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March 04, 2021

Sex Toys for Couples

Why do couples use sex toys?

How can I talk to my partner about using sex toys together?

What are the major types of sex toys for couples?

What are the best sex toys for couples?

Hey there, our lovers and lusters! Today we’re going to talk about something we get asked all the time, sex toys for couples. 

There may feel like there’s no selection at all or you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options out there! Either way, we’ll help you find the toy that is right for you and your partner.

***Please note that the majority of this article is written for heterosexual, cisgendered couples. We’re working on a series for all the other beautiful types of couples out there!

How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Before you whip out your favouritedildo orvibrator, it’s probably best to discuss it with your partner first. Starting the conversation about bringing in toys can be difficult for penis and vulva-owners alike! 

Image of a fun factory dildo in teal colour with suction baseimage of a rabbit vibrator with soft gel layer silicone

Image of a dildo and a rabbit vibrator

Sex Toys are for Everyone

You or your partner may be experiencing anxiety about incorporating sex toys into your relationship. Some common fears are:

  • That your sexual involvement isn’t good enough
  • That you do not satisfy your partner correctly
  • That you’re being replaced somehow

Adult toys are meant to bring a new dimension of sexual fun into your relationship, not replace your previous intimacy in any way. 

Often it’s the sexiness of the taboo surrounding using an adult toy that creates the fun!

There was a2016 study that showed that those people who used sex toys identified that they were in a happier and more satisfying relationship than others who did not.

Now that you know that - I bet you’re wondering about how to start the conversation with your partner?

Be Open and Honest

Explain to your partner that you’re interested in using a sex toy together. That you want to enhance the quality of your sex life and that you think it can only help the quality of your intimacy. 

Using words like “possibly” and “maybe” could discredit your interest, and your partner could brush it off. 

You can use this2016 study conducted by one of our favourite brands,WeVibe. The study showed that using adult toys leads to a more honest, open, and communicative relationship. 

image of we vibe couples sex toys the we vibe chorus in pink colour

An image of the new release We-Vibe Couples Vibrator, the We-Vibe Chorus

Toys Are a Tool for Empowerment

Sexuality and authentic sexual identity can often be a gateway toward becoming your best self. 

Sex toys can prove useful in figuring out precisely what you want and don’t want. The same goes for not only for your partner but for your relationship overall. 

Taking the Pressure off of Performance

Almost everyone suffers from the pressure to “perform” in bed. You want to satisfy your partner thoroughly and make sure that they have the best possible experience.

However, by doing this, you take the focus off yourself. It can often lower your satisfaction from the sexual moment. 

By incorporating a toy, it’s like having another hand (or two) to get you both where you’re going! Remember, they’re more than toys. They’re tools.

Make the Toy Choice Together

Working together to choose a toy can make the difference between your partner feeling comfortable with it and not. 

Coming into one of our three locations inPenrith,West Ryde, orWagga Wagga and working with one of our Sexperts can make the process much more comfortable.

Sex Toys for Couples

Pretty much every toy can be adapted and used by couples. Frombutt plugs tovibrators, they can be great for everyone! (Yes, men can use vibrators too)

image of Hueman butt plug in purple colourimage of a pillow talk rabbit vibrator with real crystal

Image of a butt plug and a rabbit vibrator

There are a few specific styles of toys designed just for couples that we think you should know about.

Cock Rings

There is a massive variety of cock rings to choose from! However, they boil down to essentially two main categories, vibrating and non-vibrating. 

Non-vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are placed around the base of the penis or behind the testicles. This helps keep the blood in the penis. Thus the person wearing the cock ring will become even more engorged than usual, giving the appearance of a thicker, longer, harder penis. Also, these toys are often used to help make the penis less sensitive so you can last longer! One of our favourites is theCamo Cock Ring by Performance because it’s made out of premium platinum cured silicone.

image of a camo silicone cock ring
Image of a camo silcione non-vibrating cock ring

Vibrating cock rings

Vibrating cock rings do the same thing. However, they have a little vibrating tip. This tip can be angled at the top of the penis to touch the partner’s clitoris providing an additional sexy sensation. Some types of vibrating cock rings are not only rechargeable but can be turned around to stimulate the perineum, or taint, of the penis-owner wearing it! For this, we suggest the affordable but high-qualityRomp Cock Ring.

image of Romp cock ring Juke

Image of a Romp vibrating cock ring 'Juke'

The C-Shaped Vibrator

These are very popular with couples! The smaller end of the vibrator is inserted into the vagina. The larger end rests on top of the clitoris. It is often designed so that there is plenty of room for a penis (or dildo) to fit! This means that both people get to enjoy the pleasurable vibrations it provides!

Our absolute favourite is theWe-Vibe Chorus. Not only does it come with a compatible application that you or your partner can have control over, but it also offers a squeeze-sensitive remote control! That means whoever is holding it can use the buttons to change the patterns and intensity, or they can give it a good squeeze to get things going!

Image of We-Vibe Chorus Purple Colour

Image of a We-Vibe Chorus Couple's Vibrator in Purple

The New Kid on the Block

There is a wave of new O-shaped couples vibrators that have come out that offer not only super strong vibrations but 14 ways to wear them! 

Since the O-shaped vibrator is flexible, it can be adjusted and moved in tons of ways so that one or both partners are getting the vibrating action. 

Check out theSatisfyer Partner MultiFunction to see what you could be experiencing.

image of satisfyer partner couples vibrator

Image of a Satisfyer Couples Vibrator that he can wear.

Something For Him To Wear

Slightly less “conventional”, we also have thePulse Duo, which is excellent for couples and foreplay. The penis is inserted into the toy, and it can be used to provide stimulation for both partners. It also comes with a remote! 


image of pulse duo hot octopus couples sex toys
Image of Pulse Duo Couples Vibrator he can wear from Hot Octopus


This one is a bit more difficult to explain, so we recommend checking out thisyoutube videoabout using this fascinating toy.

Like we’ve said before, couples can use almost every sex toy on the market, but they’re not genuinely designedforcouples. These are some excellent choices so that both are you are getting pleasure from your joint purchase!

Thanks for joining us, lovers and lusters. We hope you learned something new!

Get out there, get in there, and get off there!

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