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October 09, 2020

Using masturbator on him

Hands up who wants to make their man more loving, more appreciative and hotter in bed. Sound good? Well, keep those hands at the ready. They can bring your relationship the most sigh-enormous, body-rocking pleasure imaginable. With more than 72,000 nerve endings, hands create, elicit and transfer sexual stimulation in many ways. And a woman who’s truly handy can enslave a man in moments! 

Bringing him to orgasm by hand is an easy skill. Yet the effect it has on both of you can be mind-blowing. You won’t become pregnant or catch an STD, but you could give him the best orgasm he’s ever had. And think of the benefits dog-like devotion, endless reciprocal orgasms you’ll reap in return! So, what are you waiting for? Get to grips with your man. . . 

sex toy during foreplay

In the years we have run the Adult stores in Sydney. From feedback from thousands of customers foreplay is the number 1 priority. Hand job by hands or using a masturbator product like a fleshlightor pocket pussy is even better.

A recent conversation with a regular customer in store.

Take James, 28: “I was on the way home from a great night out with friends,” he says with a smile. “In the taxi my girlfriend gently unzipped my fly and slipped her fingers inside. All I could see was the wicked glint in her eye. By the time we were home I was ready to explode!” 

But don’t take his, or our word for it try it yourself. We asked six intrepid volunteers to test one of the sexy six with the men they love. Here are our step-by-step instructions and our testers’ no-holds-barred reports.

Remember, what works for you may be slightly different. But try each technique after all, your sexual future is in your hands! 

Here is a list of different styles or position you can use on him

Pole Position # 1 Togetherness

A great one to start with, this technique accentuates your awareness of the degree of pressure and style of stroking your partner prefers.

You can use it to start foreplay or When he’s fully aroused.

STEP 1 Apply personal lubricant generously to both your and your lover’s hands. If you are using a masturbator product like the fleshlight, artificial vagina or pocket pussy then use water-based lubricant.

The Fleshlight Jenna Haze is a popular male masturbator can be used on him during foreplay as a masturbator

image of jenna haze flesh light masturbator

STEP 2 Position your hands on either side of the shaft of his penis. Have the little finger side of your hands on his tummy, palms facing one another, penis in between.

It’s important to remember when if you are using a pocket pussy masturbator then squeeze it abit tighter so we can feel you.

A pocket pussy is recommended for extra pleasure as it feels like a real vagina. The crazy bull lorraine  full silicone realistic pocket pussy is the most popular when it comes to masturbators.

crazy bull pocket pussy masturbators

STEP 3 Ask him to place his hands around yours and guide the motion of your hands. Up and down, twisting, one hand, or two. Notice how he moves your hands.

STEP 4 Take it in turns to creating different motions, asking Which is best for him and most comfortable for you. This Will help you discover (together) which technique produces the best results. 

VERDICT? 10/10 

“We found this very erotic: a real shared, intimate experience. The best thing about it is he can show me When he wants me to vary the speed, Without any of that ‘slow down. . . faster, faster’ stuff. We loved this technique so much, we tried it three times in one weekend!” Lisa, 23 

Position # 2 The Samba 

The Samba is a popular technique for two reasons: the twist sends men into ecstasy, and the upward, elongating stroke closely resembles what many men use to make themselves hard. His penis needs to be at least semierect for this one to work. 

STEP 1 Start With a loose fist in front of you, thumb down. The wrist must be flexed away from you to do the twist and the twist is crucial. With one hand, gently but firmly hold the base of the penis. Your view should be of the back of your hand and four fingers.

Again, its important to remember that when using a masturbator on him you need to apply more pressure so he can feel you. For all the list of best seller masturbators you can find it here

STEP 2 Maintain the placement of your hand While stroking up the shaft of his penis in a single motion.

STEP 3 When you reach the head, twist your hand slightly as if you Were carefully opening a jar. 

STEP 4 Rotate your hand over the top of the penis, as if you were sculpting its head with the entire palm of your hand. 

STEP 4 Rotate your hand over the top of the penis, as if you were sculpting its head with the entire palm of your hand. 

STEP 5 Because of the twist, your thumb will now be facing you, the back of your hand facing him. Come over the top and down the shaft again firmly and move your second hand into starting position, on top of your finishing hand.

Step 6 Follow steps 2-5 immediately; using your other hand. Then alternate hands repeatedly. 

VERDICT? 9/1 0 

His response was. Baby, yeah baby. (repeat x10). When he re-joined me on Planet Earth, he Was super impressed with my worldly ways and flexible fingers. Two minors minus points: it’s impossible to go mega fast, and wrist fatigue sets in pretty soon, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.” Ann, 24 > 

Pole Position # 3 The Basket Weave 

This is great if your wrists tire easily, as you use two hands for support.

