your mind.
  • Drip candles
    Some like it hot, and some like it hotter! If you’re a “Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns” enthusiast, then skip the massage and bring the heat with drip candles made for temperature play.
  • Neon Wand
    Playing with electricity is So Much FUN as an adult! The magical feeling of little sparkles across your skin trailing after the touch of a lover, or the sharp intensity of a zap! if you wind the power up! This is one of our favourite toys combined with some erotic tease and denial (bondage and oral, anyone?)
  • Glass toys
    There really is nothing like the sleek slick sensations of glass toys, IYKYK. They are gorgeous, ergonomically designed for pleasure at every angle and introduce a whole new level to slip and slide! On top of the exquisite ride, glass toys are amazing for experimenting with temperature. Don’t believe me? Grab some iced water, some hot water, and your favourite lube and give it a whirl!
  • Liquid Vibrators
    How do these even work? Well! Very well indeed! If you’re partial to a little Chemical Romance, why not take it to the bedroom? Arousal Oils - also known as Liquid Vibrators - include ingredients that stimulate, tighten, tingle, and warm for unique and intense sensations! Ingredients vary from brand to brand but you might recognise mint, ginger, cinnamon, cassia, aloe leaf, and passionflower on the list. Mmmm tasty!!

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