Arouse him before you start and use a good lubrication like Swiss Navy for a more thrilling sensation.

STEP 1 Clasp your hands together, interlacing your fingers. 

STEP 2 Relax your thumbs in order to make a hole. 

STEP 3 Lower your clasped hands onto his penis. The fit should be snug, as if he’s inside you. 

STEP 4 Move your clasped hands up and down his shaft, continuing the firm-but-gentle hold. 

STEP 5 Twist your clasped hands slowly as they go up and down the shaft, much like the movement inside a washing machine. Use one long twist per shaft length. 

To add more excitement, you can also add anal sex toys like a prostate massager into the sessions. Male’s g spot in around their prostate glands so he will get the biggest orgasm of his life if a vibration prostate massager is used.

To introduce anal sex to your partner communication is the key. Maybe start to talk to him about it first. Go into an adult sex store together and let him choose his toys.

One the best and most popular male prostate massagers is the Rocks Off Wild Boy. Its has 7 speed and very powerful vibration. The design is to fit perfect to any male G spot regardless of your size. This prostate massagers is good for both beginners and advanced users.

rocks off powerful male prostate massagers


A note to remember is to use a premium anal lube if you are going to use anal sex toys.

VERDICT? 7/10 

“This is really sexy because it’s so intimate. It’s easy on the wrists apart from the ‘washing machine’, Which my partner wasn’t keen on. In fact, it drove us to hysterical laughter not a bad reaction! ” Rebecca, 31 

Pole Position # 4 Fruit in A Basket

“This breast massage is one of the sexiest things you can do for a man. “And you don’t have to be well-endowed.”

STEP 1 Position yourself so your breasts act as a shelf for his testicles. You can create this by scooping one forearm underneath both breasts or placing one hand underneath each breast and holding them up.

Position yourself underneath his testicles. The best position is When he’s seated on a chair, edge of the bed, or couch and you are seated on the floor below. 

STEP 2 If you Wish, you can apply a lubricant generously to your breasts. STEP 3 With an upward arching motion of your body (as if you were a serpent), lift the testicles as if scooping fruit into a basket.

Allow them to pass through the channel of your breasts, stroke the glans while cradling the shaft between your breasts, and continue up the shaft. 

STEP 4 As you return to the original position in step 1, you can gently drag your chin and then your mouth down his tummy and pass over the shaft and testicles to give him an idea of what might be next. On the way down, use your hot breath to enhance his feelings. 

Many couples use nipple clamps or vibrator bullets to use to stimulator nipples and breast area. It’s a very good sex toy product to starts.

Nipple clamps with vibration can be very stimulating for both male and female.

One of the best seller nipple clamps is the stainless steel heavy duty adjustable nipple clamps called the Fing of Fire. This nipple clamp have four adjustable screw type adjuster. You can tight it for extra please or release it slowly for a more intense sensation.

adjustable stainless steel nipple clamps 

VERDICT? 7/ 10 

“Although my generous cleavage gave me a head start on this one, it was tiring because you have to manoeuvre your whole body around his penis rather than let him thrust. But the eye contact is very sexy, and I’d definitely recommend this as a prelude to oral sex.” Janet, 34 

Pole Position # 5 Spinal Massage

This is a sensual massage he Won’t forget. But on a rather different area than usual. He’ll need to be totally aroused for it to work well.

STEP 1 Clasp your hands together and loosely interlace your fingers. 

STEP 2 Imagine the shaft of his penis is a spine. With your fingers still laced together, spread your palms open and position your hands under the shaft, cradling it with both hands.

Your hands Will look like an open Clam shell. 

STEP 3 Use your thumbs in a tandem motion as a masseuse moves her hands up a spine. Use a little circular motion, where one thumb circles and crosses the path of the other before moving up.

STEP 4 When you reach the top of his penis, clasp your hands together, as you would in the Basket Weave, and firmly but gently stroke all the way to the bottom and start again, opening your hands to cradle his shaft at the end of the stroke. 

VERDICT? 6/ 10 

“You need strong thumb muscles to carry this through to its intended conclusion! It’s better as an interesting addition to foreplay, than an act. Being at his feet, in a position of worship, was so sexy for him.

As was the extra lubrication, Which I hadn’t thought of before. This technique requires plenty of pressure to be effective. It worked better when I performed the massage action with all my fingers, rather than leaving them loose and just using my thumbs.” Emma, J  

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